Must be climate change 不不不

If they put as much effort into agreeing peace as to looking for money, extorted from already extended populations.

Please distribute to help Ukraine tourism
His weekly report, compiled last Friday, said of those in hospital of all ages directly due to Covid at that point 46pc had received a booster vaccination, 19pc had completed primary vaccination and 35pc were partially vaccinated.

Same old playbook
Dictator Hitler/Putin
Country Poland/Ukraine
Area Danzig/Donbass
Polish regime anti Germany
Ukraine regime anti Russia
Helped along in both cases by
The Influence of Western media,Bankers and Politicians.

Whatever happened to Syria?
All the rage in the media at one stage.

They own all/most landline infastructure plus run a mobile network.

One rule for them one rule for you

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Mark Moss

More 梗梗梗仁仁仁拎拎拎拎

Governments create/obtain/splash more money to keep us happy and them in power.
Due to the Cantillon effect NEW money has greater purchasing power than OLD/existing money ie through inflation caused by the new money.
The Ponzi wheel keeps turning.
Bank lending helps keep (inflation)their
cause going expecially reckless lending .
Bailout anyone.
Covid show was a con how much money was created!!!.
Plus lockdowns etc less units of production per unit of currency.
All thats going on covid,russia,oil its a scam to cover their backs.
World wars are usually a handy endgame.
Thats what they call a reset.

1hr lecture, remainder Q & A.
Government the great Wizard of Oz.


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