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The tree blew over the fence and my neighbour cut it up so he could put sheep in the paddock. I cleared up the branches 18 months ago but had to wait to burn when the wind was blowing away from the road reserve.
The rule is: if the tree is on your property, its your responsibility but when it's on the road reserve, tough luck!

Western Power is constantly turning off the power. They don't do this in the city and when the power really goes off we are the last to get fixed.

Sometimes it's not a good time to put up roofing.

If you are planning to put up roof trusses on your own, make sure you carry out your risk procedures, have all your tools and equipment ready and plan your working order.

I was shown this trick from a Boilermaker Engineer who trained on steam engines and I've taught thousands of others since.

This is my second lemon tree and it has had the same fate! Perhaps with some TLC, I can save it? Fruit trees are not cheap.

Before working on a building site, always carry out a site assessment, work out your order of construction and the safest way to carry out the job.

As well as the dividing Fences Act in Western Australia, there are common sense rules. If you use a contractor, you need three quotes but if you do it yourselves there are unwritten rules. For instance if a tree falls on the fence, the person who owned the tree fixes it. Also one neighbour buys the materials and the other builds it or you share the cost and the work.

After watching "Off Grid with Doug and Stacy", "Country View Acres" and "Wild and Wonderful Off Grid" struggling with heavy cables and pull throughs, I would have loved to post a comment with "you could have done it better" but I'm sure they hear that all the time. If you, however need to run underground cables through conduit and you haven't already buried the conduit, here's the easy way.

The frames and trusses were commissioned by Kitome and delivered by Span-Truss of Rockingham. Framing is easy but take care when plumbing the corners before you fit the bracing. Don’t forget to strap the frames down to the floor!

Your kit home comes in stages and you will need to check with your supplier if prices are likely to rise before you complete the home. In my case, prices were to rise one year after commencement so I bought a sea container and had the fit out and finishing kits supplied before that time.

Always start at the attached end and leave your ends out of the coil and you will never have a tangle or knot again.

Don't bother with sharpening jigs! Most people look at a drill bit and think it must be hard but with a couple of simple tricks, anybody with a grindstone, a steady hand and good eyes can do it. I made it a habit of getting all my year 11 and 12 students to sharpen drills over 6mm but they had to check with me when they finished. An off centre drill will cut on one side and drill a wider hole. Remember, the first place a drill gets hot is the outside corner. Stop and sharpen up.

Bronwyn looked out of the window and was surprised at the size of the carrot tops. I said pull one and see. She's pleased as punch seeing the little effort and the result.

Yes even if you follow the instructions there may be an even better way. They say the sub floor is good for three months out in the weather but is it really?

In 2000, I attended a farmhouse fire and there was heaps of water but we couldn't access it. Why? Because the isolator switches were on fire as well.

We’ve got rid of the mintweed, the paddy melons and last year with canola in the paddock we sprayed the wild radish but there are one or two plants and we have to get them out.
Apologies about the wobbly image. I tried mounting the camera on the tractor and the mount I bought was a fail.

When it was imported into Australia from South Africa it was the Cape Daisy. It was meant to be a pasture crop but when it caused scours in sheep, it soon came to be "Capeweed". Another so-called pasture crop imported from the same place is called "Patterson's Curse". The tractor did a great job but a week later, it was all flowering again.

The tractor implement you want is often out in the weather but if you put it in the shed it will always be the one at the back that you want. How much easier would it be if you could wheel them around and how much easier if you can bring them to the tractor? This is similar to my post hole digger carrier.

The tractor implement you want is often out in the weather but if you put it in the shed it will always be the one at the back that you want. How much easier would it be if you could wheel them around and how much easier if you can bring them to the tractor?

When you buy your farm, put in your trees first because they take lots of time but find out your local predators first and protect them well.

Download this file and open it in your own Google Earth and you will find there is much much more detail for you to research. Pause as you go if you want to read the text inserts.

Yes, it works. Before and after video's prove it. Wind noise has been the main annoyance in my video work. Yep, I don't like wasting money and the phone is my wife's "hand-me-down" Galaxy S8 but the picture quality is good and now the sound is better as well. These open foam sponges work well in a heavy sea breeze!

Before 5 year old Thomas Rhodes landed on the beach at Fremantle in 1852, we need to understand what he saw as he arrived. We will deal with the Scott and the Samson families, both distantly related to me and so also to Thomas. Thomas cleared the land at Rhodesdale in 1906 together with his sons.

I saw the machine coming in the gate but by the time I got the camera booted up, half of the job was finished. OK then, off to the next crop. The boom is so wide it has to be raised over the house fence.


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