A Naked Fast Castle is a strategy of getting to the Castle Age as fast as possible without creating any military units. Often times it is done with Civilizations that have a Unique Unit that counters your best units, or with Civs that have a bonus that helps get to Castle Age faster (such as the Italians with their cheaper advance cost).

When you recognize your opponent is doing this there is one thing you should do. Harass and Attack!


Bonuses are a big part of AOEII: DE. Knowing your civilizations bonuses can give you a huge edge in the match. Knowing your opponent's bonuses is just as important. In today's match, I completely forget about the bonuses of my opponent. Do you know which one?


The "Meso" Civilizations (Incas, Aztecs, Mayans) are some of the most dynamic civilizations to play. When they face each other, it's almost a mirror matchup since they are very similar. One of the keys is to get your opponent to react to you and stay one step ahead with the military units you are creating.


Aztecs are one of the hardest civilizations to play against, especially on Empire Wars. Their faster producing military units makes it easy to spam Eagle Warriors, Crossbows, and Pikeman. Today I play as the Aztecs and make use of the unit spam. Can my opponent hold me off?


Using Capture Age as a tool to break down mistakes (both my own and my opponent's). In mid Castle Age, one of us makes a GIGANTIC mistake that pretty much ends the game.

Sorry for the choppy video, will see if I can fix it on the next one!


"Turtling" is a term describing a strategy of walling up, staying at home, and focusing on your economy while any military is strictly used for defense. A lot of the time, this is what you'll face when playing against the Teutons. They are a "tanky" civilization (a lot of armor/hp) and can withstand good amounts of pressure being thrown at them. In today's match, I face the Turtle approach and the fight goes deep into the Imperial Age. Who comes out on top?!


In my ELO range, a Castle drop is common....and deadly. Today, I deal with a double castle drop. Can I defend?


With the latest DLC, three new Indian-based civilizations were added and the Indian civilization was renamed to the Hindustanis. Along with a few changes, their unique unit was removed and replaced with the Ghulam. Since the DLC has come out, the Ghulam has been widely used as it seems NOTHING kills it. In today's match, my opponent plays the Hindustanis and we face off at the end, him with Ghulams and myself with a mix of Cavalier and Camels.


With the start of Age of Empires IV, a lot of players have migrated away from AoE II. This leaves the newer ranked match (Empire Wars) with very few players. Thus, you end up with a lot of mismatches. I've played against players with a regular ELO down at 700 all the way up to 2150 (video to come). While it can be frustrating to know you might get slaughtered in quick fashion, it gives you a chance to test yourself against superior competition.


Vikings have what is widely regarded as the best economy in the game. This tends to make your opponent have to push you early to keep you from expanding your economy early and jumping to a massive lead. In today's match, I show you exactly how not to do that!


With the way I play Age of Empires, I often find myself nowhere near the Imperial Age as my opponent arrives to the Imperial Age. If the score is close, typically you have an advantage in military numbers. If so, the best strategy is usually to jump on your opponent. He just used a LOT of resources getting to the Imperial Age, and hasn't had the time to purchase Imp upgrades yet.


In some games, the "meta" ends up going out the window. Today, my opponent and I were both attacking each other's bases simultaneously. This lead to an ugly game with a lot of mistakes on both sides. Who comes out on top?


The Vikings are a very popular pick in AoEII. They have what is widely regarded as the best economic bonus of free wheelbarrow and handcart. The bonus is three-fold as the Vikings don't have to use resources to research, do not have to use time researching, and can still make villagers during the time every other civilization would be using for the research.

A popular saying when matched up with the Vikings is that you're on a timer. If you allow them to get their economy going, chances of victory are slim.


New DLC=new Civilizations. The Gurjaras are...interesting. I've played a few games with them and haven't had much luck (somewhat due to being lamed in every matchup). In my last game today I selected them again and had a good Civ matchup.


In our second matchup for today, I get lamed (AGAIN!) and decide to respond with a tower...or two...maybe three.

Annoying strategy breeds annoying strategy I suppose.


One of the most difficult aspects of AoE II is transitioning your military. The timing of switching from one main unit to another has to be dead on or you may end up in No-Man's-Land with no military and a significant army knocking at your door. In today's matchup, I attempt to switch units during the lead up to the Castle Age. Will I make the transition in time?


Random Team Game today! Things get a little hectic, as they should in a 3v3, and I have to do some quick walls to save myself while simultaneously attacking 2 opponents.

As Age of Empires IV takes over the competitive landscape, I'm starting to recognize opponents more often. Today I match up against a player I've played against 4-5 times, and if I remember correctly he's stomped me pretty good in the past. Will I get some revenge today?

Orange Hulk-Huns

Every once in a while, you end up lining up against a legend. Today, I ran into a buzzsaw. A man who doesn't read books, but merely stares them down until they give them the information he wants. This man is said to have faced the Dinosaurs once, and we know what happened to them. This man even decided to sell his pee, and it became what we know as today as RedBull.


Chuck Norris-Bulgarians

In today's Empire Wars match, my opponent and I run our military units to each other's base and leave nothing behind in defense. Whose army will take the other's base?


When you are expecting early pressure from an opponent, one particularly frustrating strategy you can employ is to lame them. While not explicitly intending to lame from the beginning of today's matchup, I come across an opportunity to do so and take advantage of it.

Me-Incas (random)

Playing games against random people is fun as hell, but every once in a while you get matched up against a jerk. In today's matchup I experience massive lag, making it impossible to manage my military units. Normally, you pause the game and give it a few moments to see if the issue resolves itself. When I try to do so, however, my opponent immediately unpauses the game, leaving my military units exposed and easily murdered. Can I overcome the circumstances?


If you're familiar with me playing Age of Empires II, you know that I hate playing against someone who loves to wall everything. Today I face my worst nightmare as my opponent goes Ape-sh*t walling almost the entire map.


Towers can be annoying to deal with if used correctly. In today's Empire Wars match, I take on an opponent who begins with a tower rush, and then proceeds to tower everything in sight. While somewhat frustrating, there are ways to work around the towers and do damage.


Random team games can either be fun or totally infuriating. Many times you are paired with teammates who quit early, whine a lot, or don't say anything at all. Today I play a 3v3 match with a teammate who wants to call it quits early, but fortunately our pocket talks him out of it.


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