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This video is from Dr. Young on Rumble who says a vegetarian diet is best, to stop eating meat. I don't agree with that. I think the carnivore diet is better than vegetarian or others. But I do believe this EDTA is dangerous. Like a lot of other things promoted by truth telling doctors. I myself prefere to use natural products to improve health.
Even some supplements are dangerous. Like the fact that vitamin D3 (CHOLECALCIFEROL) is RAT POISON.
Be careful of what remedies you use.

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Henry Gruver

There's no pre-trib rapture. It's a false teaching.
All saints go through the great tribulation.
Matthew 13 parable of the wheat and tares.

Get saved and baptized today;

Russian Warships and Nuclear Submarine Arrive in Cuba Near US Borders.

First 2020 Census Data Release Shows U.S. Resident Population of 331,449,281

2025 reduced population to 99,553,100

231,896,181 are expected to die according to the Deagel Report. Die or flee the country? These numbers do not take into account the population born in the last 4 years, nor the deaths of the last 4 years, nor the invasion of millions of immigrants freely coming through the border.

Deagel Report PDF

Might be time to get right with Jesus/Yeshua.

The guy in the back behind FAUCI making faces 😆😆😆

I don't see any tears.
I don't think he'll go to prison for lying. They already said months ago that he lied, and nothing was done.
This is all for show I think. Nothing will be done.

People say FAUCI is responsible for the death of people throughout the world.
Well, he's one of them anyway. There are many more.

Maria Zeee LIVE @ 6PM: Populist Election Wins? Smart City Agenda Intensifies

The inimitable Dr. Henry Ealy, one of the most distinguished healers of our time, explains the political background of the installation of 5G towers worldwide, during ‘lockdowns’. He gives a primer on the role of electromagnetism in and in relation to the human body and reveals that the symptom list for 5G illness and COVID, are identical. Thankfully, Dr Ealy also walks us through solutions and describes ways in which we can protect ourselves, our homes, pets, and loved ones.

Amazon Store:

Na, I wouldn't buy the emergency medical kit with ivermectin and Z pack etc. nope. I'll use MMS if need be.
Some of the herbs on Amazon maybe.

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Ya. I'm pretty sure they've already had the bird flu jabs made for awhile. Just like they did the COVID jabs. They probably just renamed the COVID jabs bird flu jabs.
The bird flu is fake, the tests are fake, the pandemics are fake, the propaganda is real.
So I'm guessing you all have a couple of months left to stock your food and water supplies and prepare for permanent lockdown and to be locked out of the beast system until kingdom comes.
Trust in Yehovah. Only Yeshua saves.

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One more step to slow boil you in the pot towards a cashless society. The book of Revelation unfolding before your eyes. I assume by the title, she will stop shopping at Walmart? But this is just the first store to do this? It will be all of them in a matter of time. Leading up to no entry unless you are transhuman with the MOTB jabs as proof.

░A░m░i░s░h░ ░R░o░a░d░ ░R░a░g░e░


Dr. Rima Liabow
Maria Zeee

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Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You – Episode 26


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Yeshua is Lord.
Get saved and baptized today.

If you've read the book of Revelation you should realize that pre-trib rapture is a lie, you should realize that things will get much worse and not better until Yeshua returns.

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