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Looking at the leadership of the nation, we have two types. Those who can solve solve the problems we face and those who can't! Some don't want to, because bribes pay better. Some are just evil. Some love being destructive and some are stupid. Socialists keep trying to make socialism work. It will never work. Private property without taxation on it works. Gold can never be private property. The government owns it and who is the government? It's the central bankers. If you have half an hour to hear ideas about where we are in this country, this video will benefit you.

Trump uses false government figures to talk about the unemployment rate. I think the unemployment rate should have something to do with unemployment, don't you? It should be the rate of those unemployed, but it's not! In this video, you will read what it's about from Perplexity AI. Anyone who quotes official unemployment rates is quoting propaganda and all of them know that these rates are bogus. They get away with it, because you tolerate it and vote for liars; Democrats and Republicans. We need to stop voting for these two parties. How about 'NONE OF THE ABOVE!'? Put 'NONE OF THE ABOVE!' on every ballot. How about, 'We reject both candidates and we want this government post vacant for 4 years. We could also make it vacant for 10 years, to shrink government. Why do we need Congress? Do they represent the people? They didn't read the 27,000 pages of legislation that arrived just 15 minutes before the vote and it passed. Would you call that representative government? Trump said he would 'MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!' You voters gave him 4 years. Can you name one thing he did that 'MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN'?

If you can spare 7.5 minutes to hear my question and Perplexity AI's answer about the Austrian school of economics, this is a video for you. We can solve any problem and how to run government, without huge debts or wasteful spending has not been found, but the Austrian school has the best ideas. Get rid of the central bank, income tax, most of government and run things by market forces. Do not allow government to set any prices, especially wages. If government has a role, it's education, not a 'gun to the employer's head'. Government should not be about force!

As technology produces infinite wealth and free energy is finally allowed patents at the USPTO wealth flows in and it has to go somewhere. Where would you put it? Any person in business has capital invested. When do they liquidate and put all the money into bitcoin? Anyone holding stock has to realize that it's a rigged game and they will have to sell and put all the money into bitcoin. If Russia sells oil and puts the money into bitcoin, it will double and they will have twice as much. Will they go back to not putting money into bitcoin? If a country puts tax money into bitcoin, until they need it, it could double and then they can stop taxing the people! Bitcoin makes total sense, but we still have some stupid people who call it, 'rat poison, squared' like Warren Buffet! What an idiot! Fiat is rat poison, squared and so is the central bank and the fake puppet President, the actor pretending he's Joe Biden. We have an imposter as President and newscasters call him President Biden! Another lie from government and the MSM they control. The vaccines are rat poison, squared and Trump is pushing them and saying he wants bitcoins mined in the USA? He's a liar!

My notes:
Bitcoin Is Not A Typical Investment, Like A Stock, Say Apple or Microsoft, It's A New Kind
Tilting Toward Bitcoin
Central banks cheating people - purchasing power
threatening nuclear war
30 nations in BRICS to contend with
China, Russia, India have nuclear weapons
Pakistan, Iran have nukes
Bully against all others
Spain and Portugal were once on top
The world is changing
Bitcoin will be the new world reserve currency
Will pay to save again
World Trade
Bitcoin World Reserve Currency
Sound Investment
SEC no threat of banning
Political Parties backing bitcoin now
Bad Publicity
Michael Saylor, 1st publicly traded company
Bold and risky move, but OK
sound money has the advantage over fiat
shrinking supply, lost BTC
demand growing
rise in price, inevitable
counterfeiting fiat topples an empire
to last, treat people right
central bank ship must sink
fleeced the country for 111 years
bribed other heads of state and all said the same, OK!
spend without taxation, pass on inflation to the people
no future with central bank or USD
bitcoin is not popular with BitChute viewers
People are stupid
prices will fall, relative to bitcoin
The Fed, the IRS, fiat will fall all together
Slavery ends with bitcoin
Children should not be sold, like commodities
Get rid of the current system
Bitcoin pulls us toward a more honest government
Capital flows from bad investments to good inv
From low returns to high returns
Over 100%
$10 goes to $1 billion in 27 years
Bitcoin 2x every year for 50 years
Free energy, technology, makes prosperity
Money becomes meaningless, so much of it
Affordability: one fast food meal, $10 pack cigarettes
Candidates favoring bitcoin now
Stocks vs. BTC, very shitty

For bitcoin to double is no trouble. If tax money paid this year doubles, why do citizens have to pay next year? Can't we eliminate all taxes? Why can't we create money out of thin air with fruits and vegetables? Aren't they money? If one cent is turned into $10 in fruit in 85 days, why can't government generate tax money from CO2 in the air? If Microsoft doesn't have a good year, will stock investors flee to bitcoin?

My notes
A Changing World, Age Of Information, Not Spam Advertising
remove all taxes
money from thin air
fruits and vegetables
cost of food falling, kills inflation
cost of electricity falls kills inflation
fixed incomes
SS, privatize it
green light to big money
Saylor, never sell BTC
Asked AI; Microsoft profits, 5 yrs
Bitcoin doubled every year
Microsoft, innovation, lagging
AI writes software now, free!
Betrayal by MS, 1 incident, made public, down the toilet
Accusation that my MS software isn't legit
They are greedy, treat customers badly
BTC greater returns, pulls money from MS
More years of neg growth for MS?
Spam adv for Google, YT and MS
New Age, spam not welcome
AI is better for search, questions, no ads
Shitty returns for Google, MS, YT and money flows out, into BTC
Treat people right or lose capital investment
Sound money is BTCs ticket to success

Microsoft has a problem, they don't treat people right. Ads popping up to annoy you. They hammer me with emails until I had enough and started blocking all emails with 'Microsoft' in the message. Google was good and now they hammer you with ads and that's very annoying. YouTube acts as if ads are more important than people, so I see this disturbance of forcing us to watch ads will drive people away from those who think they can waste our time with spam advertising. All bitcoin has to do is be 'Sound Money' and demand will remain strong! The world wants a digital money system, out of the control of central bankers. We live in a digital world! With a fixed supply and growing demand, the price should grow faster than any other investment in history! Over 100% annually!

My notes for this video:
Why Bitcoin Is Superior
gold, shitty investment
gold dealers
big promise $50K
gains are inflation
silver, Lynette Zang
bitcoin, CAGR rate 135.79%
20 ETFs approved
Jim Rogers wrong, govt won't allow
Saylor wrong, ethereum
200M ether
don't like xrp, solana, altcoin copycats
only 1 best investment
Apple and Microsoft vulnerabilities
every 50 years, different people on top
Helion Energy
Technology changes
Kodak vs. digital images
Bitcoin is the future, we need digital money
advantages make bitcoin better, Microsoft, Apple
safer bitcoin than ever
clarity in regulation
Sovereign states will invest, even Russia
Snowden, quietly investing country

This is a discussion about bitcoin to make you think so if you are a gold bug or you love Dogecoin, XRP, Solana or Ethereum, this one isn't for you. Stop the video and go get you some of your favorite. Nothing outperforms bitcoin and for 13 years, since 2011 when bitcoin was just $1 it has outperformed all traditional assets every year and currently gains more than 100% of its purchasing power whereas the fiat USD loses purchasing power every year. The price of gold is tied to the USD so if the USD loses purchasing power, gold buys less also. Less and less and less and less until you have no more purchasing power left. Why don't you get wise and give up the idea that gold is old, because nobody was using it as money 6,000 years ago. That tale is for sucker and fools. If gold is going to be worth $50,000 per troy ounce, next week, why is the gold dealer will to sell it to you? Why doesn't he just hang onto his gold for a week and sell it for $50,000? Gold bugs don't ask such question. They can't think of them! There like their pet rock, dead in the head, Fred!

The radiation in space is ionizing and in this video we look at those which are blocked easily and those that can pass through thick lead. This is proof that we never sent any humans to the moon. If you believe in the dogma, then you're treating this like a religion. Few talk science. Does Neil deGrasse Tyson talk about science or does he talk about dogma, belief, without proof? How about Michio Kaku? Science? Both of these Bozos are physicists. Why don't they talk science? Do they know science? Where is the proof that we went to the moon? Ask AI and it will lie to you... moon rocks! Turns out they were petrified wood. Must be from the old tree growth on the moon. How did they grow trees without water? I don't know and stop asking questions, because questions are disruptive to any event that we were lied to about. Look at the propaganda in this video. They show the ISS, International Space Station near the moon, far from earth. It's the opposite. Why are they lying? The moon is 1,000 times farther. The Van Allen Belts are more than 4 times farther than the ISS at 227 miles up. They are from 1,000 miles to 25,000 miles and the moon is 10 times farther than the Van Allen Belts. Just a little science and you break out of the dogma. Just a few questions about science and the lie unravels. The on board computer had only 72K of rope memory. This is 8 track music technology, 1969. We're talking floppy disks that stored 80K and that's all. The moon rover was a stripped down Jeep and we paid $100 million for it. Someone stole stole that money and now you're getting to why they faked the moon landings

This is an 8 minute excerpt from a 160 minute recording about bitcoin. It is not a stock like Microsoft or Apple in that it does not depend on a product to sell. Bitcoin is sound money and as long as it remains sound money, it will be demanded and as long as it is demanded and the supply is low, the price has to rise. Supply is actually shrinking, because of lost tokens. With free energy providing infinite wealth, bitcoin could double every year in price for 50 years. With 20 ETFs now approved and both political parties pro-crypto, the danger of it being banned is behind us. Bitcoin is here to stay. Big investors have a green light to proceed and money flows in with a limited supply. Where is the price going? Up! Few are willing to sell.

If you like great success stories or enjoy peeking into the future at what is possible for yourself, take 9 minutes for a quick study of the deal Erik Voorhees made in July of 2013. There is another tale in this one; That of Jeno Paulucci, of Chun King fame. You have two lessons in one, in less than 9 minutes.

Comparing Apple Stock, Microsoft, Google, YouTube and Bitcoin
There is no product to win the hearts of investors, as you see with Microsoft and Apple stocks
Bitcoin has reached perfection with sound money and will be popular and in demand, forever, all over the world. Many people have caught on and most are laggards! Anyone can buy a small amount and be part of this circle of winners!

My Notes:
The EU is another Soviet block of nations
Escape hatch implies 'dictatorship'
Bitcoin is freedom
Apple stock price, 5 yrs
S & P performance
Crack in the Apple dam, slowing iphone demand
Traditional investments are losers
Bitcoin doesn't have to come up with new products
Just be sound money and that's all
Apple and MS depend upon new products or Bye! Bye!
Capital that flees MS and Apple has to go somewhere
Where? Bitcoin!
Where will the profit from new technology go?
Oprah Winfrey, $500M in SVB
Cost $100M/yr
Google and YT treat their customers very badly
MS and Apple are going to falter, without a 'next product' to offer
Compare BTC, strong, durable, long lasting
Which is more likely to succeed?

The opposition to the bullying and hegemony of those who run the USA like it's their private Mafia is building with the BRICS Nations. They don't have a currency that all members like, but the USD is one that everyone would rather live without. What is the natural choice next? Bitcoin! BRICS is now 10 nations; Argentina bailed out. A total of 36 nations applied and Russia is processing them to allow them in. It's not a NATO type of block, but an international trade block. They already have a majority of the world's population and trade. The bully has been challenged.

My notes of this video
BRICS Nations
fiat currencies
backing with gold
acceptance of a basket of goods
who owns the basket of goods
bitcoin is more scarce than fiat
It has to become the preferred exchange medium
Holding bitcoin, increases purchasing power, huge advantage
World is rejecting the USD
Loss of purchasing power
Turning SWIFT into a weapon
Driving other nations to BTC
The world is building up defensive forces
One day, too powerful to contend with
India, Russia and China have nuclear weapons
Will trade with US be outlawed?
We depend on trade with Asia

The way to kill inflation is to inflate the food supply, to infinity, make food abundant and cheap! Provide 100 fruits and vegetables for each $1 out there and food prices drop from the steep competition for that $1. Am I a genius? And I'm only using 10% of my brain. Instead of paying $10/lb for fast food, eat healthier and get by with 29 cents with a banana. Where does one put the savings? A one time deposit of $10 into bitcoin turns into $1 billion in 27 years if bitcoin only doubles, each year, but it isn't growing at 100%. Bitcoin is growing at 135.79% the last time I figured the CAGR.

Comparing sound money, bitcoin with stock in a company like Microsoft or Apple, this is a 6 part series of discussions for those who want to ponder what bitcoin is and where we are headed with technology and development. When the series was recorded it ran 160 minutes so this is the first 20 minutes of that discussion. I expect a lot of thumbs down, because many people hate bitcoin and they don't know how important it is. They don't understand how it can free the slaves and take the control of the world's money away from PRIVATE central bankers.......they are PRIVATE! What they do is for them, not us! PRIVATE! Private! Think about that! Ponder 135.79% compounded growth in bitcoin's price since it was $1 in 2011. Any amount of money, however small, even $10 will grow to $1 billion. Any amount! A penny!

Enlightening to hear two bright bitcoiners talk about Venice AI and bitcoin. At one point, Erik's invention, 'Satoshi Dice' was using 50% of bitcoin's total worldwide capacity.
How much did Erik Voorhees get for his bitcoin gambling game, 'Satoshi Dice', when did he sell it, what was he paid and what was bitcoin worth at the time?
Perplexity Answer: "
Erik Voorhees sold his popular bitcoin gambling website 'SatoshiDice' in July 2013 for 126,315 bitcoins. At the time, this was worth around $11.5 million, with bitcoin trading at around $90.
Key Details
Voorhees sold SatoshiDice in July 2013 for 126,315 BTC
The sale price of 126,315 BTC was worth approximately $11.5 million at the time
Bitcoin was trading at around $90 per BTC when the sale occurred
Voorhees paid shareholders a premium of 0.0035 BTC per share, which was 277% above the sale price and 175% above the market price of SatoshiDice shares
This was almost 3 times higher than what private owners received for their shares
The sale of SatoshiDice represented one of the first major acquisitions of a bitcoin company and demonstrated the growing value and adoption of bitcoin in the virtual economy at that time."

Today the price of bitcoin is $66,086.72 and those 126,315 bitcoins has a value of $8,347,744,036
At the time Erik sold, he was making $2,000 per day with SatoshiDice or 4,173,872 days which is 11,427 years, so he made a good move!

'What Bitcoin Did' Link to this video:

Jared Bernstein, Chairman of Biden's economic advisors was interviewed by economist Stephanie Kelton and he looked like an idiot. These are the people who run this country? Bonds are a debt instrument. The US borrows our own money, the money we print. Why are we borrowing money that we print? John Papola is a film maker, 'Dad Saves America', is his YouTube channel. He has some good quotes from Keynes and Lenin. I'm not sure if the quote by Lenin was actually Karl Marx


When things are falling apart this is what you get, NONSENSE! On the verge of a currency collapse, the US government, that is, the 'Crooks In Suits' central bankers are printing money to pay the interest on the National Debt and what did they do with the cash in our Social Security fund? They took all the cash and stuck us with US Treasury bonds that nobody wants! So now we owe ourselves a whole lot of money, $35 trillion and our central bank is printing money to make interest payments! We have a fake puppet President. It isn't even Joe Biden. Everyone in Congress is aware of it and nobody says a word, because they all belong to the same Mafia and nobody wants to rat out and say the truth!

Stephanie Kelton, Economist asks Jared Bernstein a simple question; "Why, Exactly, Are We Borrowing A Currency That We Print Ourselves? "

Minimum wage demands without training for the job or skills needed is a cry for the government to save those who don't make a living wage and it's time to talk about skills. Government has once again failed the people by not providing skills training. They took on education. They received tax money and they wasted it all on lavish expenditures and to solve the problem of people lacking skills, they pull out the 'government gun' and put it to the head of the employer and force them to pay what the worker isn't worth. Workers have to produce more than they are paid or there is no profit for any employer! We need sensible laws and we get socialist solutions and everything gets worse, not better! Train to be a skilled worker and put down the sign that reads, 'We Demand A Living Wage!' The nation has lost its values. Are you going to learn how to do something or are you going to vote for socialists? Recall what happened in Venezuela. They voted socialist in 2001 and Hugo Chavez ruined the country. Today they have suspended all elections and inflation is 400% annually! Inflation is a government failure. Unemployment is a government failure! Homelessness is a government failure!

Beyond With Heather Tesch; California will look much different. The US will split in the middle, the Mississippi River Valley. Cryptocurrency will be the money system, maybe.


Destroy the free markets and ruin the nation! Close restaurants so we can't pay off the National Debt or even pay the interest on it and the central bank prints money! Problem solved! Then there is inflation at 400% and we are like Venezuela who voted socialist in 2001 and then elections were suspended, permanently! Geniuses! Brilliant! We have very poor leaders and very poor people who aren't even worth $10/hr and the government gun comes out and makes employers pay $20/hr. Government gave these people a bad education so they haven't any skills and they expect government to take from those who earn the money and give it to those who didn't! Is that right? It's wrong! Gavin Newsom doesn't know how wrong it is? He's a moron! Socialists solve every problem with an Executive Order or a government gun in your face! That's not freedom! That's despotism, authoritarianism, communism or socialism. It's not free markets and labor rates set by supply and demand, skills and incentives. How many thousands of years do we need to get it right? Socialism doesn't work. It has never worked! Free markets work. Prices fall. No central bank! That works! No property tax! That works! No income tax! That works! Small governments are better than huge governments!

Max Keiser tells it without hesitation, speaks the truth and he's right! Printing money to pay interest on the National Debt, loss of freedom, criminal government, fiat currency flaws, IMF, sanctions, asset confiscations, CIA murders, using the USD as a weapon, threatening other nations who dropped the USD.


Two minutes of questioning, without Trump shooting off his mouth. These questions will never be asked by any screened reporter, so I thought I would ask them in his absence! Neither candidate is going to talk about vaccines during an election year. Both have an agenda to bring back shots, lockdowns and masks!

Kimberly Montgomery, Journey To The New Earth interviews Anna Elmore and we get a chance to see reality, like we cannot see from a controlled planet, ruled by evil and hate.


It's not solved by factoring so good luck!

More problems here:

Fewer Jobs, Higher Prices! Employers can only hire a worker if it's profitable. Robots will get the job and people will be murdered with a depopulation vaccination! A worker needs skills. Bad education, no skills, no job, go to a FEMA camp and get gassed while you sleep! Shipped to Denver where there is a crematory. Nobody knows what happened to you! Depopulation is their goal. On the surface, it seems like socialism and labor unions win, but in reality, it's to get the poor ready for execution. The appeal is to those who can't reason very well. They see a $20 minimum wage as a victory, but Stossel points out that jobs decrease after such a labor rate hike. This is meddling with the free market. The free market can't work! Marxists claim victory. Small businesses see it as a disaster. Fast food is already $10/lb. Is that a bargain? Now they raise that to $11/lb


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This channel is a One-Stop for much information, related to the world takeover by a small group of sociopaths who do not have good intentions or your interests at heart. They care nothing about you. To them, power and control are all that matters and they use their power and control to make sure you can't survive. You will have NO JOB, NO FOOD, NO HOPE! They have cut your jocular vein! They put a plastic bag over your head and left you for dead! We rise up instead and radiate truth, until it is the dictatorship that is dead. Now is the time for leadership, among the people!

I have a First Amendment right to free speech. I had a channel at YT, had 45 million views and they started cutting my traffic so I quit in Jan of 2018 and 99,500 subscribers. I removed over 1,150 videos from YT

I am a conspiracy theorist. If you're still not a conspiracy theorist, what's wrong with you? There are thousands of them, everywhere you look! Why can't you see them? Is it the mind control? Maybe you are fearful of being called names, ridiculed, but I'm undaunted being called a 'conspiracy theorist'. Everywhere there is money, there is a conspiracy; Just follow the money and you'll find endless conspiracies. I want everyone to see what I see and that's why I make videos. We have a common enemy and it's the Deep State. Who is the real government, the permanent government, the unelected government, the one that profits from bloodshed of endless wars? Isn't it really the central bankers? The problem in the world is the totalitarian dictatorship they have set up in the USA, with a pervert as their puppet, pushing shots on us.

They spread hatred for others and turn us against each other, left, right, Democrat, Republican, conservative, liberal, etc. Instead, we should all be united against our common enemy, the Deep State. If you have it all figured out and you know who is to blame for the wars and the spread of hatred and you erroneously think it's one ethnic group and all members are bad, take that ignorance elsewhere, please. There are good people in all ethnic groups, all religions, so don't slander any entire group, please! The group that must be replaced, is our so-called 'representatives'. We don't need to elect representatives. Voting for them, is a wasted vote. Voting has accomplished what? The system is very bad and getting worse! Repeating a routine that doesn't work, is insanity. If you voted in the last election, you are probably on the wrong channel; Don't subscribe, because I don't want to contaminate this channel with people who think voting solves problems. Voting encourages the scum who strive for political offices. I favor direct democracy. Direct democracy! People power, not governmental power.
We need to represent ourselves and the pathway is secession and 'NONE OF THE ABOVE' on every ballot! The technology is here to do it, so why isn't it being implemented? This system has gone terribly wrong, needs change and who is going to do it? My channel is to understand more and make the appropriate changes for we need to quarrel less, cooperate more. I favor fewer wars, less spending by government, less corruption, less hatred for others, more peace, more technology for us and less for weaponry for governments. I favor bitcoin, not fiat. We know what's going on and we're not going to allow anyone to blind our view. Freedom, truth, secession, direct democracy, libertarian, Austrian economics, education and tell ten, every day.
The comments section is for people who come in peace, come with sound ideas to share. Those who have sound reasoning, clarity of thought, noble objectives and do not advocate violence or voting for the 'LESSER OF TWO EVILS' are welcome to contribute for the benefit of everyone. Comments which slander an entire ethnic group will be removed.

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