WHITE BOY SUMMER BABY!!!! The jews have huge portions of Columbus's Power Grid Shut Down. It has been in the high 90's the last two days. I decided to go cool down up in Dublin close to where I grew up. The mongrels seemed to have found this secret spot. Everyone was behaved and we all had a good time.

You have a choice in this life... To embrace Truth and Christ. Or embrace Lies and The Killers of Christ. Your family have chosen to to follow The Synagogue Of Satan. I tried to warn ya!

What a mindless turd this guy is. Get focused people. These kikes have you in a spell. Break Free!

Mad Respect To The White Men Who Took To The Streets To Raise Awareness To THE JUNE 8th 1967 Attack on USS LIBERTY!!!! NEVER FORGET!!!!

Columbus Woman freaks out on Pro-Life Christian Group...

If you believed in Christ you wouldn't fear evil. You wouldn't fear death. You would stand up for your people like a FREE MAN!


NimbleHorse Talks FLAT EARTH...

Midnighthood's Bitchute Channel...

Terrible Tim's Bitchute Channel...

Brandon Hunter's Bitchute Channel...

I misspoke in my video... The kikes killed 34 Americans. Not 134. My bad.

If anyone close to Columbus Ohio would like to join me June 8th to raise awareness of the Cold Blooded Attack on our USS Liberty by the Synagogue Of Satan. Let me know. Also trying to get a weekly C I Group Together to discuss topics in an online group chat. Let me know if you would like to join. FEDS and Mamzers NOT WELCOME!

614 316-4216
[email protected]

The police are all terrorists! Every last one of them!

You are all mindless cowards. You all refuse to do the right thing. None of you deserve to live because none of you will fight!

They are spawned from niggas...

Handsome Douche's Grandmother LIED to me when she said she no longer speaks with Jon. A family of liars. She has clearly been coached. Jon's aunt says he is jewish but his confused grandmother says she needs to check her family records. HHHMMMMM... Sure was nice of his grandmother to talk with me.

Shooby Da Wop doesn't respect journalism. Shooby Da Wop ATTACKS MY FAMILY. HE MAKES VIDEOS CALLING ME AN UGLY JEW! He don't like me asking questions? Handsome Truth is Bi-Racial TRASH! From a Family of crazy kikes. ITALIAN = SPAWNED FROM NIGGERS!!!!! His kinky hair don't Lie. Handsome Douche is welcome to come on my show if he can behave and answer some basic questions.

Jon Eugene Minadeo Is FINALLY EXPOSED! This is the final nail in the coffin for this kike. Exposed by his own kike, mexicunt, Aunt! Text me for EVIDENCE / DOCUMENTS! He lied to you stupid goyim. He took your money. He passed along your info to his Handlers. Time to Bring The Wrath of God Down Onto These Kikes!!!!

get ahold of me... 614 316-4216

e-mail or paypal donations to [email protected]

NEVER FORGET Jim Rizoli use to suck this jew rat's dick! Rizoli can burn in hell for shitting on me and promoting a kike!

Point me to where the thoughtful, intelligent, Whites are at. I have yet to meet one.

Daniel James Sandberg - Anti Christ / Anti White / Anti American. Our Video from right before the Scamdemic...

Don’t worry. Some neighbors are driving him to a wild life clinic. Just wanted to show ya the lil guy.

Lil guy was laying belly up on the sidewalk, bleeding and barely breathing. I cleaned his wounds and feed him and gave him a safe place to sleep. He is doing much better. I’ll be releasing him back outside within 2 days.

Hail Christ!

Saved this little guy from certain doom. Hope he recovers. If you like my channel and you agree with my message. Don’t be afraid to help a brother out. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]. You can donate to my PayPal with the same e-mail. Thanks and God Bless!

Sorry. I just love these Owls...

Love these owls. Had to get this video off of my phone to have more space.

Young Barred Owls Chillin in Walhalla...

Cowardice is the greatest crime a White Man can commit. We had it good for a long time guys. Now it is time to put away childish things and become Men Of God. Time to expose wickedness in high places!

Little Demon acts like a nigger and talks over me the whole time. Fake Laughing like a faggot. His wife must be so proud of her cuck husband. What a turd.

His most recent video. I don't know if he blocked me or made this video private but here is the latest video where he slams me and makes himself look like a fool.
May 11th...

Another video...

March 19th...

Febuary 20th OG Interview....

NimbleHorse Interview...

Too much rambling not enough images. Next episode will be rapid fire images. This episode we look at photos from North Africa and Anzio Beach Head Italy. We also view post cards of The Old World. Thanks for joining me....

Part 2 in my Series about the History of The Grossmann Family. In this episode we look at the early days of Andrew and Bertha Grossman.

My Uncle John Grossman recently passed but he left me with a thumb drive full of Grossman Family History. In this Episode we explore My Germanic and Irish Origins. Doubt you will be as excited as me to view this history but I hope you enjoy.

Hail Christ!


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