Youtube Party's suck. But they exist, apparently...

To an old lad like Arstan, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of hitting a reasonable goal. And such a goal was hit with seven subs. With such a momentous occasion, no regular episode will do. So, join us as we witness the sheer fuster cluck that’s to hit our spinning blue orb thanks to a bunch of old and crusty billionaires! The World Economic Forum may have ended, but our tears have just begun!

I’m not a financial advisor, lawyer, doctor, or firearms instructor. Seriously, if you think I even barely RESEMBLE any of those things, then I pity your ability to determine basic logic. So, whatever you do, do NOT take anything this angry random internet guy says as advice or instructions. If you do, you have only yourself, and your entire family, to blame.

Dave Cullen:

Let's get the word out and get my ass booted from youtube!:

With the disinformation governance board on an indefinite pause, and people freaking out about medical misinformation. It's about time Bill Gates shows up with a new pandemic right the hell out of nowhere. Good thing the WHO already has a plan in the works to control your life as you slowly starve in homes you can't afford to heat. I was starting to get a little worried for a second!

As a random angry guy on the internet, I own none of the footage, video, still images or music that is used in this video. I'm also not a doctor, lawyer, or financial advisor. If you assume my rant is somehow medical, legal or financial advice or otherwise, then that's your fault.

C'mon! Let's get me booted off of Youtube for the Misinformations!

Lori Lightfoot has called for insurrection on your right to identify to have a uterus in your brain while the government takes away your right to own baby formula because Joe Biden can taste it! According to smart people, this is what smart people do!

I own none of this footage in any capacity. Nor am I a financial advisor, I am NOT giving out any kind of financial and/or legal advice. If you're taking any kind of advice from some angry guy on the internet, then I truly weep for our future.

The world has ended and we're all doomed. The right has conjured up a scheme to never allow any abortion to ever happen again by allowing states to independently govern themselves! This is going to lead to overpopulation since people are now going to be forced to breed and dwindle our abundant yet questionably restricted resources! And disinformation, too. Cuz' that's important.

Nothing used in this video is anything that I own. I am also not a lawyer or financial advisor, so nothing I say in this video should be considered legal and/or financial advice. I'm just some pissed off guy on the internet, if you take my word, then you have nobody to blame but yourself.

Let's Thwart Youtube by...subscribing on youtube???

The world is falling apart. Elon Musk Bought Twitter. I don't know how anything could ever possibly be worse than this. When future historians take a look at what happens on planet Earth after this day, it will all be because of Elon Musk and his quest for open dialogue and free speech. You hear that Musky?! Everything that happens next is now, officially YOUR fault. (Putin can sit this next round out. He deserves a rest.)

Elon Musk has taken it upon himself to completely and utterly decimate mankind as we know it by buying a majority stake in Twitter. This is totally unfair, and mean, and wrong, and is going to give all of the Birthing Persons PTSD!!! And He likes the smell of his own farts too!!

I don't own anything I used to cobble together this rant, that includes video footage, music and still images.

I'm on the youtubes as well, if you want to stick it to the establishment?

Youtube isn't the devil. It ain't far off, though. But What're you gonna do?

Time to throw a hat into the dog pile of Will Smith, America's most average cuck, slapping Chris Rock and the implications it has across the planet and how we can all band together, join hands across party lines, and bravely admit to ourselves and the world that Donald Trump is at fault for this crime against all of humanity and the universe.

The content contained in this video is not owned by me in any way shape or form from now until the end of time.

Join me as we dive deep into the questionable views of Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, who is the most historically significant and significantly important Supreme Court Nominee in the history of the entire universe!

I do not own a single shred of the material used in this video.

Youtube hasn't given me the boot. Let's Change That!!!:

With America officially free of the Pandemicist's, we can move on to more important things, like forgetting about the massive amount of time and energy spent on those who selfishly chose to live their lives as normal while the others took the brave sacrifice of letting the government, big tech and social media curb stomp their rights.

I do not own a single shred of any still images, video footage, photoshopped images, or music that was used in this video.

Apparently, my Youtube Channel still exists!

In a world where the definitions of words are evolving to the point where simple definitions don't count anymore. It's fantastic that state media outlets like the CBC are there to remind us that words don't mean what we thought anymore.

I do not own any of the music, still images, videos, news footage or any other material.

Also, Fuck Justin Trudeau.


Lauren Chen is as cool as a Camero right before summer break.

A recent article from CNN has linked Joe Rogan's out of context use of n-bombs to genocide all over the world...and hilarity ensues! But seriously, every single war crime that happens after today is Joe Rogan's fault.

I do not own any of the footage, still images (or images that I photoshopped) or music that have been used in this video.

Everybody is going on and on about Whoopi Goldberg and her dumbass comments about the Holocaust. But, nobody is talking about the true issue at hand of one of the most popular pieces of reading material being banned by a Tennessee School Board. So let's dive in on how nothing could possibly go wrong from any of this and not talk about Gina Carano because she'd haunt my dreams...if I ever slept...

As always, any and all footage, still images, sound bites, music and other materials are not owned by me in any capacity. But, I kinda assumed that went without saying.

Washington University (or University of Washington, depending on how you swing) has released a litany of words that are attached to a wide array of "ism's," thus keeping students from using specific words. So, naturally we HAVE to talk about it!!!
Also, I own NONE of the still images, music, photoshopped material, or video footage that I came across on DVDs and the Internet.

Peter Dinklage went on a podcast and decided to blame everybody for racism against dwarfs. I used this as an opportunity to give Disney my services of improving Snow White in every capacity. You're welcome, Disney. Please send me some complimentary airline cookies and a discount coupon for a 3 nights stay in one of your establishments so I can scalp it to a cancer kid.

Also, it goes without saying that I literally own none of the footage, still images, music, or anything I decided to lazily photoshop. So, you know, there's that.

Here's to you, internet!


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