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Women are sick of pussy whipped men and they crave men who will push their boundaries, break the rules that they wouldn’t have broken without them, and to be taken for a thrill outside of their comfort zone. Of course you should only screw around with unvaccinated pure blood women if you’re pure blooded.

First things will have to get bad enough to where people realize who the enemy is and that there is no political solution. I think instead of Russian and Chinese troops invading on behalf of Rothschild after the USA has been demoralized, the demoralization of the USA will end up backfiring and causing the dissident right to take over the country much like how the Taliban eventually took over Afghanistan to kick out liberalism and shut down Bacha Bazi.

A western spring? It seems like the covid vaccine injuries are being brought to light in the eyes of millions of people.

Music from the HateLab show.

People are ready for war against the pigs.

It’s Time For Us To Avoid Joining Known Groups/Militias. The risk of undercover agents/cops and informants is too high. Time to read Siege and avoid known groups/organizations.

The police were tipped off by an informant.


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Here to share good music and my VISION on things along with political updates and life advice. I’ve been studying politics on my own with a passion for about 13 years. I’m a pro-white racial advocate and an anti-vaxxer.