Cartoon Power Hour

Ep1:"The Bird! The Bird!"
"Neatness Counts"

S1E4:Duel In The Devils Cauldron

EP4:Challange Of The Masked Racer PT2

S2E2:The Incredible Shrinking Turtles

S1E4:Deadly Reunions

S1E4:Super Prison Breakout

S1E7:Three Men And A Dragon

S1E4:Diamond Ray Of Disappearance

S1E3:Disappearing Act

S2E1:Return Of The Shredder

S1E6:Wishful Thinking

S1E3:Stoner Vision

S1E3:Enter Magneto

EP3: Challenge Of The Masked Racer PT1

S1E3:The Worms Of Death

S1E1:The Cobra Strikes

S1E2:Slave Of The Cobra Master

S1E5 Shredder & Splintered

S1E2:The Shaping Staff

S1E1: The Cosmic Comet

S1E3: The Most Dangerous Game Master

S1E5: Mega Trouble For Megaland


S1E4 Hot-rodding Teens From Dimension X

S1E1 Night Of The Sentinel PT1


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