Unplug From The Matrix

Wakeup American people before it is too late.

It gonna be worse by day and will not get back to normal. Watch the full interview....

Shocking Information for Vaccinated People.
We can stand together against globalist evil agenda by only not complying. See the last interview for Catherin Austin.

How to Stop Vaccine Passport 2022 - Catherine Austin.
Watch the full interview for Catherine Austin released April 23, 2022.

In 2019, the Movie "Loophole" suggests the idea of restricting food to specific people but nobody pay attention to that.

The Movie "No time to die " reveals a lot of secrets about how they plan to genocide population and target specific people. Deep state guys, don't forget to dislike the video as usual.

Elon Musk DESTROYS Justin Trudeau In FREEZING Crypto: "You're In Real Danger!''

Why Trudeau ordered 10 times Canada's population of doses....watch

CBS News says Canada has ordered more than 400 million COVID-19 vaccine shots.......(Why)

Globalists are coming for your cars, your cash, and your bodily integrity, and if they succeed they will own everything - 'We are all truckers now'

New Conservative Leader supports Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. This lady will not survive with this corrupt government.

Fake Alien invasion is about to start as a plan after COVID to exterminate humanity by fabricating a war between fake aliens (robots) and Humans and of course the people will be kept house arrest to be safe.

Watch carefully what this nurse did and put your thoughts in comments.

This Scientist warned the whole world, WHO, CDC, Governments against mass vaccination but they ignore him and we have a catastrophe today. The history will not forgive anyone contribute to this crime against humanity and witness that this guy tried to save the world. God Bless him.

Rabbi Alon Anava explains the Real Agenda 2030....Watch, Understand and do your research

Rabbi Alon Anova explains what is coming and how to survive.

Hashem = GOD

In Canada, Fully Vaccinated BC Premier having Surgery

Texas Governor Said "The COVID-19 Vaccine is safe, effective, and our best defense against the virus, but should remain voluntary and never forced.


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