The president is a clown controlled by NWO
Gas price is totally controlled by NWO to put companies out of business.
People are so stupid, of course, they took the poisoned needle on purpose!
Anyway no more than 1/10,000 will survive the apocalypse.

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When will begin the Year Thousand which comes after the Year Thousand
Hunger will tighten the belly of so many men
And the cold will turn so many hands blue
That those will want to see another world
And merchants of illusions will come who will offer the poison
But it will destroy bodies and rot souls
And those who have mixed the poison with their blood
Will be like a wild BEAST TRAPPED
And kill and rape and ransom and steal
And life will become an apocalypse every day

It will be a big empty planet (only few NWO slaves) when you are all dead the vaxxed.

For the globe cult - The Earth is flat under a dome - Just need a few neurons to understand.
Paid trolls will comment and deny as usual - Pathetic - Go take the vaccine.

Scared of an imaginary virus, Vaxxed, Proud then DEAD [Repeat 7 billion times] 144 cases


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