BYD LIVE back from a trip to Italia, a wedding weekend, Pishadoo of the week and "Maple Syrup"

BYD LIVE! Alan takes a shot at a pod alone. Talking Charleston, Time Traveling and much more #comedy #podcasts #talkshow

BYD LIVE goes to the track, pishadoo of the week, "Belmont Trivia"

BYD LIVE countdown of their top 10 cereals of all-time and pishadoo of the week

BYD LIVE has a night out at the ballgame, pimping out your kids, celebrating too much or too soon, and pishadoo of the week

BYD LIVE discusses Urban culture, a run in with the mob, nipple colored lipstick, and "Blackness" Trivia

BYD LIVE makes a wish, recaps another wedding, pishadoo of the week and "Monologues"

BYD LIVE talking about kids fighting, fighters becoming politicians, pishadoo of the week and "Monologues"

BYD Lives talks crazy Easter stories, Welcome to the Tok, Andrew Schulz @ Radio City, Pishadoo of the Week, and "Oriole Bird Trivia"

BYD LIVE picks their "Eastern Names", discusses some new lingo, a cookie conundrum, POTW, and "Internet Slang Trivia"

BYD Live talks gentleman's clubs and recaps their new found knowledge about sexual health, Who is A-List, and Mets trivia

BYD LIVE welcomes Ashley Gadarowski, M.ED., a sexual health educator and sexual pleasure coach to the podcast and "Sex Ed Trivia"

BYD Lives talks The Oscars 2022. What we loved, what we hate, the great debate AND pishadoo of the week

BYD LIVE Top Ten Sodas of all-time countdown with audience participation #topten #soda #coke

BYD LIVE talks the new Batman Movie (No Spoilers), people with fake identities, Pishadoo of the Week, and "Bat" Trivia

BYD LIVE catching up after a not so family cruise, shake or no shake, Pishadoo of the Week and "Palindrome Trivia"

BYD LIVE participates in the Indie Pods Unite Convention talking about past travel experiences and funny times on the road

BYD LIVE has to settle up on a Super Bowl bet and talk about some of the other time betting went wrong and "Rappers Real Names" Trivia

BYD LIVE talking how funny it is to see the suckers getting their money taken, Vegas, and "Winter Olympics" Trivia

BYD LIVE is remorseful? Not even a little!! Chinese New Year, A Free Trip, and "Nirvana" Trivia

BYD LIVE discusses all things feelings with special guests Jules and Megs from The Feelings Podcast

BYD LIVE: Top 10 Celebrity Deaths that affected us and we play "So Sad or Not Too Bad" with our listener's choices

BYD LIVE: Talking mandatory training, Hall of Fame/Shame?, POTW and "Black and White TV show" Trivia

BYD LIVE: 2022 kicks off with a new car, Sticking up for your friends, POTW, and "Famous Cousins" Trivia

BYD LIVE: Shooting dice, FunEmployment, What did juicy?, and "Craps Trivia"


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