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Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfBgmw_xCVY

Hey, everyone! :D
I came across this not long ago, and actually rather enjoy the tunes and scenery. The West has become sooo degenerate and lost, because we have all had our roots deliberately cut-off. How DO we get our roots Back..? Celebrate the Greatness we once had-- and what Can come back, yet again. <3
"The West, is the Best"-- lets Prove we can become truly Free. :) Lets embrace our culture, together. :) <3

Love y'all, and please DO enjoy :) <3


**Blackpill Alert**
...Just How serious, IS the takeover..? More serious than Most could fathom. Brace yourselves, everyone...

...a "summit" of sorts, regarding """migration""" in Europe (and by extension, the West.). WILL the g*nocide EVER be mentioned..? N0pe.

WWI? Check. WWII?? Check. "WWIII"..?
How DO we End all the "brother/sister wars"..? We Learn law, and learn our Real enemy. White genocide Always seems to be the "end game" in it all.
"When the Power of Love, OVERCOMES the love of Power(money).., the world WILL know Peace". -- Jimi Hendrix

**I am NOT able to get this video up, on the other site. Its giving me waayyy too many troubles. Sorry for any inconveniences. :(**
Hey, everyone.
I dont normally do videos for so early in the week-- but i see this particular issue, as somewhat an "emergency". This seems to be what is "planned", FOR July 1st, 2022. I have NO idea What is going to happen, but try to be safe out there, ok? These criminals MEAN business.

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**This is NOT my music/creation. ALL credit goes to the original creator.**
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-tpNwymj9w
Hey, everyone! :D
Its been Quite some time now, since i last uploaded/shared anything nice/healing.
This is a most Wonderful piece i came across, and felt the Utmost of urges to share with y'all. Its in the frequency measurement of 432Hz, which has been scientifically proven to Heal. <3 :)
Have you been down n' out lately with how America is Increasingly struggling/collapsing, and the seeming Collapse of the Entire Western world? Hopefully this piece helps you out. :)
Its OK to Ignore the "news"(propaganda). Its OK to Ignore the anti-White narrative. Its OK to Ignore the Ukraine crap, the Q crap; and even the "war" crap. Its OK "tune out" once in a while, create a little world of your own; and take a break from the maddening "Gotham" that the world is Vastly becoming.
Take time and care for Yourself and those you love, and give yourselves a chance to heal. :) <3

Take care, everyone;
I DO hope you enjoy. <3 :)


Its in the title-- the UN is promoting for the "urbanization" of "sastainable" cities. With, ofcourse, Brutalist architecture.

Barbados has been getting more and more involved, in the SDG 2030 Agenda. Whats' all the fuss about? Sit back, grab a drink, a snack and a cozy blanket, and lets see whats going on here, together. :)

..Whats going on with China, and the collapse of the West..? This is a little compilation of sorts i threw together-- just trying to fit the pieces of this unending puzzle together. :0

Hey, everyone! :D
This video... IS a tad on the "blackpill" side.. so if you Dont think you can handle it, Do NOT watch. It entails LOTS of various info (mainly banking), and Some might have a real hard time taking it in.
For those who DO understand, i hope you find it informative.
Take care;
-CelticAwake <3 :)

A little bit of info, on how the Juneteenth flag came to be. For those UNaware... YES; POCs ~ARE~ being BANKED on. Banks ARE behind the "racial justice" "reconcilliation" movement.

Hey, everyone; from time-2-time ill upload/share both Pagan AND Christian friendly content. This, falls under the "Christian friendly" category. This is a briliant movie from around 1999 - 2000, and its based on a future that.. has Yet to appear..
Please feel free to download and/or share, if you see fit.

Just found this one. More anti-White propaganda. Will likely use this clip, in a future video.

Coming soon, to an NGO or Bank, near you.
This is basically a big propaganda piece, on a future meet-up.
A summit on "Climate Change" & """"""migration"""""" and ((((((world governance)))))), to take place, in November 2022.

Ok; cool. So, the UN is narrowing down on what ((((((They)))))) consider "hate speech".

This is a lecture of sorts, regarding tech thats being used ~Against~ us.
**Please feel free to download and/or share, if you see fit.**

..YEP! There IS, indeed; an African Union.
This is a small breifing on how they intend to combat terror.

Just a little compilation of sorts i threw together for y'all, regarding coronachan, """migration""", and everything in between.

Anti-White """(((Philanthropist)))""" criminal George Soros, was at the WEF DAVOS 2022 meet-up. He took some questions.

Hey, everyone. This is how yet Another part of California, has deteriorated; and in Such a Short amount of time. This is Real hard to watch.. :'(

...this, is what WHO (over there, in BLASTED $witzerland..), considers "HEALTHCARE".

...seems America and Canada had a meet-up, regarding ""migrants"", """refugees""", AI and... just a BIG mess. This is NOT looking good.. pay close attention to those blasted banks and NGOs everyone; that seems to be where ALL of this is stemming from..

**Discretion is advised, for this video**
Hey, everyone. Im not able to get much up for this weekend (Sorry! Been Super busy lately, and just didnt have the time). I hope y'all enjoy or find informative, what i have for you.
This particular video, goes over the "beliefs" of the elites and various characters, with the degenerate society they promote and force on the rest of us. Due to the sensative nature of the content, i Highly advise to use discretion/discernment when watching. This, is A LOT to take in...

An interesting skit, by Babylon Bee; showing the complete Lunacy of the mask stuff we've been forced in to.

*Hey, everyone. Im not able to get much up for this weekend (Sorry! Been Super busy lately, and just didnt have the time). I hope y'all enjoy or find informative, what i have for you.*

..just some propaganda from WHO.


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