I love the way JR and King sell it here.
WWE Raw (November 18, 2002)
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This is the only DVD that WCW ever produced.

Duration : 2h 2mn
Movie name : nWo / WCW MB vs NB: Millionaire's Club vs New Blood - WCW Powerful Outbreak of War!! [Japan Retail]
Movie name/Country : Japan
Director : Toshiba EMI
Distributed by : Toshiba EMI
Genre : Pro-Wrestling / Sports
Subject : Product No.: TOBS1001
Recorded date : 2000.11.29
Archival location : Japan
Original source medium : DVD
Original source form : Digital Video
Original source form/Name : Home Video
Copyright : World Championship Wrestling, Inc. ©2000

A bizarre match that leaves more questions than answers.

Gauntlet For The Gold Battle Royal
Konnan vs. Ken Shamrock vs. Lash LeRoux vs. K-Krush vs. Rick Steiner vs. The Vampire Warrior vs. Steve Corino vs. Devon Storm vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Buff Bagwell vs. Gran Apolo vs. Bruce (w/Joel Gertner & Lenny) vs. Chris Harris vs. Slash (w/James Mitchell) vs. Scott Hall vs. Norman Smiley vs. Justice vs. Brian Christopher vs. Malice (w/James Mitchell) vs. Del Rios

NWA Total Nonstop Action #1
June 19, 2002
Full Card:
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I've never seen so much packed into 10 minutes... or been so entertained. No description I can write could add to this, just watch.
Fully blocked by WWE on YouTube, why?! Most of my videos get content ID'ed by WWE, but only blocked in
Full Card:
WCW Monday Nitro (June 5, 2000)
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Prized pupil Bodhi Hayward reads an essay about standing up for his mentor Andre Chase in front of the class at Chase University.
#Censored #RTC #ChaseU

Sabrina attends a wedding in another dimension. Unfamiliar with their traditions, she learns about her responsibilities the hard way as she's thrown into the ring with Billy Gunn - or as he was known in 1999, Mr. Ass!

Spring Stampede 2000 (04/16/2000)

Graves making himself look like a fool on The Daily Show with John Stewart.
#Misfits #HorrorPunk #Graves

Chris Kanyon competes in his only TNA match, as Raven's surprise opponent.
#WhoBetta #Kanyon #Flatliner

Who invented the Stone Cold Stunner, and how did Austin end up using it as his finish? Some think he borrowed Johnny Ace's "Ace Crusher" which was finishing guys off in Japan - wrong. Others assume he picked up Mikey Whipwreck's "Whipper Snapper" during his time in ECW - wrong again.
Stone Cold has explained in interviews that it was Michael Hayes who suggested he use the move as his finish. So where did Hayes learn of it?
Michael Hayes was scheduled to face Johnny B. Badd at SuperBrawl IV, but due to injury was replaced by his tag partner Jimmy Garvin. Badd won the bout, but after the match he was laid out by Garvin an his new move - the "911."
#Stunner #JimmyJam #StoneCold

Benoit/Mongo talk to Mean Gene before facing off against the Texas Hangmen.

"Super J" spent most of 1997-2002 wrestling for NJPW as a member of nWo Japan, later renamed TEAM2000. His run was so successful in fact, that he reached greater fame over there than the legit Sting! He returned to WCW during that time for this one and only match with fellow TEAM2000 member Masahiro Chono.
The audience loudly chants "boring" through much of this match, which is unfortunate because Mike Tenay does a great job at hyping it up to the TV audience. He explaining everyone's backstory including the fact that Varsity Club member Mike Rotunda was a member of T2K until abandoning them to reform the Varsity Club... and T2K weren't happy about it.
WCW Monday Nitro (1/17/2000)
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Scott's famous math equation was too advanced for us, after all he does come from a highly-educated university. So since Rick Steiner knows he's talking to some whie trash, he dumbs himself down for us.
Fun Fact: nwo 2000 formed after this segment. "The band is back together!"
Nitro (12/20/1999)
#SteinerMath #HUH?! #NumbersDontLie

Another WCW wrestler with a cameo appearance on the short-lived Mortal Kombat: Conquest, which aired immediately after Nitro. Here Meng portrays "Wrestler" in the episode "Festival of Death."
#Meng #FacesOfFear#TonganDeathGrip

Big Poppa Pump has an interesting insult for some guy that looks like an Indian version of Father James Mitchell. What, are YOU gonna tell him it doesn't make sense?
Ring Ka King #3 (2/4/2012)
#SteinerMath #RingKaKing #BigBadBootyDaddy

I just wanted to call attention to the fact that one of Jinder's goons beat Jeff Hardy CLEAN with a clothesline recently. In Jeff's next match, he beat the undefeated NXT champion Karrion Kross... Veer deserves a title shot!
#HorowitzWins #Maharaja #MainEvent

Chris Kanyon competes in his only TNA match, as Raven's surprise opponent.
#WhoBetta #Kanyon #Flatliner


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