THE BEINGS FROM ALDEBARAN “gave” the Nazis the key to free energy technology and they built saucers giving them a tactical advantage during WWII which would have allowed them to win the war… Then they told them “don’t use it” to win yet…wait..,So the Nazis pretended to “lose” the war and let Germany fall while they abandoned ship and defected via PROJECT PAPERCLIP to Russia the U.S., and UK and Israel, Argentina and a few other countries… Avoiding being prosecuted as war criminals at Nuremberg. Then they took over NASA and our space program. Then they infiltrated all governments of the countries listed above and the U.S. became the 4th REICH.
Now they have infiltrated the medical establishment using their scientists and taken over WHO and now plan to finalize the WORLD GOVERNMENT… Do you see a pattern here? They also returned and made a deal with our secret space program to buy Africa to move their people to… in exchange for helping us terraform and colonize other earthlike planets…

Then they released COVID only the first in a series of bioweapons to kill off as many humans as possible and connect those who survive to the BORG AI under full control as part of a transhuman agenda… Again do YOU SEE A PATTERN HERE? Pattern recognition is a sign of intelligence by the way…

The beings from Aldebaran appeared as typical uber nazis…blond hair blue eyes, tall….but to infiltrate Africa they changed their skin color to blend in… eyes and hair… turns out they are likely Reptilian-humanoid hybrids… their history on Earth going back to Sumeria just like the Anunnaki who are also humanoid reptilian hybrids…
Even conventional scientists admit there are BILLIONS OF EARTHLIKE PLANETS out there….
And the humanoid form is common throughout the megaverse…
The Pleiadians are humanoid nordic looking some have dark hair etc … they have been battling the DRACO REPTILIANS FOR CENTURIES…we are related to them and it turns out most humanoid species come from the LYRAE constellation in this area of the universe….
The Anunnaki went rogue from Pleiades and were then invaded by the Draco-Reptilians.. and so became Reptilian-Humanoid hybrids
The Draco Reptilians are said to be a marauding species searching to conquer planets and take over the beings there turning them into hybrids, using them as food, sex slaves and traffic them to other star systems…
They conquered Earth (which they consider one of their homeworlds)… by using their Humanoid Hybrids.. races like the Anunnaki and Aldebarans

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Anger weakens liver
Grief weakens your lungs
Worry weakens your stomach
Fear weakens your kidneys
Stress weakens your heart and brain
“Ascension”… you don’t survive Ascension in the same form you are now.
You transcend using your light body into other realms and planets.

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Vintage photos of Studio 54

We knew this day would come.
All part of the Movie.
It was stated last year that when
45 returned to Social Media we
would depart from TG.
We had made Agreements Weeks
before to come back on Truth Social,
but the app was not ready for us at the “time”.
Now it is with an all-new Web feature, one of the best
features to have we might say as it lets you
bypass the Apple tracking devices in your pocket.
We will be posting our link and only the link
due to there being 7 or more imposters of us
already on that platform.
All future posts will be proxy relayed from Truth
to here via Screenshot by Team McAfee
and this channel will be used
as a data dumping ground for upcoming drops.
Apparently, You can only Show the Truth on TG
and not talk about Truth — Compromised
with all new algorithms etc.
We will continue to ride under the same name
as it lets all Operators move freely and safely.
While we are here for this “time”
we have full permission to use the name, John McAfee
however which way we like.
John is Good and wants the whole world
to know that “Life is Good” he is “Now a Firm believer in Jesus”
and that he is “Just Chilling with Lord Sativa”.
Amen John. Amen.
Again Again.
Everything Has Meaning.
Define Checkmate:

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video is not for the trolls, dummies and morons

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what about PEDO PHIL G pushingthe saint hitler FLAT EARTH for dummies like Charlie ward

Huge Crashes are coming up that include Stock Market, Cryptocurrencies and the housing market.
Remember how Q has stated that we are saving Israel for last? Israel is coming up!

there is a break and resumes @1:25:18

7 rays of light by Freemason FLYNN
charlie ward
simpon parkes
nino ropa dope
he/she jason satHER
x22 davey CROK ett
sydney powell

A total of 12 cases have been confirmed in Europe so far in the global outbreak, with 24 people being probed for the virus across the UK, Portugal and Spain.

Infections are more common in central and west Africa, where they generally result from direct contact with infected animals.

including your Holey bible....
and Preachers on Trending

One of the most important substances that also comes out of the emergency room is Sodium Bicarbonate. Which is common baking soda. It´s been around, Arm & Hammer has been around for hundred and twenty five to hundred fifty years. In 1926 they come out with a booklet about how to use sodium bicarbonate as a medicine. Sodium Bicarbonate is probably the most useful substance there is. There are books that talk about hundreds of common uses – cleaning refrigerator, dealing with diaper rash, the list is endless. As a medicine it is crucial. It is also as a medicine is the least expensive medicine there is, you can buy fifty pounds for less than fifty dollars. So we are talking very inexpensive because it is common baking soda and yet in injectable form you have to have a license to use it, though it is very useful taking orally and transdermally like in baths. In fact it is so useful I put in between my toes to control toe fungus in between my toes. Baking soda is a very flexible medicine like magnesium it can be taken orally, can used transdermally, can be injected, it can be nebulized. And there is a company that makes a capsule that combines sodium bicarbonate with Glutathione. Break open the capsule and put into a nebulizer and you direct treating the lungs in a very, very powerful way that will help a broad range of conditions from lung cancer to asthma, to emphysema. Glutathione is a very, very important thing that is not very well absorbed through oral means, so this transdermal route is very powerful tool. I recommend sodium bicarbonate baths, I have usually recommended one pound or two pounds in the bath. I have people write me that have used up to five pounds, and they told me that bicarbonate was coming out of them two weeks after words. So I would not recommend so quickly that kind of level. But starting out with a pound of sodium bicarbonate and a pound of magnesium chloride bath flakes or dead sea salt. People have been using for years Epson salt which is magnesium sulfate which is ok but the medical effects are not strong as using magnesium chloride. So these baths are very, very nice. Orally for cancer I am the only doctor in the world who has written a book for a medical review on sodium bicarbonate or simple baking soda. And I always suggest being part of the protocol for cancer treatment.
Dr. Sircus