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Baking three loaves of sourdough discard bread. Each loaf yields sixteen slices and keeps well in the freezer until ready to consume.

Learning some editing at the moment and look forward to learning more to improve my abilities and workflow. I look forward to bringing you some tasty tutorials among other things in the future.

If you’re in Arizona I am available to prepare some amazing home baked goods for your enjoyment through our Cottage Food Program. If you are not the best I can do is teach you to fish.

Please leave any comments or suggestions, tips and pointers, anything you’d like to see me make, or threats and harrassment in the comments section.

Lots of things are in the works at the moment and I look forward to growing with you.

I support open source & community projects!

Arizona Department of Health Services Cottage Food Program

Primarily filmed using OBS Studio

Photo editing in GIMP

Video editing in kdenlive

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Baking, cooking, building, fixing, tech, and some video games. I've held a lot of interest throughout my life and now that the opportunity has presented itself to explore and expand on my interests I have to grab it by the horns. This channel will allow me to share the things I enjoy with you while building a life from living my life.