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A BTTF Trailer done to Brokeback Mountain

Uploaded to Youtube Jan 12, 2008

Music: COTG (Black Sabbath Cover by Rob Zombie

Uploaded to Youtube MAy 19th 2006.

Anime Used: Blood Vampire Hunter D and Hellsing

Uploaded to YT in July 24th, 2010.

Classic AMV Lip-Synch Vid this was made in 1992 or 1993 coz I was in a web design class at ACC (using Dreamweaver 5 to make web pages. I made a Page dedicated to R+ and used this video (using RealPlayer to embed it in the Website. Every vid I see and hear: the song is altered somehow. So I ripped the audio from the Official video (you can hear the extra noise in the audio). Oh well. I managed to synch it up right (had to delay the audio by 7s. Enjoy a classic vid preserved.

2006 Upload by Kintaro001 RIP

uploaded to YT in 2006 when I was first learning German. Uploaded by Rockbabe but Origianlly uploaded by Kintaro001 (RIP)

Uploaded on Jul 21, 2007. Saw this when I was first learning German.

uploaded to YT in 2007. Saw this early on when I was learning German.

Originally made by kinatro007 (YT) in 2009. Unfortunately he succumbed to HIV/AIDS since then RIP my man. Schlafen Sie gut jetzt

Love Rammstein and this trailer.

Uploaded in 2006 to YouTube this is an OG AMV using music.

No idea when this was uploaded to YouTube but this is a VERY old video, I remember seeing this when I was first learning German. This was apparently made in Sweden, because the Nazi Swastika shown wouldn't fly past the censors in Germany.


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I archive videos and things for future posterity and for the possibility of the Original Creator's videos getting struck down by YouTube.