To understand the universe, one has to have questions. What is dark matter? We don't really know, but we know it exists. Neutrinos are part of it.

Every person on earth wants government to work, but they put government to work giving them free things and it always turns out costing them a fortune in freedom and expense. We don't trust men to lead so we created government and who do we put in charge? Those we couldn't trust and are they trustworthy? Of course not! So government has never worked. Government always takes more and more power and money and wages wars to make a buck. Who is government? It's the bankers who own everything. They are the slave masters. Look forward to being poor, owning nothing and being ruled by tyrants. Everything for them and less and less for the people. The people have nothing to say about anything. All elections are rigged. The US Constitution is forgotten.

What fascinates you. Whatever it is, it's part of the universe. So what is included in the entire universe? Everything! Neutron stars, neutrinos, black holes, dark matter, giant stars, brown dwarfs, pulsars and how much do we know about this? Almost nothing! We have acquired a lot of facts and formulated some theories, but we have not mastered space. This short video briefly describes our smallness among billions of stars with trillions of planets and billions of galaxies, some moving away from us so fast that the light hasn't yet reached the earth and never will. The potential for life is infinite and so the number of species that we will ever meet is beyond our imagination. We pay for all the research and the development of science and the rulers keep it from us. We can't even have free energy, anti gravity, time travel, teleportation and many inventions that would greatly help us in our understanding of how the universe works. Real physics is reserved for the tiny few. We should be on the fast track, learning as fast as we can about this universe we live in. Instead, if something important is discovered, like the electric sun, the project goes 'classified' and only they get to know it. This country, the USA, was supposed to be we, the people, as the government, but there is a breakaway group that will advance and we will be left like cattle in the fenced area, here to provide them with meat and milk but in the end they will kill us, after we paid all their expenses.

There is brainwashing going on and some think that your right to have a role in government is 'mob rule'. No, what we have is 'mob rule' whereby 535 so-called 'representatives' represent us. No, the bankers own them and they are 'The Mob That Rules'

Very interesting story with much proof that it happened. Sees a bell shaped UFO, moves into the future, sees many things, goes back, somehow and does a radio show. Is he still alive? His girlfriend is and she has the same photo of Sergei and her. This one has me believing in time travel. How did the UFO move him to 2006 and then back to 1958? The camera is new and the film did not deteriorate. This man is from 1958. If they found his girlfriend, why didn't they find him? He was born in 1932 so maybe he died. He would be 74 in 2006. Why did the clock stop? Why did the psychiatrist's watch stop? Why did Sergei ask for the time? Was this a staged event? What questions do you have? Are these actors? Why is the collection of facts so perfect and complete; the image of the bell shaped UFO, they found the girlfriend, the same sweater vest is shown in the photo with the girlfriend and at the doctor's office, why is he in a field of tall grass to photograph the UFO and then he turns and he's in a city, but it's all different? Why is there a microwave in the waiting room? Why was one girl just happening to be reading about artificial hearts? Who are the doctor and the cop? Are they actors? Why doesn't the cop's shirt fit? It looks like its a size too small. Is the uniform a prop? Why is there no source of the transport from 1958 to 2006 and then back again? Why work in the stopped clock and watch behaving as if they are tied to something? This is a science fiction video, I think. Sergei has one visit at the doctor's office and the photos are already there, developed? The photographer reports that the film stopped being produced in the 1970s, perhaps 36 years before and he has all the chemicals and knowledge of how to process the film? Who ran the photos over to the doctor's office in five minutes, while Sergei is still sitting in consultation? Sergei just happened to have a photo of the craft, a photo of him and his girlfriend and his girlfriend, 74, just happened to have the same photo? The odds are starting to look very, very unlikely. Where is Sergei? Did he die? If he's the star why didn't anyone tell us what happened to him? He would be 74 also, if he was born in 1932. Why would the cop send him over to a psychiatrist if he appears to be in his 20s and his license says he was born in 1932? That's not insanity! That's time travel. Why was there no diagnosis on the part of the shrink? Why was Sergei arrested and sent to the shrink, for asking for a street that no longer exists? Have you ever heard of a street that doesn't exist any more in a city?

If you took any shot, you are dead, dead, dead! That's what I heard in this discussion. The Nazis were morally 'better' than Fauci and his cohorts! That's what Dr. David Martin said! Just before 32 minutes, in this video! Dr. David Martin is a great, great man! We are lucky to have him!

Ralph S. Baric is the partner in crime with Fauci

At some point, each American, each citizen of the world has to re-evaluate our beliefs. Are we up to date or have things changed, dramatically? There are updates required to stay on top of the current situation and we must change the way we believe. Things are not as they were. They have changed. We are not a free country. America isn't great, it's communist today. The country is run by a bunch of 'Crooks In Suits'. They are all robbing us blind and piling up debt that is impossible to pay off. Our representatives don't represent us. They are part of a crime syndicate and it's a conspiracy, in case you don't have that word in your vernacular. They are conspiring. They are not there to serve the people, but to fleece them. Make a list of things you like or do not like about the world and re-evaluate our human condition. I did and I'm not happy. Evil has won over good.

Shocking revelations about Fauci and Remdesivir. Reckless homicide, many counts or premeditated murder for all involved is where you go to get tons of facts about fluoride.

The people are not happy. It manifests in the comments section of videos. Why are the people so angry? Is it their lack of freedom, debt slavery, taxation? When the news is always driving fear, uncertainty and doubt, it has its effects on people. We don't want lies. If things are not going well, we want the truth, but when they are designed to not go well, because a small group wants us all dead, it is a depressant. Change is needed in order to have a world that works to make people happy. We need a fair money system, not one that robs us of purchasing power until we have nothing for our money. There remain few things left to tax. It has been very difficult for citizens to survive, with all the burdens on them and it's getting worse every day. I feel it in the comments section. We are told that we will own absolutely nothing and I presume that means not even our own bodies. There will be patents on them.

Always take today's price, divide it by 2 and look for that price on That will give you the true condition of bitcoin. Poison your mind by comparing what it once sold for with today's price. This is bad psychology. Learn how to view this investment vehicle. It always has a doubling time. Two years is a very long time for bitcoin to double. That means we are in a down market and that has always been followed by an surge upward and this time, I think $100,000 could be reached and later, on the next rally, $1 million, maybe. I am not predicting the future. I'm just pointing out what could happen. We could also see Planet X in the sky and then both bitcoin and the USD will crash. People would much rather have something to eat when all electricity is out, fearing nuclear meltdowns at the power plants. When power goes out, you won't have banks or grocery stores. You can't put gas into your car, because the pumps are electric. If you store some gasoline, before the power goes out, you are wise, not safe. There is no safety with Planet X. It is a catastrophe in which 90% of us are going to die. Have a nice day!

Better take notes, because there is a lot of information in this video. Most of our knowledge is quite recent. That was a surprise. We barely know the universe. Much of the work done by people I never heard of. Makes me wonder what discoveries will be made in the next 100 years.

Landing on a dry moon should stir up a lot of dust. None went into the pads? Why? They landed in the daytime, but didn't mention that the moon was 394 degrees F? Why? They came from space which is about 400 degrees below zero F? Why? How did they keep the astronauts warm in space? They were in the lunar lander. Was it cold? How did they heat it? When they allegedly landed, how were they cooled? Why didn't anyone mention the vast change from minus 400 F to plus 394 F. This is a 700 degree swing! Where was the moon rover? Can't see it in the lander. Why? Why can't we see a Hubble image of the moon rover, after 53 years? What tires did we have in 1969 that could stand 700 degree swings in temperature? The landing was done by a computer with 72K of memory? Rope memory? I doubt it. It was all theatrics. A movie set! We are so accustomed to movie sets that it did not look strange to anyone! It was all faked! If dust was stirred up, why isn't any, not even one speck in the pods of the lander? This video had two choices on quality 120 and 240. Not 720 or HD. It's easier to fool you with bad film footage. No stars in space? Why? This was a replica of the moon, not the real moon. This is science fiction! Too many questions that are being ignored or lied about. How many seconds delay should there be at 242,000 miles from earth? 25 years no more trips to the moon? Why isn't there a space station there? Too hard to fake? Questions must be answered with credibility, not more lies to cover up for the previous lies. Kicking up some dust, but no crater? None?? 16,000 pounds lands and no crater? At 394 degrees F, all water is evaporated. Stirring up dust, but no pock mark is blown away? Why? They show Americans watching, completely fooled by the theatrics. Did anyone talk about radiation in space? Why?

Tomatoes look so delicious! You won't believe how large this facility is. A quarter of a million square meters in Victoria. That's 2,690,978 square feet! The pollination job is boring, but necessary. Watch this 6 minute video for a treat.

Impressed with the hydroponic gardens I see in videos, I wanted to express my ideas and feelings about growing food today. We no longer need farmland to grow most things. Lettuce and green, leafy vegetables grow very well in a hydroponic system. I saw an image of all the farmland in the world and did not find the one I saw, but I found this one and wanted you to see it. It is one real giant leap for mankind to multiply the amount of farmland by a million, with hydroponic gardening. I think we all should grow our own green leafy vegetables, because the seeds are a penny when you buy them in bulk and you need greens, every day.

Stock up on beer, because the quake is near! When the power goes out, bridges will collapse, no doubt! Flashlights and batteries are useful and gas cans too. Cash would be handy when the power goes out at the banks too. When looting is the only way to get the groceries you need, a bag of beans can be soaked in water so you have something to eat, sprouted seeds! A sprouted seed is 10x as nutritious and some people find them quite delicious! It's quite a thrill to see a seed sprout and grow, but when there is a meltdown at the nuclear power plants, the lights are off and still you glow. If the flooding doesn't kill you, the radiation will. You need flashlights and batteries and gas cans, filled with gasoline, better still. If you already spent your money on Super Bowl tickets and cases of sinful lite beer, then there is a crisis and you're like, 'Oh! Dear!' Neighbors come over, they didn't prepare, want to know if you have just a tiny bit of fuel you can spare. If you leave very early in the morning, before they're awake, you can get to the high ground, before the big quake. There isn't any certainty that anyone will survive, but we are told that after Planet X passes, 10% of us will still be alive. The point of this video is to make people aware. Some will take the warning seriously and dutifully prepare!

Very few great videos, like this one!

The crimes against children and their parents are the worst ever. This video is well done and you should hear what this articulate man says about this issue. He speaks very well and is aligned with my thinking. Do spread this video

She was going to leave him and take the kids. Psychic tells where she is. She is found. How did the psychic know? Some people can communicate with missing persons. He would not have been charged, if not for the psychic's information! The state is Ohio. This is the story of a bad cop!

Denied Parole

Custody Battle And Visitation:

Food shortages compel us to grow our own. Everyone needs green leafy vegetables to be healthy. If you grow them at home, how much pesticide is on them? Only what you put! None! Every home should have a hydroponic garden. Your skill will improve, every year! The seeds cost less than a penny and the mature plant is worth at least $1 in 45 to 50 days. What is the percentage of growth of your penny? 10,000% in just 45 days? That's insane!

For 71 years now, people have tried to unravel the mystery of Rock Gate, as Edward called it, Coral Castle, Homestead, Florida, as it is known, today. A small man, 5 feet tall, weighing less than 100 pounds moved 9 ton rocks with amazing precision and some say he did it using anti gravity. Edward said he solved the mystery of the Great Pyramids of the world. How did the ancients build the great pyramids and how did Edward Leedskalnin build Coral Castle? He was vague, when asked and took his secret to his grave in December of 1951. He left clues in his writings and his beliefs. Can you solve the mystery that nobody else could? Here is a reading of things Edward Leedskalnin wrote. I have read them slowly, so you can ponder the concepts. Was he a genius or a crazy man who had many false beliefs? I draw no conclusions, because thatt's up to YOU!

Farming is changing. We don't need soil. We don't need arable land. We can feed the entire planet with very little land, growing vertically. No pests! No pesticides! Better nutrition! It tastes better!

Troy Albright
5949 E University Dr.,
Mesa, Arizona 85205

All preliminary events have been predicted and all have taken place, say the Zetas. The next event, is the big jolt. Few are taking this quake seriously, because quakes in the area are uncommon, but this ripping apart of the United States has been in progress for 200 million years, I have read. There was a major quake in 1811 and 1812. Few people lived in the area at the time. Still, people died. More are going to die in the upcoming quake, so I want to discuss some things with the viewer so some preparation will result, maybe saving the life of a child. If possible, you send your children out of the area for their safety. Send them to high ground. If you rent, stop renting. Move out of the Mississippi River Valley. Help friends who can't leave. They call you and you drive to pick them up, when the quake hits, if the military will allow you in or out. Fuel is a problem. Cash could be a problem. Food will be scarce and government will be trying to kill you, not save you. They want you dead, Ted!

26 minutes ago
According to the Zetas, the tsunami will be generated in the Mid Atlantic ridge at the Azores after the New Madrid earthquake, so less time to run uphill. I think they said 2 to 4 hours for England

17 minutes ago
Oh! I didn't know that. I recall 600 mph and used that, erroneously. Thanks! People then have less time than I estimated

Julian Assange and the events that we experienced over the years that define government; killing, stealing, lying A mixture of fascism and communism. Pushing for war, making money from bloodshed, a world run by bankers who love money and don't give a rat's ass about the lives of people or spending money we don't have.

Here is a 3.5 minute explanation of what will happen soon on the New Madrid, Missouri fault. Two centuries there was a huge earthquake and this time, it will be far, far worse. Although this fault does not lie on the edge of any tectonic plate, the USA will be pulled apart and this action is old, 200 million years old. Government isn't going to ever tell you about Planet X, because you will stop paying the mortgage or the rent. The world lives near the coast, 80% of them and there is no place for 6.24 billion people to flee, so they have decided to let you die where you are, no warning, ever! You will see it in the sky and then you will die, Guy! Ain't no lie!

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This channel is a One-Stop for much information, related to the world takeover by a small group of sociopaths who do not have good intentions or your interests at heart. They care nothing about you. To them, power and control are all that matters and they use their power and control to make sure you can't survive. You will have NO JOB, NO FOOD, NO HOPE! They have cut your jocular vein! They put a plastic bag over your head and left you for dead! We rise up instead and radiate truth, until it is the dictatorship that is dead. Now is the time for leadership, among the people!

I have a First Amendment right to free speech. I had a channel at YT, had 45 million views and they started cutting my traffic so I quit in Jan of 2018 and 99,500 subscribers. I removed over 1,150 videos from YT

I am a conspiracy theorist. If you're still not a conspiracy theorist, what's wrong with you? There are thousands of them, everywhere you look! Why can't you see them? Is it the mind control? Maybe you are fearful of being called names, ridiculed, but I'm undaunted being called a 'conspiracy theorist'. Everywhere there is money, there is a conspiracy; Just follow the money and you'll find endless conspiracies. I want everyone to see what I see and that's why I make videos. We have a common enemy and it's the Deep State. Who is the real government, the permanent government, the unelected government, the one that profits from bloodshed of endless wars? Isn't it really the central bankers? The problem in the world is the totalitarian dictatorship they have set up in the USA, with a pervert as their puppet, pushing shots on us.

They spread hatred for others and turn us against each other, left, right, Democrat, Republican, conservative, liberal, etc. Instead, we should all be united against our common enemy, the Deep State. If you have it all figured out and you know who is to blame for the wars and the spread of hatred and you erroneously think it's one ethnic group and all members are bad, take that ignorance elsewhere, please. There are good people in all ethnic groups, all religions, so don't slander any entire group, please! The group that must be replaced, is our so-called 'representatives'. We don't need to elect representatives. Voting for them, is a wasted vote. Voting has accomplished what? The system is very bad and getting worse! Repeating a routine that doesn't work, is insanity. If you voted in the last election, you are probably on the wrong channel; Don't subscribe, because I don't want to contaminate this channel with people who think voting solves problems. Voting encourages the scum who strive for political offices. I favor direct democracy. Direct democracy! People power, not governmental power.
We need to represent ourselves and the pathway is secession and 'NONE OF THE ABOVE' on every ballot! The technology is here to do it, so why isn't it being implemented? This system has gone terribly wrong, needs change and who is going to do it? My channel is to understand more and make the appropriate changes for we need to quarrel less, cooperate more. I favor fewer wars, less spending by government, less corruption, less hatred for others, more peace, more technology for us and less for weaponry for governments. I favor bitcoin, not fiat. We know what's going on and we're not going to allow anyone to blind our view. Freedom, truth, secession, direct democracy, libertarian, Austrian economics, education and tell ten, every day.
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