A surreal memory that will never be forgotten by this brave family. Makai‘o and Joanna of Lahaina had to leave everything behind like many many others, largely preoccupied by ensuring their family of 12’s safety. In this video you will see not one but TWO roads leading to safer areas that were blocked off by nonuniform police cars! If you empathize with the struggles Lahaina has to face, especially with larger extended families who all lived in one home, and kids that haven’t even been to school yet, consider donating to Makai‘o and his family. They have lost everything and the government continues to inhibit these families from making necessary progress.

They do disclose their plans ahead of time, and we see major moves being made with the agenda. What does your intuition tell you?

How You Feel When Realizing Earth is Flat & Stationary

Time to put on your meteorologist hat because they're not telling you when dangerous weather is coming anymore. They will make weather sound scary to make you stay home for certain events or reasons that have nothing to do with real weather, while they attack the areas they want their smart cities in with geoengineering attacks AKA weather warfare. Stop watching TV and start listening within for real guidance. I teach people how to be their own doctors at if you are interested in freedom and the sovereign's path. This series is well worth owning: Free your mind from cult think.


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