Go ahead, Im sure CHESUR will play fair.....

Lyrics, Mix, and art performance by CHESUR/beatsTRACKTRAIN:Katsuro Beats, Back to the hood/Magic,What'sUpNekits

Hop on for a ride with CHESUR

Mix lyrics art performance by CHESUR
creepyriffuzerx/bassplunkegmcdufee/clickybassdotdashdialup/bigbassintenselisaanmdrews/deathmetaldrumserich94/deathmetalguitartimbre/orchestralmetaltheoter/Freesound.comtracktrain:Do Not Care,Dragos Marcus/Death Pit,Wvl/ traktrain:"in vain"/ghostemane x bones/sorrow bringer/NY UK/prodbymich /Amiri The Denim/itsMXRPH

Bob's relaxing nature sounds video to go to sleep to, I think he talks in there somewhere.

camera, Alexandria Lyons/on sight Little Susitna Hatchers Pass /Wasilla Fishhook


MIXING, Substituted LYRICS and ART PERFORMANCE by CHESUR/ORIGINAL BY AC/DC/rocker"MP3 instrumental tracks - Karaoke-version/

Another classic from CHESUR.....

Lyrics Art Performance and MIXing by CHESUR/beats, tracktrain:Voices,Hunna/soundfocus:Trap Drums with Hi-Hat Trill,By 808szymcio/MarkJohnson GFXsounds

CHESUR shouts out FU, mostly about mandates @ healthcare foundations and Native corporations the IHS and PHS and NLRB EEOC exemptions/it is how they pushed forward the policy without constitutional validity before vetting and instilling it on unwilling Americans.....REAL systemic racism the Dems did and do, backdoor way to make slaves, and you ALL ignore it.

Lyrics MIX and ART PERRFORMANCE by CHESUR//WUTANGFOREVER//BEATS: traktrain:"in vain"/ghostemane x bones/sorrow bringer/NY UK/prodbymich /Amiri/TheDenim/itsMXRPH/SergioLeonne/forafedollarsmore//fistfulofdollars/maninironmask/youtubemoviepreviews

You gotta keep your eyes peeled when they are coming after your way of life from all sides... CHESUR demolishes a country boy can survive, I'm sorry Hank, It's with the upmost respect, I'm just having fun.

HankWilliamsJRcountryboycansurvive/gemtracks/ / tracktrain:Do Not Care,Dragos Marcus/Death Pit,Wvl

CHESUR echoes loudly.....another one I uploaded wrong file originally, Im gonna get fired.

Lyrics Mix and Art Performance by CHESUR BEATS:Battlemetalalexandernakarada/DragosMarcusMenace/808 beats samplefocus/frostdadonamericanmuscle/gameboicolouredguerillario

CHESUR TRIPPIN DOWN MEMORY LANE...Sorry about the other one, I realized I uploaded the wrong file with the bad audio, lol. For a good night's sleep, right...

ScratchFX/ErickHollins/Crab Scratch/Smug/Peanut/DragosMarcus/tour/menace

Chesur's in the Shower Series grows...

MIX AND ART PERFORMANCE BY CHESUR/Beats:gnrkaraokeonlinemixes/outsiderecordings/Billguitar/

Chesur playing around having fun

MIXand art poerformance by Chesur/Lyrics and music GNR

Chesur still at their throats

Lyrics,performane art, mix by Chesur//BEAT:Clique - Maxo Kream

Bob spitting at people

Camera Bill Lyons/Edit,Mixed by Chesur/BEATS:creepyriffuzerx/bassplunkegmcdufee/clickybassdotdashdialup/bigbassintenselisaanmdrews/deathmetaldrumserich94/deathmetalguitartimbre/orchestralmetaltheoter/Freesound.combeats:gameboicolouredguerillario/ samplefocus/808 Trap Bass - Detunebekawu/808 Trap Bass - Quirkybekawu/Distorted 808 Bass KickMaxim

Just Joe and Crazy folks keeping us afloat acting like jokes...
the most ridiculous times we live in.

Lyricsartperformance by Chesur,
beats /tracktrain: dragosmarcus tour

Gettin a little ticked off at these liars.

Lyrics and art performance,mix by Chesur/beats tracktrain:odakauffmanfreestyle/banuto/Dragmarcus/tour

I need a yacht ride.....but the gas prices are so high....

Lyrics,MIX and ART performance by CHESUR/tracktrain:Do Not Care,Dragos Marcus/Death Pit,Wvl

Chesur making a mess of things, heehheeee I figure, hell, everybody else is......

MIX and Lyrics by Chesur/Johnny Horton The Battle of New Orleans/Nitty Gritty Dirt Band the Battle of New Orleans/Nile's Blues Kevin MacLeod ( Metal by Alexander Nakarada | samplefocus/808 Trap Bass - Detune beka wu/808 Trap Bass - Quirky beka wu/Distorted 808 Bass Kick Maxim/mriddle197 enough power wikiloops

We often get caught up in man's evil deeds and miss the noble, the struggle, the impact the losers have on our society.

Can you put 2 and 2 together and see the upcoming costs?
Put our troops and families and people first? Or succumb to the pulls of the purse, the curse of WAR, that could have and still could be avoided?

MIX LYRICS AND ART PERFORMANCE BY CHESUR/beat-tracktrain:Poison | Rage Hyper Drill Type Beat | Drill Type Beat,yp_chillDrill/Hyperpop/*wDf%g00f1Y!.typical1k [DM ON IG4/EXCLUSIVES],Experimental,HardcoreTrap/samplefocus:Slow Trap Beat with 808 Bass,By Unknown Basss

Chesur has cracked windows from thrown stones obscuring all the skeleton bones hid under his throne.......

MIXEDBYCHESUR/LYRICSandARTPERFORMANCEBYCHESUR/beats:gameboicolouredguerillario/ samplefocus/808 Trap Bass - Detunebekawu/808 Trap Bass - Quirkybekawu/Distorted 808 Bass KickMaxim

Well, this creative creation is getting away from me, so I named it and am getting out of its way.
Bob has some serious business to attend to. So, enjoy Chesur and I will keep putting his art on my media. Nothing wrong with free entertainment.


What a world. Watch your six!!

BEATS/meancedragosmoraves/americanmusclefrostdadon/gameboicoluredguerillariotracktrain mixed by CHESUR

"Come thick night; And pall thee in the dunnest smoke of hell, That my keen knife see not the wound it makes, Nor heaven peep through the blanket of the dark"
"Heaven’s breath smells wooingly here."


Bad Policies, Bad Communities. BAD TOMORROWS

antropolita/Antonio murphy/xanderbeats/dabounce/ranchocountry/countrysie


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Alaskan republican for the people! Anti-mandate, pro liberty, pro 2nd, pro indigenous and Alaskan individual hunting and subsistence rights, I want to wrench control from the DC elite and special interests and give it back to the people.