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Keir Starmer’s dishonesty catches up with him live on radio.
June 19th, 2024.
Keir Starmer has just destroyed what is left of his own credibility on LBC, unable to answer a simple yes or no question!
Right, so as far as interviews with Keir Starmer go, we tend to know what we’re going to get don’t we? We know it’ll his dad was a toolmaker and his mum was a nurse, we know it’ll be I was Director of Public Prosecutions, we know it’ll be Labour is a changed Party, we know it’ll be my wife works in the NHS, it’s the same soundbites over and over as he mixes and matches these tedious rote responses he’s learned, to virtually any question he gets asked, because he can’t answer a straight question with a straight answer.
However by now you’d have thought an interview with Nick Ferrari on LBC would be one to avoid, because he does seem to come unstuck! Probably the most infamous and damning interview Starmer ever gave was to Ferrari when he of course told the nation, though has denied it ever since, that Israel had the right to withdraw food and power from Gaza, collective punishment. But this week when he popped back on Ferrari’s show a question from a member of the public stopped Starmer in his tracks. No textbook response would do this time and it has exposed Starmer’s dishonesty as his past lies all of a sudden caught up with him and he had nowhere to turn.
Right, so that was Keir Starmer on Nick Ferrari’s show the other day, where 6 or 7 times there he stated that he did not believe that Labour were going to win in either the 2017 or 2019 General Elections and I’m going to come onto Starmer’s role in that specifically, there’s more to it than just his Brexit sabotage going into the 2019 General Election which I spoke about the other day on a recent video, but I’ll come back to that in a moment. Firstly, let’s deal with this question Starmer was asked, which was quite reasonable, quite simple, if Corbyn had won in 2017 or 2019, would Starmer have served in his cabinet. He couldn’t say yes or no despite being asked to give a yes or no answer – y..

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Polish farmers spreading pig manure at the polish border to deter Muslim migrants from trying to enter the country

Labour's former General Secretary Jennie Formby backs the Greens.
June 19th, 2024.
Former Labour General Secretary Jennie Formby has announced that she will be voting for the Green Party rather than back Starmer.
Right, so nothing drops like a lead weight on a political party quite like the person who used to literally run it deciding to take their vote elsewhere, but that is exactly what has happened with Starmer’s Labour, as the former General Secretary of the Party, Jennie Formby, has publicly announced that she is going to vote for the Green Party instead.
The comment, coming in response to a Guardian article comment she’d made that someone else had picked up on, should, for those people still wavering over whether we need to vote Labour to get the Tories out, particularly those of us on the left, send a message that actually that really isn’t true. Not only is Labour set to form the next government anyway, but the Tories are going down hard. But if Labour’s former General Secretary is refusing to back the party she once ran and is taking her vote elsewhere, so should more of us take a leaf out of her book, and not reward Starmer with a massive majority, where he can fail the country unchallenged for the next five years either. Surely if anyone knows the truth of that, surely Jennie Formby does?
Right, so here’s a turn up for the books isn’t it? Though perhaps not, with the number of people walking away from Starmer’s Labour in disgust at not only how he has run the party, but the pathetic offer he has presented to it, a 132 page manifesto containing nothing that hadn’t already been announced, replete with as many images of Keith himself as they could ram in, but for somebody as high profile in the party as a former General Secretary like Jennie Formby, the person in charge of the day to day running of the party, publicly saying she was taking her vote elsewhere and was backing the Green Party instead, that’s still one heck of a burn for Starmer and Co, not that he’d ever admit it.
All of this has come out off the back of a tweet that Fromby..

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Patrick Lancaster ~ LIVE from Beijing!
June 19th, 2024.

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It's more woo woo than that!
June 19th, 2024.
Colin Wyatt says that there is something more spiritual going on with the geoengineering that simply spraying us with dodgy chemicals.

Colin Wyatt's website

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Companies warning shareholders about the dangers of 5G but not letting the public know

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Microwave weapons have been used against citizens since at least the 1960s.

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Direct Impact ~ Macron under siege- The growing threat for France’s leader.
June 19th, 2024.
In this newscast, Rick Sanchez discusses the political challenges faced by Emmanuel Macron in France, noting widespread discontent and the rising popularity of Marine Le Pen ahead of parliamentary elections.
Shifting focus to the US, Sanchez critiques President Biden’s apparent struggles with his mental capacity.
Finally, Rick is joined by Sarah Bils, co-founder of DD Geopolitics, to discuss Western leaders and their historic meddling across the globe.

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Freedom over censorship, truth over narrative.
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Man breaking down King Charles's speech

It is time to tell them to step aside.
June 19th, 2024.
It is my opinion that the government have had over 100 years to prove they are useful and helpful to us.
I have come to the conclusion they no longer are.

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The Prince of Darkness~ Dr. Lee Merritt Unveils the Dark Occultic Hand in 'Science'
June 19th, 2024.
She’ll also go into some details as to the occult nature of what is falsely being called science today, especially behind the virus narrative and the deadly, experimental CONvid shots.
Source: They Live

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Momentum for De-Dollarization Increases Panic in Euro Establishment.
Jun 19th, 2024.
Continued support for Ukraine in the NATO proxy war against Russia, and pushing anti-growth Green policies, convinced voters across Europe to reject governing parties, especially in France and Germany. The response from the leaders in those countries shows they are still submitting to the demands of the City of London and Wall Street, sticking with the policies which led to their collapse in the June 9 vote. Join me today at 11 AM Eastern time for my weekly webcast dialogue with Helga Zepp-LaRouche. Send us your questions and comments to [email protected].
Here is the link for the dialogue:

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The Australian people are FLUORIDATED! Australias water 140x more than the rest of the World!
June 19th, 2024.
👆🏻🇦🇺💯❤️ He couldn’t have said it any better!
UTL COMMENT:- I always filter our family water but maybe we should also move to reverse osmosis...
Maybe I am wrong but I believe that filtering removes some fluoride but not all..


The LANCET censored CANCELLED a ground-breaking COVID-19 Vaccine Injury.
June 19th, 2024.
William Makis MD - BREAKING NEWS: In 2023, The LANCET censored & CANCELLED a ground-breaking COVID-19 Vaccine Injury & Autopsy paper within 24hr after 100,000s downloads It has just passed peer review; will be PUBLISHED! 74% of sudden deaths due to COVID-19 Vaccine! @ABDanielleSmith #ableg
BREAKING NEWS: In 2023, The LANCET censored & CANCELLED a ground-breaking COVID-19 Vaccine Injury & Autopsy paper within 24hr after 100,000s downloads It has just passed peer review & will be PUBLISHED! 74% of sudden deaths due to COVID-19 Vaccine!

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'Something has changed and Putin is preparing for FULL war with NATO' says EX-CIA Agent ~ Redacted.
June 19th, 2024.
Ex-CIA Agent Larry Johnson joins Redacted live to talk about Victor Orban's latest NATO warning.
He says NATO is preparing for full war with Russia and building three new NATO bases to strategically provide weapons into Ukraine.
Serbia's leader Vucic says war with Russia is only 3 months away.

Mirror From ":" Redacted - With Natali and Clayton Morris

The clown Australia's Leftist PM Anthony Albanese! ~ 🇦🇺🎪🤡🤦🏻‍♂️.
June 19th, 2024.
Is he our WORST PM ever???


Illegal Immigrants Being Housed and Trained at American Universities.
June 19th, 2024.

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Putin versus Zelensky~ Whose Peace Proposal Works.
Jun 18th, 2024.
While promoters of the cult proclaiming Zelensky the "new Churchill" were meeting in Switzerland, Russian President Putin made a serious peace proposal. That he was not even invited to the Swiss shindig shows that NATO is not serious about ending the war, something obvious to leaders of Global South nations, who made clear, in various ways, their opposition to this kind of "peace" conference. Meanwhile, NATO's "Permanent War" strategy is backfiring; in fact, it is driving the moves for de-dollarization, which threaten the present weak global financial system, and is a leading factor in the wake-up call to march away from a sleepwalk into World War III.
For an accurate account of this danger, and a clarion call for a mobilization against it, here is a link to the Schiller Institute's June 12 press conference at the Washington Press Club:

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Winning the Fluoride Fight - #SolutionsWatch.
June 19th, 2024.
Joining us today is Michael Connett, lead attorney for the plaintiffs' in the #FluorideLawsuit. We discuss the history of the lawsuit, what's at stake, and how people who are concerned about the fluoridation of the water supply can get involved in the fight against this uncontrolled medical intervention.

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Enough is enough~ blade runners in Canada

[6.18] Hollywood Cringe, Biden's Brain Blunders, Chuck Schumer Can't Grill, Fedbois Activated.

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Anne Heche was behind the wheel of her Mini Cooper when she crashed into a house in the west Los Angeles

jews dancing and laughing that the muslims THEY sent to the west are killing the europeans for them


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