In this episode of a Hyksos triumph, we look at a problem from the position of the adversary, bear with me dear watcher.. this will be a challenge.

I too explain the important difference between certain dieties deemed singular by Christian scholars, and why these dieties are joined together for the purpose of scapegoating.

Worry not.
All is well that ends well.

I am not infallible, I am not presenting the absolute truth in this work.
I am voicing my findings from the perspective and lense of etymology, symbology and contemplation.
I do not have all the works that may shed light on context of every subject I handle.

I do not want you to watch this and parrot what I say as absolute fact, I want you to now and then pause the vid and with your own findings, not mere emotion' but rational consideration.. contemplate and compare it.

This is a joint effort.

All music is made by me, except for the intro and ending music ofcourse. (which is placed on the title image)

I wish you prosperity in your endeavors.

The remake up to standards of A Hyksos Triumph.
A work that explains the esoterics behind our past, present and future reality.
This work may ruffle some feathers.
Also. Familiar yourself with the moon-map.

I suggest that if you're not familiar with Ewaranon, you first look up his work so that you understand the paradigm shift revision of our world I have built this work of mine on.

Questions are welcome.
I thank Andrew Kaufman for his kindness, patience and his eloquent efforts that set me on the right path of health, Mind Unveiled, Ewaranon and Adam Green for their amazing work that gave me many keys to the many doors I had but couldn't open.
I also thank Hans, you're one of the few sane people I know.

[edit: currently doing a remake of part 1 to set it to the same standard as this video. ;)

This work is my magnum-opus.

It will take you through the epic of Gilgamesh and prove that it is a warped version of the truth.
This truth of our known, and unknown plane.. and at its center the foundation of many a symbol that I shall connect, and prove to you at the conclusions of this video.

Feel free to ask questions.

I am not infallible, I do not claim to know the entire truth, and much of the conclusions lead to more questions. I am but another student of knowledge.

I wish to thank Andrew Kaufman, Ewaranon, Mind Unveiled and Jeff Berwick for their efforts that lead us all to the preferred outcome.

I also wish to thank Hans, you are one of the few sane people I know.

All music was composed by me, with the exception of the rosslyn motet and the rosslyn motet - apprentice pillar 'original'.
I did create the piano version you hear at the title.


External visions was a videogame on steam created by Karlis Zabers, I made the OST for it.
It was definately the best chiptune work I have managed, and it was also the last soundtrack I ever made, considering the game's meaning resonated alot with what I decided to do after finishing this album, being; ending my internet-membership and throwing out both my pc and tv from my home adress.

01 Title - Echo without a source: 0:00-0:41
02 Garden - Hiddenite sights: 0:41-1:22
03 Other town - Live and die laughing: 1:22- 2:53
04 Neon club - She was the moon, we were her fools: 2:53-3:46
05 Flooded - Get your feet wet: 3:46-5:09
06 Library - Where a door opens, one window closes: 5:09-6:21
07 Cave - Sigil of man: 6:21-7:50
08 Rooftops - Vertigo to those who see: 7:50-9:26
09 Top floor - Conditioning is the conduit of relevance: 9:26-11:00
10 Boss - Discovery of a Gigantes: 11:00-12:30
11 Sewers - Its the lies: 12:30-14:02
12 Empty office - What we do to ourselves: 14:02-14:53
13 Computer EC - Compact withdrawal: 14:53-16:02
14 Final Boss - Breaking free: 16:02-16:50


The 'The Machine' pentalogy is my biggest and greatest chiptune work, an 8bit opera concieved in many nights and days of eyesight reducing isolated monitor staring.

The tracks are hardcoded into this upload.

First post of operatext:
Second post of operatext:


Astraea was a project I have no clue about what happened to it, I made a deal with the creator that I would make an OST for this project but never heard from him again after a while. Considering the quality I decided to upload the result regardless.

01 Astraea titlescreen: 0:00-1:42
02 Spring day - Thicket: 1:42-3:15
03 Spring night - Ta ha go: 3:15-4:37
04 Autumn day - Plumeria's dance: 4:37-6:55
05 Autumn night - Lampion beguin: 6:55-8:32
06 Winter day - Nicholas: 8:32-9:54
07 Winter night - My pale marin: 9:54-11:37
08 Summer day - a real pleasantry: 11:37-12:54
09 Summer night - Gribby's pond: 12:54-14:27
10 Minigame - Feather hats: 14:27-16:20


0exestetis (or zero-exestese) was my first attempt at crossover chiptune in which I layered squares to create depth, after this with a tip from a friend I made the "the machine" series that follower up on it.

01 0exestesis: 0:00-1:06
02 Body earth: 1:06-2:49
03 Space sink: 2:49-4:32
04 Living square: 4:32-5:27
05 Humble tumble: 5:27-6:49
06 I'm leaving, I'm leaving: 6:49-8:26


Layla (meaning=night) was a collection of three relaxing piano pieces I wrote to play during' that's right; nights.
01 To join to no good: 0:00-3:12
02 Inevitable strangling of a beast: 3:12-5:21
03 I won't be satisfied: 5:21-8:17


The many faces of version 7 is compositionwise my best work of its series, worthy for a bchute upload. The art was made as I used to make for all the other albums of the series, the cross was added because at the time of creating this album I was a rather devout Baconist Christian.

Adam Green of Know more news cured me of that affliction.

01 Don't become a star: 0:00-2:17
02 Unwant: 2:17-5:52
03 Light casts a shadow: 5:52-9:38
04 You have to do it yourself: 9:38-11:14
05 To my past and future love: 11:14-13:57

For the full text see here:


EGEO is a dark fantasy novel written by me, this was its soundtrack.
The text can be read individually in the pieces as uploaded on Newgrounds:

01 The want: 0:00-2:03
02 That love may lift the spirits: 2:03-3:25
03 Idium stella: 3:25-4:07
04 Munimentum hereditas mea: 4:07-5:01
05 City without shadows: 5:01-6:10
06 Familiar yours: 6:10-7:50
07 Yscek: 7:50-9:39
08 The north east: 9:39-12:24
09 Artificial: 12:24-13:19
10 Diamonds: 13:19-14:55
11 Passing out: 14:55-16:45
12 Fume: 16:45-18:48
13 Tales of the Zebra: 18:48-20:10
14 Dramatis: 20:10-22:11
15 Umbra: 22:11-24:24
17 Orbis makarios: 24:24-26:07


My take; You give computing power to the AI network and are rewarded currency (crypto) in return like a carrot on a stick. This is called mining, but you're not mining anything, you're rewarded for letting the network mine your pc for data.

All cryptocurrency requires latency increase in the form of data centers, crypto currency is creating the AI system. (that includes privacy coins, it still grants computing power.) The only road forward is that of localism, self sufficiency, and tangible reality.

Some video material that most people rather not want you to see. Watch it anyway.

This is a esoteric work, written alongside my studies and that of others alligning (such as Ewaranon)

01 Long live the humand condition: 0:00-6:44
02 For he is coming from the clouds: 6:44-17:08
03 And we know: 17:08-25:22
04 Father Nature: 25:22-37:37
05 As above so below: 37:37-46:07
06 Analemma twin: 46:07-53:17
07 O Solon, solon: 53:17-59:20

For more specific information see their individual versions on Newgrounds:
(This does include as first track a track that was cut from the CD (quality issue)


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This channel is for both broadcasting my work (music) as I used to on Newgrounds.
Also some of the thoughts, findings and conclusions from all the research I've done the past 2-3 years concerning esoterics, cymatics, etymology, theology, mythology, health sciences, modern (or not so) technologies, symbology and geopolitical structures.

I have a long history of studying Fytotherapeutics, Counterpoint composing, Esoterics and sound sciences.

Although I do not have internet at my home location, nor ever owned a smartphone, I can still access another households pc to upload from time to time. So check back now and then or subscribe to this channel if you are either a fan of my music or interested in my thoughtprocesses. Feel free to leave a comment, but I cannot promise if I will respond.

I wish you all prosperity in your endeavors.