Truth Social bot enforcement network miss-tagging media in a kind of funny way.

Twitter is unsuspending recently appealed accounts. I recently appealed an account from 2 years ago, I now have it back.

Not video grab of 2000 Mules.

We prove more pictures circulating today about Ukraine is propaganda.

Very quick video asking you to pray for a certain YouTuber. Join me as I make the world's worst analogy, then ask you to pray.

Bernie Gores dies for a second time.

Ukraine soldiers burning documents outside the Ukrainian defense ministry intelligence headquarters in Kyiv.

Canadian Parliament pretends they can't hear a question by a Quebec representative about the WEC just a shot away.

I discuss certain prophetic words given by John Paul Jackson to the church.

I discuss the game, Boomers, and transhumanism.
HI Spuggiehawk.

New video of evidence currently released. My opinion the shows the aggression of the crowd in the intent to harm Kyle.


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