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If you are running your whole house on electricity and have problems with your water heater causing your inverter to experience overload, you can use a 3-way switch to reduce the consumption from 4400W to 1100W by replacing one hot of the wire with a neutral, going from 240V to 120V. This makes it to where the load is distributed along a longer time frame (heats slower) but isn't as much stress on the battery bank and inverter. Good thing, is that you can switch it back super easy!

They'll get molested by pedophile homosexual teachers in the public school system.
This was done for a my final college speech class. Homeschool your children.

This is a submission video for my college's "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion" "Night of Unity" thing. I submitted a short double haiku as a joke, since it was an anti-'diversity' message. I got selected to participate and here was the short. We will see if I win. The other "diverse" applicants could not even do their videos in landscape orientation lol. They were tiktok montages.

TL;DW: Char and apply Motor oil.
Some chatting.
Sheep are the best animal.

Was for a speech class for college, but it ended up being good enough to put up here.

I need to be able to move it around easier to keep it out of the weather too. This dolly will help me move it around on my concrete and asphalt pad, as well as load and unload it from the mill track.

Power goes out here all the damn time, so I needed to make an interlock to make it safer to turn on. If my wife tries to run it the way I had it set up, someone would probably die!

Pedophiles in government, we all know this. We know how this ends.

In my barn, 13% of the sheep were responsible for the majority of injuries.
After removing the dark one, it's estimated violent offenses will reduce by about 90%.
Sheep gang strikes again. Christ is King.

This is not a comprehensive howto, but just a short video. If you want a full-length howto, leave a comment.

I've had some issues with getting the alignment on the band sawmill just right, here are some tips and no particular order on how to get it to run true.
This posted by sheep gang.
Alpacas deserve genocide.

Wife broke the passenger one, had to replace them with a different model because the OEM fancy style was much too expensive. Chinesium, it is, for now.
Really easy to do, just wanted to make a video about it since some whiny little manchildren complained I made a video about wool, instead of muh wrenches and spanners.
This post was made by sheep gang. Sheep are the best farm animal. Alpacas deserve genocide.

Talking crap about how I hate alpaca fleece, and how wool is superior. Sheep are the white man's animal. This post made by sheep gang.

I messed up the original upload because bitchute is not quite mobile-friendly

TL;DW: I'm a Christian dad that's into tractors, blacksmithing, keeping sheep, and other backyard farming stuff.

be a man

This fixed my 03 Silverado's cruise control, the contacts got arc soot on them and they had to be cleaned.
This is just showing you the continuity check, but you should clean it with a burnishing tool. I made my own by polishing down an old screwdriver shank to a ball end and rubbed the contacts. Works great even a year later.

If you don't want to deal with acid on large pieces of steel, sometimes the only way to go is to grind it off.
Sorry about the ear rape at 50 seconds.

I made this from a backup UPS battery, some steel, wire, and nichrome wire to make a tool to remove and cauterize a horn. Should work with any horn.

Pastor Shelly from Steadfast Baptist Church tells you how to get to heaven, the Bible Way. Salvation through faith alone. Shamelessly stolen from their YouTube page.

A book my wife was gifted "the discipline book" and it is full of lies and deceit, I show my son how to deal with it.

Branson Tractor 2510H Oil Change
I hate my tractor.


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