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Do you stretch before, after or not at all. Drop a comment to let us know your routine!

Surprise!!!! Got a little present for you :)

Here's why I have been so quiet these days plus an update on my torn meniscus.

One last time for the madnessūü§£ūüė≠

Did you notice I disappeared? This video explains why!

Sturdy, portable and super fun! What more can I ask for!!!

Just a quick video showing my current ride and range of ability.

42mm vs 60mm. This should be interesting!ūüėÄ

00:00 intro
02:28 little wheels pros/cons
07:29 skating little wheels
16:50 big wheels pros/cons
18:50 skating big wheels

Life is full of surprises. Just have to roll with it!

Which one do you like best? Leave a comment to let us know!!!!

Are Bones bushings better than stock Indy bushings????

I see these EVERYWHERE!!! What's so good about them? Watch to find out!

Does it make a difference? Which do you prefer? Leave a comment below to let us know!!!!

Boards drop on Wednesday June 30th. Check for details. You can follow on Instagram

Here's what you need to know about the Pop Secret decks.
Liam's Channel:

Getting back to the basics here! Just raw skate footage and pondering why skateboarding is the BEST!!!!

I love getting dialed in to a nice set-up!!!

Yup!!!! We finally have decks and a whole lot more coming. Check out for more details.
Here are the chapters if you're interested in a specific size.

00:00 intro
01:36 8"
04:06 8.125"
06:48 8.25"
08:58 8.38"
10:14 Kick steepness and truck combos
11:12 Concave
11:30 8.5"

These are not your average skateboard!

Same same but different. I review the upgraded Vans Halfcabs.
00:00 Intro
05:47 Skating
08:39 Review

Nate's Channel:
Adriano's Review:

What exactly do I ride when left to my own devices?

They came in a fancy box.......but are they ANY GOOD?

99a vs 101a Spitfire Formula 4

When you buy a skateboard from a company they are just printing a graphic on a board that they order from a woodshop. Different companies use different wood shops, this video describes which board companies use the highest quality wood shops.

I grew up skating these!!! But can 38 year old me still ride one of these pinners?


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