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Today I expect one of my most lovely 36 girlfriends, called Peggy from Amstelveen, The Netherlands!
She also founded!

Birdy and me are gonna reunite soon, probably on May 15th. 2022 , her birthday... After that reunion we both will be really happy, after a lifetime of suffering and illness.....

The happiness of high sensitivity, radio broadcast June 23, 2011

About 20% of the world population is highly sensitive. High sensitivity is a very normal natural characteristic of humans. They are much more conscious about their lives than the remaining 80% of the population, because they do not only analyze things from rational thinking, but also from the depth, from pure feeling. That gives a much more complete picture of the reality surrounding literally everything and all developments/events in the world.

Highly sensitive people are loving even in the most extreme situations and treat other people with love and respect. Problems arise precisely because of the highly over-rationalized and especially fear-oriented way in which societies function, because of their environment and other people. Not everyone is on the same level of consciousness. All my life I have chosen to be obedient to society, but the price I paid for it was very high. Now I say to other people who try to impose their will on me: "No thank you, I am not your soldier and from now on I will go my own way in life"... It will set me free from a lifelong depressive agony, it is high time to really come to life, and I will succeed.

In this video you can listen to part of a radio broadcast that shows how highly sensitive people live...

This broadcast is about the lawsuit of the Public Prosecution Service against Willem Engel, especially about matters that did not go by the book: the leakage of information to third parties, in this case the press, and the "trial by media". In addition, the international news was discussed, dissidents are also being arrested in Germany, France and Canada. Politicians in the Netherlands also come along. Willem Engel is the founder of organisation Virus Truth (Viruswaarheid).

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