If you're a midget, flip Bobby a grand and you'll be str8

Aired 9/19/92

After graduating from college, young idealist Will Allen joined a spiritual community filled with like minded people looking for some answers to the basic questions of life, led by a charismatic but secretive guru. Camera in hand, Allen documented 20 years of living inside this community, showing how his idealism began to unravel as more is revealed about the true nature of this cult.

January 27, 2022--- "I tawt it was a cat so I stuck my finger in the cage to pet him and it stuck it's head up and it was a monkey!! OMG I touched everything, I walked through its poop!!"

Just when I thought things couldn't get any dumber, they roll this shit out. Looks like she was advised to watch Of Mice and Men and use Lennie Small as character inspiration. "I'm gonna love him and hug him and call him George."

The nanotech delivery system in the COVID shots can be manually activated at any time by the use of frequencies. My guess is a pox outbreak. Strange coincidence, (seeing a lot of those these days) the scene of the accident, Danville, PA is 6 minutes from a lab (MERK & Co.) in Riverside. That just so happens to be the place it's been suspected the 'alleged' vial of smallpox was discovered mid-November of last year. Whatever they have in store, the table's been set.

FDA approves a drug to treat smallpox June, 2021- https://www.fda.gov/drugs/news-events-human-drugs/fda-approves-drug-treat-smallpox. Lots of concern lately about a virus that was eradicated in 1980 by Edward Jenner's fraudulent cowpox vaccine

This production is put out by the same crew that threw together the New Zealand mosque fake shooting.

It's obviously about trying to ignite violence between races and H.R. 350

Here is this guy's alleged manifesto/Federal shit post. Try not to laugh too hard--- https://gateway.ipns.tech/ipfs/QmSrsLTcDCfCdxxGuNyT1Z8eR5f1dMsRGM3kpwjTkhEhRw

Jared is arguing that diversity is a detriment to all people. Wilfred argues in favor of diversity being a strength but wants white and black people gone off the planet and for everyone to look like him. That's just the beginning of Will's logical fallacies. It's pretty plain to see who the real racist is here.

You'd think that Wilfred would be ashamed of himself after this failure but he posted this to his own YouTube account!

Damn. Guess she told us non-Jews all about ourselves. That's cool, but don't be making a big deal about her statement, ok? Don't be an anti-semite

The scumbags down at the FDA have apparently lined their pockets with cash from Gilead Sciences. No surprise here.

I posted this because I liked how candid Evander is when describing his feelings about victory, defeat and personal insecurities as a fighter as he was getting ready to go pro. Let's try to look at this for it for what it is and not be dropping N-Bombs that you would never say to the man's face


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I made started uploading videos to this channel last year to show my mother what was really going on with the push to have everyone shot up with this genocidal shot. She must have pretended to have an interest in everything I was showing her and not actually watched the material because she got the shot anyway. She had a stroke immediately after the shot and is now in a living hell. I still upload things that I find to be of interest.