If you go to my posts in 2016, 2017 and 2019 and 2020
2020 on CCP cirstn w ink'd social which were removed by the usual suspects
charLIE ward,CCP cirstn w, which was home to her side kick genie decode, male k ultra,rosanne barr,
charLIE wards niece Liz Bliss and later scotty mckay...I informed everyone that CERN was no longer operational as it was taken over by Benevolent ETS , the same that installed Trump and protect him as i called it THE ALIEN AGENDA.
You would also find on those posts then that NO Nuclear wars will be allowed on Earth.
I go back to before 2012 on some platforms like Freedom Articles and Russia insider.
So anyone who ran with the CERN bullshit is a disnfo agent and are on BITCH u te TRENDING with fake views and upvotes and subscribers.....cause jesus loves you.


Barr Failed
Patriots betrayed
Pedophiles protected
Witnesses missing
Judges threatened
Nuclear War

The Storm never left-


Open third eye (instant effect). Third Eye Meditation (Isochronous Tones)
Our body has seven chakras and one of the most important is the third eye. The third eye is a mystical and esoteric invisible eye that likes to be visually represented in the center of the forehead. In Indian spiritual traditions, the third eye is related to the Ajna chakra. This Ajna Chakra needs to be opened and activated in order to gain powerful, expanded intuitive abilities.

The third eye is responsible for intuitive wisdom, creative activity, positive feelings, clear insight and well-being. It is capable of guiding you to perhaps the highest form of intelligence, opening your eyes to what requires attention.

This music session includes a powerful frequency in the 83 Hz range and in the form of isochronous tones that can activate the third eye. Relax to this soothing music and let the "Third Eye Frequency" open your third eye. You can also wonderfully close your eyes and do a meditation.

Frequency Used: Third Eye Music, 83 Hz to 200 Hz (isochronous tones). You don't necessarily need headphones to listen, but make sure you're using quality speakers or headphones. Listen to this music session for at least 20 minutes and feel free to listen to it several times a day. The effects kick in within 10 minutes, but you should listen to the session for a little longer to really get the benefit.

shot at Monte Quarin, Cormons, Italy by Lysa Chain. Recorded with handpan and flute.

With this music you can activate and open your pineal gland. The pineal gland (also called the epiphysis) is a tiny part of our brain that has important functions in the human body. Keep learning how it affects your body...

The pineal gland regulates the wake-sleep cycle. It converts the serotonin produced during the day into melatonin at night. Serotonin is a happy hormone that also has a calming effect on the body.

When the pineal gland is less active, melatonin levels in the body decrease. When melatonin levels drop, this process accelerates the aging process and some say increases the likelihood of developing Alzheimer's.

The pineal gland can even produce endogenous hallucinogen (dimethyltriptamine). This allows the perceptions and the psychological system to expand.

The activated pineal gland works better than a closed pineal gland. You will be strengthened mentally, spiritually and physically.

use salt and baking soda for teeth and yes massage gums and teeth with FINGERS instead of a brush.
to make IPSAB for Gums and Teeth
this is the formula...
to 6 ounces of distilled water add 2 oz of Prickly ash bark
reduce by simmering not boiling to 2 ounces
strain and add powdered salt until we have a very thin paste
rub on gums and teeth before bedtime with your finger.
swish around for some minutes before you spit it out
this will stop bleeding gums and clear tarter from teeth
this will heal gums and help with receding
If you do this every night you will save thousands of dollars from visiting a dentist/butcher
in Australia


Sundial Time was switched to Standard Time on 8/10/1906

From 8/10/1906 - 8/10/2022 =
116 years
116 <> 119 <> 911

Kamala D Harris = 116 = 911
Alzheimer’s = 116 = 911
Saturnalia = 116 = 911
Barack Hussain Obama = 116 = 911

116 reduces down to 8888
Eight Ten (8/10) = 88

119 = 11 (Twin Towers)

Will Biden step down on 8/10/2022?


video posted by christian21
RV ...the entire process took a lot longer than even the White hats had anticipated. We are very close. News has surfaced that the Pope will be resigning.
The Queen is about to die officially.
Stock markets and cryptocurrency markets are crashing
11 Trillion lost so far this year
Bitcoin is going to ZERO despite nina ropa DOPA selling crypto and bullshit.
The stock market (Dow Jones) is down 15% for this year; this is huge. We are in a bear market, we have inflation and people are struggling.
Nesara, the new financial system, is just around the corner and I know we have heard it forever; the EBS is still coming. It has been delayed and was supposed to happen 1.5 years ago. Time lines have changed due to time travels and new choices.
The January 6th committee will be arrested!
Q has always told us: CRASH before DECLASS.
While some unaware and asleep people do not realize that Tribunals have started a couple of years ago for Hussein, Hillary Clinton, the Bushes, Soros etc. and they have been executed. With the EBS the confessions of these career criminals will be aired for all to see.


Lets Dance Bowie remastered

taped in Nature in Russia