Imagine the dismay of people playing this fresh when they found out the big shining pom didn't respawn...

I was in the middle of this job when Powerwash updated... Well I guess they DID warn us to finish all jobs, but I was under the impression that progress would be reset... not 100%ed.

Drones and blenders are really damn cool in Satisfactory.

This is crazy, and things are going to get a whole lot crazier.

There are many mesmerizing sights in this game... one of them is seeing a Mk IV or Mk V move a complex product quickly and remind you just how quickly your work gets consumed.


This was just a test and I figured I'd show it off. Don't crucify my flight inability, I'm new to a HOTAS with ED! Pardon the choppy game framerate in the first few minutes, I figure it out before the video's over.

Say hi, Fred. Fred can't say hi though... he probably isn't even able to follow me given I'm up here. Quite a view, isn't it?

I do a bit of a tour of my base before I launch off phase 2 of the space elevator.

Elden Ring is so immersive sometimes... and then their buddies come out of nowhere and decide to give you a hard time.

This is my first Panel de Pon run I feel is solid enough to submit, with the intent to improve in future.

I have no idea what the hell this is or what to do about it, but I wish Steam would fix it. It's getting slightly obnoxious.

Uploading this first since the ETS2 steering wheel video just wouldn't process for some reason. Pardon my awful driving, I'm new to actually using a wheel instead of a controller in F1 2020, and have never used a higher-end wheel.


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