Angry Bird vids

Laguna Niguel CA area Nov 2021

Hawk attack at the 2 min mark!

DJI Mini 2 flyby of Laguna Beach CA 2021. Watch for the bird formation!

Quick Preview of where I live. Shot with a DJI Phantom 4 Quad.

Fireworks gone wild in Kunming China. There are no rules when it comes to New Years celebration. Video shot in the city .

My 2nd vid using the Phantom P4 quad. This features the Yimingyuan Housing Complex and the surrounding area.
I white knuckled this mission and flew my record altitude. Sweating bullets, but everything was textbook operation.

2017 New years eve at the Hilton Resort on Fujian Lake

This is the world headquarters of the Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., Ltd. pharmaceutical company.

Drone video of a Pagoda on Dianchi Lake in Kunming China

Huawei Pro 30+ time lapse of sunrise.


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I am a traveler and a drone pilot. I post videos of some of my projects, many originate in China.