A compilation of Dems saying the election was stolen from Al Gore
Also, there insane calls to violence against there opposition
But everyone must pay attention to the Jan 6 meandering

They want to pass this bill -
Biden can't speak let alone solve the violence in America, or anywhere else for that matter.
Politicians are fucking USELESS, our Federal Government is completely corrupt and looking to end Constitutional rights

This is what the progressives are up to. Never let a disaster go to waste. This is the narrative

Overturning Roe vs. Wade does not get rid of womens rights. It should be up to the individual states simply because abortion is not covered under the Constitution. It's that simple

No, we should not print money to fund a proxy war in Ukraine against the Russians. Our Great Grandchildren will be paying the interest for decisions these blowhards are making today

I'm including the interview, you should listen to how stupid it is.....
You have to navigate down the page a little, the segment is called:
Has Tucker Carlson created the most racist show in the history of cable news?

Cases are going up! Better run and hide

I give you the gist of the movie. There is definitely evidence of voter fraud, anyone that says there's zero evidence is lying

The White House act like they don't know why inflation is happening and are hard pressed to solve the problem that they made. Get out of Ukraine and stop printing money to send them, ta da!

Progressive Communist Democrats are confused on whether we actually have bodily autonomy or if the government gets to dictate your health. Read the bill below, Know Thy Enemy

2021 Bill For Women's Reproductive JUSTICE!


The term "Mama's Boy" is only cool to your Mom. Stop using the term to pickup chicks online, gross....

We are not allowed to focus on any of our own problems here at home. Our bleeding hearts must extend to every third world nation that's politically advantageous to the oligarchy.

NOTHING has happened, yet democrats want to have a full on temper tantrum over the SCOTUS draft that was leaked. Claiming inter-racial couples will be criminalized, gay marriage will be nullified and the clouds will fall from the sky!

Hypocrites are out on full display! Suddenly the left knows what a woman is, what freedom means and bring back the old "my body my choice" chant with absolutely no self reflection on the past 3 years screaming about vaccines and masks! What fun!

This will come here, they will try it

How do we get the people we need in office when the public is ignorant of their own rights?

Yes, I think if my boy or girl goes to the "school counselor" and says they're a different gender you SHOULD report it to the parents. That's something I need to know for the mental health of MY child, that I raised, that I'm responsible for. These lefties are on a power trip

New York Times Columnist says the left think perseverance, grit and determination come from a place of privilege. They want to make you weak and take away all of your own accountability. Nobody will justify or nullify my fuckups. I take Extreme Ownership of my life. Thanks Jacko!

Watch out! Now the bird flu is gonna get you!

Former Vice President Biden wants $33 Billion from congress so NATO can fight a war with Russia. Absolutely INSANE

They can't say it's "Safe and effective" anymore, so all these vax pushers sound like politicians when referring to the safety of taking these jabs

Drug companies want more Emergency Use Authorization to give your young children shots. Because everything up till now has been peachy keen!

Our MSM is glorifying China's approach to Covid mitigation. 400 million people locked down due to their Zero Covid Policy, which is not possible. Australia, Austria, Germany, Italy, the entire E.U. have been doing similar things. Cherish the freedom you still enjoy before it's gone

Masks don't work. Those who want to keep wearing them are retarded.....and have every right to do so. Just don't pretend you're being virtuous. You're scared and you think a thin piece of paper over your face is going to save all of us. Take off your dirty face diaper and join the rest of us in reality where 99.999999999999998 percent of us survive the "Covid Pandemic"

Boy I can't wait to own nothing a be happy under The Great Reset! Maybe if I'm a good boy they'll give me some outside time to see the Sun and breath fresh air! In the meantime I'll just have my iPhone scan my blood to tell me if I'm a good person and deserve to eat! All hail the New World Order!


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