You Silenced Me

The Biden administration pushing "Re-imagine" police reform.

Roe V. Wade overturned with Trumps help.

The News Media is deliberately "dumbing down America" Carl Sagan.

The jets that struck the Twin Towers were military type jets. They were not commercial airliners as the mainstream news reports.

Canadian veterans who made it possible for Trudeau, are losing their Legions. Family's who pay for universal healthcare, are losing their doctors. These are just a couple of reasons (out of many) why there are threats against this Trudeau administration.

High inflation in america is from Trudeau and Biden suddenly shutting down america's oil industry.

Texas governor said the police did not follow their trained protocol for this circumstance.

Is the U.S. military using reversed engineered UFO's ?

Guilty of child neglect and culpable negligence. The officers "willfully failed to intervene". Predicting class action lawsuit against all officers involved.

A sincere prayer from a true Patriot.

Trump wants Americans to have all sides of the News to be available.

Their being sued for reporting the truth.

Dr. Rand Paul - Dr. Fauci thinks Americans are dumb.

Dr. Rand Paul talks about masks.

The Wuhan lab is now the head lab for Pfizer in China. The CCP (China Communist Party) controls a big part of the Multi National Corporations in the world because of it's low "Labor" costs due to China being allowed to violate human rights.

Because Elon Musk bought Twitter. The Biden administration now declares him a enemy. Musk and his family are in serious danger. Being set up for a crime made up by the mainstream media. Or Elon disappears and nobody knows where or what happened to him.

A independent journalist investigates the war in Ukraine. Witness live Ukraine citizens thanking the Russian soldiers for giving them food, water and protection to their families. This war is a "False Flag" operation created by the Biden administration.

The citizens of Ukraine, Russia and all around the world. Are subjects of the "Deep State" violence. It has been for many many years. America most likely will be next. The Biden Administration will blame Russia for the attacks.

The Ukraine government is highly corrupted. It would not be accurate to call it a Democratic country.

Billionaire criminal and oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi. Fully funded Ukraine's actor/president Volodymyr Zelenskyy presidential campaign. Mr. Kolomoyskyi has numerous businesses around the world. And the FBI are following him and his Ukraine buddy Mr. Zelenskyy were ever they go.

Classic Trump.

A Republican following Biden's policy regarding the Ukraine invasion. Demonstrates how stupid it is.

We are close to world war.

Biden administration guilty of inciting a war.

Evidence George Soros with the Biden Administration are conducting a False Flag operation in Ukraine. Ukraine government (Obama Administration) censored the Ukraine citizen language. They wanted them to stop speaking Russian. Many that did not comply were hunted down while sleeping in their homes and killed.


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