Weird happenstance and brown eyes lead me to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald willingly participated in his faking his arrest by the New Orleans Police Department on August 9, 1963 in order to create an alibi for his going to Cuba. Part 1.

But why would she?

Some stuff that didn't make it into recent videos, about Hawkins, Walker and an unnamed officer.

Evidence that the Library episode was a staged diversion and stuff.

I'll let the video describe itself.

Sgt. Gerald Hill and his friends faked the time of Oswald's arrest in real time so that it would appear in the radio traffic to be 17 minutes later than the actual time of arrest.

At both Main Street motorcade turns there were people on both sides of the street giving signals to people inside the presidential limo.

It's Marvin and her handbag again. I just can't let it go.

In addition to the ghost image proof, I also say that I once again agree with John Costella's proof.

I think that the Costella proof as I presented it in the video before the last is wrong, and that it can be shown to be wrong in a simple and non-technical way, which I do here.

There's a radio patrolman standing in Dealey Plaza where a traffic cop is supposed to be, and he seems to be unidentifiable.

Shortly after I posted this video I decided that Costella's proof, as I have shown it here, is wrong. Today I will be posting my update video and I will leave this one up as context.

Here I harp on one of my favorite topics, this time from the angle of Apron Man's Friend, who I say was not on Elm Street even though we can see him in the Zapruder film.

And I didn't even mention that Ruth Paine comes from Ohio. Slim evidence here, but summer is a coming, and the evidence needs to look good in a bikini.

Doin' the document thing here on Ralph Delaney Hughes, whom I think was an asset called in by the murderers one week before the assassination.

I made this video on April 30, 2020, and I'm sticking with it. Harry was watching the estate of a relative of motorcycle officer D.L. Jackson. But there is no proof that the estate has anything to do with the Tippit killing; it would just be a handy asset for the operation.

A photograph of the limo after the shooting was altered to make JFK's hand look like a foot so that we would not know that Clint Hill was working on JFK's head, and Mark Lane knows it. A July 21, 2018 video.

I made this one on February 12, 2019. I have since settled my understanding of what happened to the items referred to in the video, but I have not changed my opinions about what else I say here. The photographer might be Malcolm Couch or it might be L'Hoste. Couch seems to claim that he took such photography, but the evidence does not make it clear. A request!

Here I use photographer Robert Jackson's conflation event involving the Chisms and Newmans to deal with the White Sneaker Problem in John Dolan's description of a suspicious man in Dealey Plaza. Loads of fun!

This was HB McLain's motorcycle, so situated so that he could ride to the TSBD and retrieve walkie-talkie radios which were used by the TSBD conspiracy crew.

Twice in this video I say "Elm Street" when I obviously mean "Houston Street." I'm sure that any attentive viewer can finger it out.

Just going over the facts here involving Mercer, the green pickup truck and motorcycle Officer Joe Murphy.

Oswald's leaflet helper in New Orleans may have been intentionally misidentified.

Without the 15-minute limit I would have mentioned that the Official Story has identified the Three Tramps, and they do not include the Mental Case. There are other things also, which could be said about Malcolm Jerry Hoy, but I did not have the time and I hate typing.

Sing along with the Circle Jerks. I always do.

Some more support for the idea that Gaudet and Oswald did a dance at the Mexican consulate.


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