Fourth, that on the Sabbath day we spend time in public and private worship of God, rest from routine employment, serve the Lord and others, and so anticipate the eternal Sabbath. Fifth, that we love and honor our father and our mother, submitting to their godly discipline and direction.

Here we look at comments made by Tim Pool about Bill Maher and his views on atheism. Most North American atheists steal much morality from the Biblical Worldview.

Here we look at Ephesians 4:7-12 and apply this section to our lives as it relates to the local church.

Here we look at words said by Sarah Spain about several NBL players who refused to wear a flag on their jerseys. We tackle the question "are Evangelical Christians Bigots?"

First, that we know and trust God as the only true and living God. Second, that we avoid all idolatry and do not worship God improperly. Third, that we treat God’s name with fear and reverence, honoring also his Word and works.

Here we look at how the messaging of the use of illegal drugs have changed. We call in Terry Thiessen from Teen Challenge of Central Canada to remind us of the freedom that Jesus brings through His work upon the Cross!

Here we look at Modalism from a Bible perspective and look at some statements made by TD Jakes!

Here we look at why the Trinity is important!
1) Because the Trinity is Biblical
2) Because you cannot know God unless you understand Him as One God, with three distinct persons (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)

Here we look at the 10 commandments. We look at what proceeds and what follows the 10 commandments.

Here we look at Acts 2:1-40 and explain this day of Pentecost. We also talk about the origin of Pentecost looking at the Old Testament.

Here we look at a Polyamorous TikToker respond to her from a Christian perspective.

Here we look at the basics of the book of Colossians
1) Who wrote Colossians?
2) Who received Colossians?
3) Why was Colossians written?
4) What are the major themes in the book of Colossians?

Here we look at the end of the book of Colossians. Paul sends blessings, gives 3 more exhortations, and gives a final blessing.

Here we look at TikTokers "the Good Liars" and Chaz Stevens. They want to band the Bible because they think it has objectional content. We break it all down for you!

Here we talk about censorship on Youtube and Facebook! We also talk about Bitchute and Rumble!

Question 7
What does the law of God require?

Personal, perfect, and perpetual obedience; that we love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength; and love our neighbor as ourselves. What God forbids should never be done and what God commands should always be done.

Here is an exposition of Colossians 4:7-11. We look at the service, unity, and ministry of these 5 great men in the Lord!

Here we look at the controversial but important topic of abortion. We concluded that Abortion is not healthcare for three reasons:
1) Pregnancy is not a disease
2) Abortion violates the Hippocratic Oath
3) Abortion is murder

Here we look at Romans 3:9-20
1) 3:9 The Accusation - Everyone Sins
2) 3:10-18 The Evidence - Everyone Sins According to Scripture
3) 3:19-20 The Verdict - Everyone Sins

Here we look at the New City Catechism Question # 6. How Can We Glorify God?

The Full interview can be found here!

Here we look at how Canadian society has become very comfortable with sin. What is good they call evil and what is evil they call good.

Here we look at the important passage of prayer in Colossians 4:2-6. Evangelism entails prayer, gracious words and wise living!


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