Addictive consumption is one of the biggest human killers out there

When throwing the term around you need to look at your own. if you think you are suffering from this. I suggest an alkaline based lifestyle and meditation where possible.

Something i found on tiktok

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I know people who follow me around. I even spoke to them after the fact. However he claimed he was not following me when it was the 2nd time. I am not that good looking

I took me 9 years to get a stable line up which was not stable. The skills and experienced taught me the game of patience and timing when it comes to my goals and desires. There's are many other ways you can find that drive and experience to carry on through in your REAL LIFE goals

As long as you know your goal, aim for it.

Listening to this back i reminded myself i had to go shop HA... classic!

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A good talk on the total control grid being set up while we are all distracted with other bread and circus's

"tik tok" sized

Trying to drop red pill boulders on the blue pill masses.

The rife machine

Its a simple google search away yet susan can not handle using a GOOGLE search

we need to dig holes not type texts. Texts gets us there but then we have to disconnect with our phones and connect with our hearts

The truth in plain sight

A clip from the Season 1 extras which will be posted within the next few days fate be willing

If you dont know, you cannot defend yourself. Modern technology is tool of evil. Reality is in NATURE with the insects, animals, plants and birds. Not humans who want to become SATURN

The rabbit hole gets deeper!

Be careful which group you follow. You never know without research who is using your skills or who genuinely cares about you.

Youtube sucks big tranny balls with its gestapo 2nd hand censorship and medical discrimination

A clip from season 1 unseen before in prep for Season 2

(not about halo just a live screenshot)
Sometimes we call people selfish.... or are they just too retarded to function a family unit

This was the content discussed before the actual show!
Not been uploaded before. old..... new content.

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Amanley Load
Americus De Ville
Billy the Goat

Trust every part of what i am about to say. "He was NO WHERE NEAR controversial enough to be topped off" Unless he was about to prove Hillary's links to child trafficking

A collage of clips outlaying some of my research. This took me very long time to watch a lot of clips, research and clip, cut and swap copies of interviews and so forth.

I hope you appreciate my efforts

What a load of shit this is and so much potentially good things about the show but instead thrust a manlet into the storylines

Strength in numbers but first we ourselves must become WHOLE! and free from addictions, swap them out for healthier alternatives to better our fight and increase success within ourselves and a community. Its starts with the small habits and understanding blue pill behaviours are a temporary thing for a longer term goal and eventually has to be conquered to achieve FREEDOM and survival minimalism


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