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American Patriot ~ Defender of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights
U.S. Army Veteran
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32nd Degree Freemason
From the Great State of Texas

The United States of America is the Greatest country in the world. It seems like a lot of Americans have lost sight of that fact. In today's America the Socialist Left is disrespecting Senior Citizens, Law Enforcement, U.S. Armed Forces, U.S. Armed Forces Veterans, and Conservative Americans. Now in America we have a dividing force in our Republic composed of Left Wing Socialist Politicians, BLM, and Antifa who are destroying our Great Republic. "We the People" are the MAJORITY, and not the MINORITY. Currently America is on the brink of Civil War, and we are seeing that with the Civil Unrest that is now polluting our country. American Patriots and Conservatives are Very Tolerant, and Patient. There is a BAD MOON RISING, and it is just around the corner. "We the People" are the GOOD, and the rest of the Socialist Scum are the EVIL. Good will conquer Evil. "We the People" will WIN. American Patriots, stand up for the United States of America, don't take a knee, bow down, and DO NOT CAPITULATE to these Leftest Socialist Scum. God Bless America, American Patriots and the U.S. Armed Forces. GODSPEED