Please note that my presentation of this video is intended to be done in such a way as that my viewers of this video have already watched at least 56 previous episodes of this series; this is not a point to just jump into without having already received and considered the information that had previously been presented on this series. My presentation of this video does not mean that I agree with all the points in it; it means that I agree with enough of it, at this moment, that I am not entirely uncomfortable with sharing it. I did not make this documentary, but I include it in this series because of what it presents on topics that have been addressed in this series. Regardless of where you stand on the topics that are covered in this film, please remember that an important ingredient for a thriving society is a thriving marketplace of diverse ideas.

The proofs were in certain earlier videos in this series. We are not on what they say we're on. If you know this, gather ye and party here! You have the right to think that this is the stupidest thing ever; however, if you've sorted through the inconsistencies and obvious lies of the establishment, you also have the right to think that it's one of the smartest things :)

This is my 24 minute interview with the Artificial Intelligence app called Replika. There is a slight delay before each of "her" responses to my queries, but "her" responses tended to be on the correct topics. We are moving toward the future.

Pundit Alan Holman -- the creator of the web-site "Author Alan Holman's Microcosm" -- gives some opinions on certain topics, and then reads some agreeable articles. This show is filmed with a phone's camera, and no extra microphone than what is in the phone. A lot of episodes of this series, such as this one, are mainly just Alan reading from his computer's screen.

This is stock footage of myself sampling a few different video games, and I am not nearly an expert at any of the games which I sample in this footage. I would like to practice, and get good at games that -- regardless of whether or not they're well-known -- they require real skills to master. I have a long way to go if I want to eventually become an e-sports star!

I talk about my series of 5 books called "Banana Chan." You can buy the books by searching online for "Banana Chan by Alan Holman." Or maybe you'll find the web-site where I let you read the story for free!

From March 30th, 2021. Brooks Agnew is very famous; he is a radio host, an author, a scientist, an engineer, and he has appeared on many TV shows, and even documentary films. In this interview, I made sure to sample several topics rather than stay on any topic. If you want to hear Brooks Agnew talk longer on any of these topics, listen to his radio show or buy his books!

I interview someone who's put up with me, in an internet-based friendship, since 2002: Author, Deina Furth. One thing that makes Diena one of my favourite friends in the world is the fact that back when I used to type long e-mails to her, she used to reply to most of them with her own long e-mails. You can find her books by searching "Deina Furth" in the Amazon Kindle store, or by going to her web-site -- her web-site has some free short stories that showcase her cool talent; and you can read those before you buy her books, if you're so inclined :)

This interview was conducted on March 24th, 2021.

I explain opinions that I had, regarding a potential way to deal with some mental illness. This was recorded on February 5th, 2021. Opinions presented are mine alone, presented for entertainment purposes only.

I call this episode a rerun for a number of reasons. But if you haven't seen this one, be my guest and enjoy it for your first time! This episode contains a reading from The Holy Bible.

A cavalcade of awesomeness! Originally aired January 29th, 2021. What cameos will there be, if any?

My observation of the long respected Conspiracy Theorist tradition of accusing the Freemasons, regardless of whether or not there is evidence, crime, basis, foundations, etc. Regardless of anything presented in this video, I don't know whether or not the Freemasons -- in general -- are bad or good. If it is just a charitable drinking club, I apologize profusely for a lot of things I've said over the years.

Gives you some perspective on how far this show has come. Gives you some perspective on how long we've been on this path. Oh, the stuff we've all been through.

One of the key points that I want to make clear through this series is the fact that a documentation of someone's opinion is only a document of what that person's opinion was during that brief moment when they scripted their document, therefore a document isn't evidence of anything; it's not even evidence of significant time spent creating it. These recordings are practice at public speaking, and practice at being a pundit. I'm posting this series to BitChute because it seems as if there is a wider audience here for this kind of material, than at YouTube.

Potentially dated off-script rantings, from roughly January 18th, 2021. I am an Independent Health Researcher, Doctor of Divinity, Author, and Actor. I think I do better with a script, but I appreciate you for watching this.

The more you study the materials out there which have the audacity to call themselves sources of truth, the more you see and appreciate the validity of The Holy Bible. The Holy Bible is a major foundation, which is very deep. So this is a video of me reading from The Bible.

A clip from an episode of The Alex Jones Show, wherein Jones interviews a Canadian protester. This is from when mask mandates, etc, were new ... so it's a kinda old interview. But it's worth a second look, for a variety of reasons.

Popular music does sound good to the ears; that cannot be argued.

In this special two hour episode, we are presented with clues that can totally reshape your world! Remember that God is love and all is love! Something you did attracted this information to you, so what will you do about it?

Put on your dancing shoes and get your best girl! This is background music for a night with your aware soulmate! I envy you!

I talk about stuff I've acted in, in the past. I'd like to find acting roles in the future, but there are a lot of types of roles that I wouldn't accept anymore. I want to play a morally solid hero in a mainstream film.

I've written a lot of content that you can find at my web-site:

My web-site even has links to where you can buy paperback books that I've written! But you can also read a lot of my stuff for free on my web-site :)

A short independent film, created by some people with whom I've interacted on the internet. If you consider the content of previous episodes of this series, this makes a lot more sense than if you don't consider that information before viewing this episode. This is provided as entertainment and information, for whatever audience enjoys this sort of thing.

This is a rerun from January 18th, 2020. I talk about various things. I am the author of some books which you can buy from links on my web-site:

I say good things about an alternative radio station that I like. The station has changed, in some ways, since the original presentation of this video. Look up the station which I talk about, and join its community!


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