I tried out a new painting system on this Universal Meat Grinder. I refurbished it by stripping off all the tin down to the cast iron. I used Rust-Oleum primers. I used grey primer on the bottom and red primer on top for the black parts and red primer on the bottom and grey primer on the top for the gold parts. The color coat is a black water-based acrylic that I applied with an airbrush. After the acrylic dried I used a Rust-Oleum clear enamel to seal the color coat. This also worked well for the acrylic gold paint. This paint system preserved the cast iron finish and shows all the casting flaws. If a smooth finish is wanted a heavy filler coat would be needed before the primer coats of paint.
This grinder is not meant for use and will be mounted for display on a shelf. In a future video, I will show how to make display mounts for clamp-on tools.
I wasn't able to remove the handle and refinish it like I would have if I had a lathe. I just polished it on the buffer wheel and let the wheel burn a wax stain into the wood. If I had access to a lathe I would have removed the steel handle pin and replaced it with a new brass one. I would have also made a new handle out of black walnut.
The gold paint looks OK but I'd be happier with real gold plating on the steel parts.

Hello and welcome to my first YouTube video under the Black Knight Custom brand.
This project is a cast iron cherry stoner made in 1903. Model No. 18. Made to take the seeds out of cherries when making pies.
Finished in Rust-Oleum Flat Black Enamel (Came out satin I think someone switched caps). Rust-Oleum Gold Enamel. I tried Stuart Semple Gold Metallic Acrylic Paint for lettering and it worked great.

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Sandblasting new project.


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