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I cover recent examples of bolshevik tactics and how pervasive they are in government institutions, including among politicians, schools, the media and the medical industry, but also how willfully accepted it is and how the hypocrisy can't be more obvious.  I also cover a few updated jab studies and how Florida has a chance to be a trend setter in the elimination of the covid jabs.  
Dangerous Info Podcast:
The Lobby:

I cover this week's congressional hearings and the zionist-thread that existed throughout, and it's influence on the erosion of our God-given rights; I cover a local K12 school board illegal intimidation tactic and the one and only solution; I also cover jab net and end with the grad scheme that is firmly in play.  The enemy won't quit, so we shouldn't either.  Victory or death.

In this episode, I bring up current and reoccurring stories regarding the CIA, Mossad, and satanic control and influence within K12 and university agendas.

I discuss what's likely to occur with Biden and the DNC in 2024, I agree with the warning of the con of "school choice" and the neocons who are attempting to come to the rescue; I also cover how the "white lung pneumonia" hysteria is simply VAIDS from the jabbed; and how a bias study highlighted differing personalities when it came to lockdown compliance.

I specifically cover a central Ohio school districts insolvency, their upcoming levy and their brainwashed members who refuse to acknowledge that they are response for their school systems collapse. I also cover other school district around the nation that prove you have no business working in education nor sending your children.

I cover many examples of the removal of rights currently occurring in America and around the world; I also cover the recent evidence of the education/child-trafficking connection; the true definition of gain of function and the jab consequences.

In this one-time episode, I detail my story of workplace bullying, student sexual grooming, physical abuse, lying and corruption within two K12 education environments in one school district in southwest Florida.  This led me to blow the whistle on these teachers and administrators who were involved, which led to their retribution and retaliation tactics against me, that are commonplace when removing and eliminating whistleblowers.   

I discuss the CBDC's latest rollout and how the plan can't be stopped unless the people who push it are stopped; I then discuss current examples of violence toward minors within school environments and how this self-destruction is planned, coordinated, and it's working to destroy society through what's called general-strain theory.  

"Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars," and other documents, lay out the plan to manipulate and control the population from cradle to grave. They use education to dumb us down, media to control our thoughts and shift messages from one avenue to another, all without allowing for thought. I bring up recent examples of this in society and the news to further examine the plan and how we can defeat it.

Politicians are enemies of freedom and they're telling us this everyday.  I discuss why some people can't wake up, how DEI is on it's death bed across universities, K12 schools and workplaces, and I relay some jab stories and information.
Khazarian Mafia: The God Eaters.  Part 1.
Khazarian Mafia: The God Eaters.  Part 2.

I bring up recent examples of educations excuse making and their lowering of qualifications and expectations due to a need to fill positions and hide from the collapse. I also cover recent examples of illegality in and around schools; and I cover the latest Washington jab-injury conference.
Khazarian Mafia: The God Eaters:

The CIA's indoctrination of youth and society through K12 and university schooling is falling apart.  Employers are stating that college graduates are unproductive and unknowledgeable, homeschooling is increasing across the nation, and people are waking up.  I also discuss a few jab stories that highlight the true depth of the brainwashing.

I discuss how something dramatic has to occur to shake the nation from our normalization of stolen elections and Election Day bullshit; I discuss a parents concern with their child's K12 school and administration; and I cover Dr. Yeadon's concerns with the insurance industry and how this is the sign of the collapse and depopulation agenda.  
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