On J6 (They ) F B I confiscated the cell phones of the patriots. Nancy Pelosi rejected 23,000 national guards Trump says 10,000 now. Deep state Dc Police ordered controlled by Nancy Pelosi remotely opened up the doors from the inside. While the DC police waive the patriots to come on in.Conveniently ,CNN cameras were there paid $32,000 for the guy with the horn on his head. “Free the patriots “Please share, please care please like and subscribe share this far and wide to help those patriots get out of jail they’re locked up over one year in solitary confinement and one is killed himself. They set the whole thing up #Justice4J6

The gateway pundit reported and I’ll read it to ya let’s have a laugh together. Then we’ll go to truth and see what our real president said

Article by Gateway Pundit

Truth always comes out .So they used it did they ? They lied did they ? Are we surprised? Listen to her own confession . You decide and a bit on the J6 truth . The real criminals are at large and innocent people are still locked up and lied about

Why don’t we take a look at what used to be before they erase every memory you and I ever had. The New World order says “they will have nothing and they will be happy” Klaus Schwab

It’s his birthday it’s flag day and here’s a bit of the truth he didn’t take a paycheck for four years of hell he donated his

paychecks that’s right ! He did it for old glory he did it for the people he did it for God

Truth caught around the world The fake lting cover up news will never show the real news. Dont mind how this film looks just listen and see for yourself the Truth

Famine Is it possible? They took the fertilizer they took the baby formula they burnt up the crops . (They) blew up the food sources. Take a listen

A collection of some of the best photographs and a great song from a great movie sung by Josh Groban. I claim no credits from Josh’s voice just said he’s my inspiration in this moment

FYI the people know the truth they can lie on tell ally vision all they want and have a fake show with edited versions of lies but we’ve got the whole truth and the people all around the world know it

This is an amazing person please get through the whole film. Please excuse me I didn’t know I’m going to run almost an hour this guy is so great it’s like being in school with the best school teacher you could have to learn the history on how they survived back in the late 1700s 1800s without electricity the first lamps Learn many are still used today . Stick around please subscribe and like the video and share I think we all need a lesson on these lamps

All I can say is prepare the next two videos will talk about the history and the next one on how this came about sometimes you have to show the people for the people to believe it. Past proves future… Q

To date 20 facilities in United States in the first quarter of 2022 suspiciously were burnt down . Are you going to wait till another lock down to do something ? They are forcing stores to close down and trucks not allowed to travel? How about the gas situation? What about the weather ? Controlled quote control the food you control the people “

Please give me a chance people to not stop the video continue watching as I grab very vital important bits of information off my iphone yep . I am trying to get extreme truth news out that Gov controlled news is covering up . I will try to educate the people. We cannot ever believe the government ever again and that means the three litter agencies specifically when they say it’s approved or to take some thing please people try to listen to the doctors who have lost their licenses all the truth tellers being silenced and now the Supreme Court is censoring has just voted to censor conservative speech are you listening yet where is your food?

Dr Bryan Ardis on your h e a l t h risks

What’s next ??? You won’t hear it on the news the way it really is that’s why you’re on this channel to get the facts to get the truth. No matter how they censor the truth the truth will always come out. Were you a Boy Scout were you were a Girl Scout? First rule, be prepared A little satire on the things you can look up and educate yourself to buy that fit your needs and to learn how I put it together using other films I think you’ll like this one please share like and don’t forget to subscribe for more helping videos like this

I make no money from showing you these videos this is on the site I just want you to see how easy it is again I make no money I’m not endorsing any one thing I’m just educating and helping people help themselves

Doug Gives you an update in Minnesota what’s going on people no coincidences here. You know what I’m said Einstein said “” there’s no such thing as a coincidence “Doug and Stacy I’ll leave the link off grid

Grab your notebook here comes another great interview. Questions and answers what to do in these unprecedented times

Truth Social amazing truths hidden on the evil Lefts Big Tech Black Rock controled platformsTake a listen then do your own digging Thx to William a great patriot of Truth

X22 reports on Elon and exposing twitter truth Sometimes you just Gotta show the people and sometimes people can change who they used to be and Elon has become a shining light thru the big techs Darkness
X22 Reports link:

God made no mistakes we made parsley please take a listen think about buying some and eating it every day. I will leave a link to this wonderful Homo pathic doctor what you can do in this unprecedented time in our life

Alex Jones said this a year ago but most of us know this is whst the deep state does

Stew Peters on Trans pacific Partnership Who World health organization the UN tricking the world on a treaty to take power over every country take a listen and share the video don’t forget to subscribe and like thank you

Appalachia Homestead her words are spot on The left really thinks that CNN fake news media and all the rest of them telly LIE vision is telling the people the truth really?Don’t forget to like and subscribe share the video it really can help somebody somewhere if only to feel may be a little better stay together people united we are stronger


Frontline Drs Dr Reiner Fuelmich explains listen to Stew all of it and Share . like and subscribe wait till the end Bomb drop ,our sovereignty can be gone by the end of May 2022
Pray please Share May be my last great effort of combined films an effort to put what’s important to the people now before it’s too late

well well well well why don’t you get a chair maybe a notebook grab some popcorn and listen to this. This is so long that I have to leave the link because after an hour of reading it has that much detail in it. Trust me now don’t do your own research however this is juicy listen take the link and continue reading. Please like subscribe most of all do your part get this information out as 2000 mules isn’t getting out like it should we are being blocked.

It wasn’t enough to look over here but we stole it over there. Or look over here where we staged to war over there. Don’t look at the border! Americans have now empty shelves and we hold up all the truckers. No lie will not be uncovered or be revealed. CNN can lie all they want but the people will find out the truth . The people will talk . Somehow the shelves talk. There’s a war going on against the people in our own country like never before

BCP link

Are we still in Kansas? Hurry before the tornado hits Are we in Kansas still? Listen up and then get a notebook. Dr. Brian Ardis gives out a list get a notebook please and get these things in your head because this is an invisible attack on the people in every country worldwide These are my words our fakts words soelt wrong why ? these are backed up . I advise everyone to do your own research. However, big Pharma, big tech and World economic forum shape changers there little cronies are removing in search engines and websites truth and rewriting their form of a great big lie don’t believe me please go check it out and get off of Google

Apologies for film stopping abruptly I can’t control the mindset of my iPhone which was Suspiciously deliberate


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