In Todays Episode we Witness a Rare and Transformational Account of a Discarded Old Hand Saw.. How will it withstand change? What will become of our favorite Discarded Hand Saw as it Welcomes New Life?.. stay tuned to find out.. more to come from 77CustomArt T.V.

In Todays Episode our Favorite Big Tree Motor Spirit Tin gets what it deserves!! stay tuned for more custom art from 77CustomArt T.V.

In this weeks episode.. and this weeks Channel.. let's tune into THE most.. Manly of Man Caves and at the same time... The Wisest of the Wise, Custom Art Episode's.. stay tuned for more Brilliance and Raw Entertainment from 77 Custom Art.. 77CustomArt... Customized just for You!! custom merchandise coming soon..!!

Here is a Very Short Documentary based on a True Story!!.. Thanks for Watching... Stay Tuned for More Custom Art!.. Custom Merchandise coming soon..

In this Amazing Episode of 77CustomArt T.V we see a Machete come back from the brink of oblivion.. How will it Fare in this Latest Restoration.. Stay tuned for more Custom Art.. Custom Merchandise coming soon..

Here is a sneak preview of some up and coming projects.. and.. Ten episodes in a row from my 2nd ten videos.. Custom Merchandise coming soon..

In Todays Exciting Episode of 77CustomArt 'T.V' a little 'H' goes missing! stay tuned for more up and coming Adventures in the pursuit of Custom Art!! Custom Merchandise coming soon..

In this Exciting Episode a set of four Morris Hubcaps find a way to a Full Restoration..!!
Will this be the Journey of a Lifetime?.. Will these Wily Old Hubcaps get what they Deserve?.. stay tuned to find out..

Here is the Restored Hubcaps from an Old Daimler.. a 1947 Daimler? ..or perhaps a 1956 Daimler Conquest? I have cleaned, rust treated, painted and polished these little beauty's back to life and restored there Dignity.

Enjoy this video of Another CASH !! Sign.. Orders welcome.. Eftpos and Bitcoin Payments welcome.. Tee Hee.. Ha Ha.. Credit, Debit and Silver Deposits accepted..

Here is my Very First Pinstripe Practice.. Caught on Tape For your Amusement.. Please Enjoy... 77 Custom Art , New Zealand ..

Here is one finished Cash Only Sign.. Orders Welcome.. Eftpos and Bitcoin Payments accepted.. Would Prefer CASH ONLY..!!

All Finished.!! Here is a Finished Project.. Custom Welding Trunk and More.!!

Here is a New Sign.. Yes ! We Buy ! Another Sign for Patea Retro.

This is the Restoration of an old Fold Out Tool Box.. What will it be..?

Lesco NZ Pour a Can.. This is the Restoration of an old Gas Can.. It now looks 10 Years Younger..!!

In Todays Episode .. Here is a Sneak Preview of Some Up and Coming Videos.. And.. a Compilation of my first 10 Videos..!!

Here is a Quick Sign for Vinyl Records.!.

Its a Number.. Its an Amazing Number.. Its a Number Equaling 48.!!.Its a Sign, its a Sign of the Times..!! enjoy..

Here we have my First OPEN/CLOSED Sign Art on an old Hand Saw.. CAUTION!. this Video may Inspire You to open a small Business.

Here is my First Custom Taranaki Saw Art.!!

Here is my First Attempt at Hand Painting an Old Hand Saw. Featuring timeless Wisdom and Inspiration.

Here is the First Shop Signage I have done.!! The Shop is Patea Retro in South Taranaki New Zealand.

Here is the Finished Version of My First Mascot for 77CustomArt.!!

Here is my Very First Hand Painted Custom Harley Davidson Fuel Tank.!!


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Here is my Journey of Learning SignWriting, AirBrushing, PinStriping and More..!!!