Jane Doe starts her new life as a servant to the Mubarak, all the while expecting her son to be born. All hope seemed lost, until a certain creature was brought into existence..

After the recent victory in Esteban, Rick scheduled a private appointment with the infamous "Black Rose" of the underworld, Lady Scarlet to discuss the events that led "John Doe" down such a dark path.

Cryptic Requiem...

After sealing away the King Drake, a blinding light engulfs the area as Violet suddenly disappears. What happens next is anyone's guess...

The invasion of Esteban finally reaches its climax, as Anti-Spur continues his scheme to assassinate the king. Meanwhile, both the unofficial team and Esteban forces struggle against the King Drake summoned by Anti-Spur. What will our heroes do in order to change the outcome in this war?

After Violet rejects Anti-Spur's proposal, this creature uses everything in his arsenal to annihilate both the princess and the unofficial team of JSA. However, Ike returns to the scene- now with a battalion armed and ready to rescue his comrades.

Violet and the unofficial JSA team successfully defeat the Hero Slayer duo, as the recent commotion begins to decline. However, a familiar face appears before the group as Fidelia sees beyond his disguise.

The long-awaited clash between Violet and Noelle has finally arrived. The two parallels unanimously agree that this world simply isn't big enough for the two to coexist. It's either one or the other, but it can't be both.

The Hero Slayer- Noelle, appears before Ike and Violet, as the famed duo displays unusual signs of bravery and defiance towards this fierce creature. Their stance caused Noelle to reminisce on events in her previous life.

After using the final phase of partner synchronization, the Hero Slayer: Clouse still survived and attempted to dispose of Justin and Fidelia. Meanwhile, this entire fiasco is being filmed worldwide and Noelle makes her move into Esteban.

After withstanding Justin's most fierce skill yet, Clouse unleashes his full power and becomes a giant titan. With the odds completely staked against them, Justin and Fidelia unleash the final stage of partner synchronization.

The Hero Slayers and their forces invade Esteban. Now, Justin answers the call to action to stop these invaders from wreaking havoc by any means necessary.

The preparations for the war against the Hero Slayers are now complete. Now, Justin updates both Ike and Violet on the current situation at hand.

Almagest forces ready their monster legion to invade Esteban. Meanwhile, Justin and Fidelia continue learning the multiple stages of partner synchronization, as well as discovering a new method to unlock both Ike and Violet's latent powers.

After Ike and Violet's victory in the tournament, the team decides to throw a victory party in their honor. However unusual creatures fly the night skies gathering intel on the group. Now, Justin must work even harder on both his magic and partner synchronization skills.

Both Ike and Violet train rigorously for their first match in the tournament. Meanwhile, Justin and Fidelia uncover more secrets behind the Untitled Ambition.

Both Ike and Violet seek training from an old acquaintance to prepare for the upcoming tournament in Esteban.

Once the unofficial JSA team arrive to Esteban to better themselves, an unknown third party lurks in the shadows to plot both their team and Esteban's complete downfall.

Both Justin and Fidelia work with Akashic Record staff to finally get their mysterious book translated. Meanwhile, Ike and Violet both somehow find themselves in an unexpected situation they must participate in.

After the three sides told their story of what led them to this current predicament, this unofficial JSA team continued to guard their only client by traveling through the hot deserts of Elda Granto. However, another unexpected traveling group gives them a hand, allowing both sides to make it to Esteban safely. There, many things must be done in order to finish this mission.

Last and most certainly not least, Ike explains his side of the story that led him up to this point. Then after all the important questions were answered, the group continues their journey with an even stronger, newfound resolve.

After Violet opened up to Justin's team about her past, Justin in return did the same. He explains to everyone the shady, unfair treatment he and Fidelia both endured in Montero Valley. They now harbor nothing but indifference towards those involved.

Track: So Alive by Gill Bondy

After somehow being spared from the Hero Slayers, both Rick and Violet are forced to leave Almagest and return to Montero Valley unsuccessful. Afterwards, Klein as well as the remaining JSA and families of the deceased all mourn the tragic deaths of the Great Seven.

Track: [No Copyright Music] Solitude - Muciojad

After narrowly escaping the Hero Slayers, Justin and the rest of team are now stuck in the middle of Elda Granto trying to find their way to Esteban. Before they could continue, Violet decides to have a heart to heart with Justin and his team by explaining her previous experiences with both the late hero, Quake and the titular Hero Slayers.

Justin and his team are now in an impasse with the infamous, Hero Slayers- Clouse and Noelle. This sinister duo makes Justin an impossible offer of choosing between one of his clients- Klein or his new team member- Ike, to give up to them. However when these monsters set their sights on the princess, Klein was forced to step in and do the unthinkable.


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