god bless america

sherry shriner is not a cult. wmscog is a cult, they keep harrassing and following me in public

it happened on germain drive, sainte germaine

How to prove Russian spies ruined my life

that is me sitting at the end of the table with my american familyy, i assume sherry took this photo

-Whitepages “Megan L Shriner”
age dashed out as I’ve gone missing

Damning evidence.

in the korean alphabet they have a key shaped character,, key of david,, king david!!!

Carleton university is mocking CAROLLTON ohio...

~ This is a Facebook photo of me when I was really little and still in America ~

@ Canadian police…?

fallen angels

-Kate spade did not commit suicide
-Anthony bourdain did not commit suicide
-Phillip Schneider did not commit suicide
_joan rivers is not in hell and told me I’m awesome
~ take an eagle over a knights templar anyday ;o ~

Black star was written by Nordic alien aka David Bowie warning us about the Apocalpyse
my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge

Sainte Germaine is an alias for fallen Angel Zadkiel
my 1st child with Lucifer ( pre fall)

Russians said = the Z is to mark our president
zadkiel anti christ president …?

- if you can't hear the truth and aren't ready for the truth, don't go around leaving nasty comments.

Unlike their Western “sister” agencies, the Russians don't forget who tried to screw them. If they can't get you now (maybe because you’re hiding in a country they have limited access to), they'll get to you later. You won't have a single minute of peace in your life anymore.

No Western Intelligence Service is doing things as they do. At the moment, hundreds of former CIA, SIS (British Intel), or DGSE (French) agents who have once betrayed their county are living a peaceful and quiet life in Moscow. The more famous ones, like the late Kim Philby or Edward Snowden, for example, were even giving interviews to local and international TV networks. As long as your name isn't Bin Laden and you're still actively working against these Western Intel organizations, you're safe.

When you're on the Russian's sh*list, however, your life will be very different. You open the morning paper and read that just another person like you (a dissident, or a “traitor”) has been shot or poisoned somewhere in the world. You look at that bagel in front of you and wonder if it's safe to eat.

Don't f**k with the Russians! (rwritten by roland bartetzko, quora)

Both the Canadian and uk government are complacent in human trafficking

God bless America

@ Ukraine, the “Z” on Russian tanks is fallen Angel Zadkiel “Sainte Germaine”
^ experts say they have no idea what the Z means ^^

this is part of bible prophecy. my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge

@ gog and magog, russia/china alliance, bible prophecy

them: my body my choice
also them: cloth mask tyranny for 3 years

the book yellow locust is a great example of what (could) happen, and what inspired me to make this video

intimidation by proxy

ex military official speaks out about trudeau

i am looking to seek asylum in the usa

if the facts don't fit your fantasy, don't watch. @the elite #Divine Judgement
^ ignorance is not bliss

If you're in the UK, US or other parts of the world, please start pressuring your local political representatives to start applying diplomatic pressure to Canada. Get them to file a complaint to the UN Human Rights Committee for violations of Article 1, 7 and 9 of the ICCPR
- real canadian liberal


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~13 banks and 13 bloodlines~