It is said that it takes 10,000 hours to master any particular skill. You can put your trust in a producer who has spent those hours and then some. Beginning in Logic pro over a decade ago, I've spent countless hours in studios crafting compelling mixes and defining masters. I offer mixes and masters that cut through speakers and pop.

Upload your stems to the cloud service of your choice and I will craft a professional, compelling, quality mix and master process.

I also edit sound for podcast making it clean and crisp. You will not find this quality at such affordable prices anywhere else.

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Blvckbyrd's second project "Dove" will be released to all streaming platforms 6 / 21 / 22

Dove is written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Blvckbyrd

"I'm very proud of this project, all the blood sweat and tears that I put into music has culminated into something very special. This project is the refined Blvckbyrd sound, with trademark "shapeshifting" included. The first side is swagger, motivation and introspection that then shifts into love, desire and passion. Lord knows how much I sacrificed to create this, it's good to see it pay off in the quality of the music." - Byrd

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The power is in our hands. There has never been a greater time to be a creator, especially a creator of music. Innovations in technology have made the tools to create easier to use and more accessible than ever before. With a little ambition, courage and patience anyone can become a creator. In the past music production was an expensive passion. Studio time, mixing and mastering fees and expensive producers can add up, making it pretty much unsustainable for anyone who isn’t rolling in dough.

But the secret that the music industry doesn’t want you to know is that all of that is unnecessary. You can make music identical to the songs you hear on the billboard from the comfort of your home and at a fraction of the price. Sure an expensive studio session can set the vibe and get the creative juices flowing but really all you need to create great music is the formula to understand the music creation process.

That formula is the Secret Sauce.

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channeling that inner nate dogg
Regulate Byrdmix
I didn't choose this


#WarrenG #Regulate #NateDogg #remix #2022 #Newregulate #westcoast #cruisecontrol #selfdrive

The first ever unboxing of the Portal brand

Portal: Life - death, love - hate, pleasure & pain | The Certified brand of the Real Underground | Embrace the Struggle ❌✖❌✖ | Bridging the gap between life's polarities

Join me as we grow with the brand. This video marks the beginning of history.


Song used in video:

Produced by: Eddy Rivers
non profit

Portal on my body ion gotta jug

Project Dove coming soon

Produced by: 9tyeight

Another year passes and I am grateful to have made it through. Things lately feel surreal. The matrix is crumbling all around us, societal expectations remain and I'm still pursuing a pipe dream. I feel like madman --- but I can't see myself chasing anything else.

Here's to the great experiences of this year and the many more that are to come -- God willing of course.

Luv to my family & friends and those that support me throughout this journey.

Isaiah 43:2 - When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze

Exciting projects on the way:
Voltron Payne
Blvckbyrd & $cottsummer$

Songs used in the video:
1. Blvckbyrd & $cottsummer$ - Unfazed
2. Blvckbyrd & $cottsummer$ - Soul Stealer
3. Kane Wave - Drank in My Cup (feat. Blvckbyrd)
4. Blvckbyrd - Kanye West (feat. $cottsummer$)

A Blvckbyrd cover version of the one of the best songs of 2021 "Essence" by Wizkid featuring Tems. I love the original so much I wanted to add my own style


Available on streaming

Blvckbyrd - Roadshow
(coming soon)
(Prod. Hila Boi)

"Cardinal" Album now streaming

From the album Cardinal by Blvckbyrd
A powerful emotional ballad featuring the legendary Kane Wave
"Cardinal" is now available on streaming services

Justin Bieber x Blvckbyrd - Peaches

Blvckbyrd - Automaton

Produced by: $cottsummer$
Performed by: Blvckbyrd

Blvckbyrd - Pandoras Box

Performed by: Blvckbyrd


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Blvckbyrd is an underground, multi-genre, independent artist who writes, records, mixes and masters his own work. A living jukebox most known for his versatility, ability to "shapeshift" and mysterious persona. He operates out of various music stations somewhere around upstate NY, transporting, capturing and compelling with catchy tunes and sweet melodies.