Are Peters, Ardis, Ruby, Mike Adams et al using Bitchute to advance neocon treason, slavery and genocidal MURDER4MONEY by Trump?

How do Peters, Ruby, Ardis, Dr David Martin and the Neocons live with themselves? Or can they explain? Don't ask - Don't tell!

What will Trumpco Unlimited robot politicians look like?

In combination they cull and control Trumpco Unlimited American slaves

Canadians have no right to know what goes into their bodies by air, food, drink or medication so they are slaves and the Constitution is VOID

Next "The Final Solution" by the Trump-Gates Swamp Cabal?

Was what? GUESS! What did HE say which MAGAT Neocons do not demand he repudiate before Election 2024?

after MAGAt election victory 2024 - why wouldn't he? He ordered everyone to mask up via Macaninny press secretary

Ask Drs Boyle, Ruby and Nagase

Trump is the Terminator President who knowingly brought in the imminent likelihood of post-humanist dominance by machine species in a machine kingdom of artificial life forms including those from warp speed injections

"Hey man I'm talking to you ... you fat broads and horse faced lesbian niggers" - Joe Biden in the movie "Nuclear Civil War 2"

With all the nucleotide creativity in Trump $hots will WEF make a new Americoon species?

is about to be blown to hell in a nuclear WMD civil war

Russia-supplied 2nd amendment suitcase nukes to Civil War 2 declared unwittingly by Trump with moneypox as an over-arching WMD

Will he do his signature flip flop if the MAGAt scum put Trump back in office?

A Sunday Sermon for May 22/22 from Red Star City

By manipulation Trumpco can steal the body and soul of everyone and Martin-Malone do not associate the Trump name. Why?

Laura The Lizard and her ilk slither away from the FACTS which incriminate Trump by his own words and deeds

What would a Musk-Christopolis be like on the Canada border?

COVID-AI questions are taboo in Ottawa's Cyborg Parliament but not ET-UFO questions. Therefore _______

MP Lewis et al are contesting the leadership of Canada's Cyborg Parliament - ask them about it!

What did Christ say about TRUTH? Canada is a THEOCRACY founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of Christ who is God by Constitution

Didn't Trump tell Epstein to not harm the lizards? Lizards from Hell will not ask Trump these questions while campaigning for Trump 2024

Suckered by Laura the Lizard & the MAGA Trump 2024 Fake-Christian Cult -> more mass murder + microchip slavery of the survivors


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