End Game is Vaccination.

It is becoming more obvious what is going on here.....

Oh btw they did not capture the shooter

Do not forget why we celebrate it.

Welcome to America...where we HATE tyranny!

Another UFC Fighter using their platform to shed light on political issues that seem to just be... swept under the rug when it comes to politicians, actors, and music artists.... Hmm I wonder why.

These demons are DESPERATE to keep this gay/woke/demonic/communism/ ORDER in power. Regardless of what you believe. There are good powers and bad... Fighting all the time 24/7. We are starting to observe/witness/ and awaken to how BAD these people are. Stay in the fight and continue to say no... continue to say enough, continue to stand your ground. Soon..... We will all be faced with a life changing decision.

Powerful video

This is your president.

They have been preparing for a long long time.

Executive order 12919 June 3, 1994

FEMA Domestic Terrorism and Genocide


Summer of Chaos

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People have just lost it.... Or did they?

Most TV shows, Most movies, Most politicians predictively tell us what is coming. Do not sleep on this... end game is vaccine.

Commence the clown music!

You cannot make this stuff up.

Props to the press for having balls.

Hmmm, Something to think about

POLICE INFORMANTS Infiltrating groups and who knows what else.

Gun buy back program for Ukraine.... Ha ha! what a joke!

-Nasa Joins the Hunt for UFOS?!
-Command Coach Grabs his balls
- Bieber gets covid vaxx symptom
-Justin Commie Trudeau says you do not have rights....
-Democrats DO NOT support biden, What a surprise.

More liars telling lies.

Another reason for the DEMONcrats to try and take our guns.


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