In this CLASSIC adult animated film, the LOC NAR--the embodiment of evil--relates its horrifying history of EVIL to a young girl trapped with it in an empty house. The idea of Elon Musk to send a car into space came from this film. Excellent musical score containing classics.

CLASSIC Christian Revival Film that had sinners praying for forgiveness right in the theater. This chilling look at the rapture has never been done better even though the Left Behind Series of books and films tried.

Before Game of Thrones, Dragons were brought to realistic life in this fantasy film dealing with a magician's apprentice trying to claim his Master Magician title as he battles a fire-breathing dragon to save the women in a small village who were being sacrificed to it.

On the heels of Pat Frank's bestseller, Alas, Babylon, actor/director, Ray Milland decided to make the FIRST PREPPER Film. Lots of preppers today can use the lessons in this film to make themselves more safe when the SHTF.

In this hit film from 1977 based on the #1 Bestselling Novel by Sydney Sheldon we see how the Game of Thrones is played by a Master of the Game. Journey with Noel Page as she plans her revenge against Larry, the man who played her emotions like a drum. There is NOTHING that can stop Noel as she skillfully maneuvers Larry and his wife Catherine into her trap. But Larry, too, is skilled at the Game, and the cat and mouse the follows is STUNNING.

CLASSIC COMEDY FROM SOUTH AFRICA. What happens when a Kalahari Bushman encounters something that he has never seen before, and then can't seem to get rid of? Chaos. Hijinks and Romance. This is a MUST watch.

Australia has produced a number of CLASSIC Monster Horror films, The Reef (a stunning Shark Attack film), Razor Back (Murderous Wild Boar) and now Black Water. Based on a true story features fools who dared to enter Giant Salt Water Croc territory, only to find themselves suddenly lower on the food chain as a MASSIVE Croc decides to eat them. There was a sequel last year, and it is good too.

There planet has no females, so alien males come to Earth looking for women to repopulate their planet, but they soon find out that Earth Girls are NOT that Easy. Author Thomas Tryon (The Other and Harvest Home) first tried his hand in Hollywood as an actor. He stars here, but disappointed with the spotlight, he left films to become a novelist. Several of his bestsellers would bring him back to Hollywood, this time as a writer.

A Creature Feature starring Peter Cushing as a scientist summoned to an off-shore British Island that has been over run by murderous creatures. Everyone in this cast is playing at the top of their skill set. Don't miss this unique and interesting film.

In the late 1960s American men were far from home, fighting Communism in Viet Nam. Hollywood understood what these men were missing--the sight of the beautiful Western Women the men were fighting to protect from the Communist Asian Horde. Films like Barbarella gave the fighting men a reminder of how sexy a blonde woman can be.

Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor, according to the popular myth these two women are the FIRST examples of 'strong female characters', just as we were told that Black Panther was the first Comic book movie to feature a blek super hero--ignoring Blade. Well, Thora--the leader of the Arkonides, aliens who have come to Earth--was a Strong Female Character way back in 1967. Unlike Ripley or Sarah, Thora was strong without sacrificing her femininity--which is why this movie is one you are NOT supposed to Watch.

Excellent movie taken from the SCI-FI series Tripping the Rift. Brief stories with lots of innuendos and excellent artwork. One of the funniest animations available.

TV MINISERIES (PART ONE) Based on the number one bestselling novel that had the nation asking the question--What is the secret that no man may know, nor woman tell? Bette Davis gives an Emmy Award caliber performance as the Widow. The woman who knows.

FUCK YEAH! Here is the animated film that the creators of South Park thought would shame America, but ended up being embraced by Americans (much as Bruce Springsteen's anti-American song Born in the USA was taken over by Americans) and now it's manta is common knowledge.

This film has been banned simply because it shows slaves that seem happy with their situation. This does not play into the narrative that all slaves wanted to kill their White Masters. The mix of live action and animation was decades before Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The song is pretty good too. It won an Oscar.

Considered by many as the 4th season of Star Trek, The Animated Series featured the voice talents of most original cast members, and the writing talents of popular Sci-Fi novelists like Larry Niven.

Presented here a quirky musical from 1993 intended to used the HIV epidemic as a way to attack the Big Pharma--including Dr. Fauci, who was in charge (then as he is now) of Infectious disease research. This CLASSIC has been hidden long enough, let's spread the word of just how long these people have been doing this CV-19 thing.

In 2007 Frank Darabont (who brought you Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile, and Walking Dead--Season 1) gambled on a black and white monster movie. The studio insisted on a color theatrical release, but here is the director's vision for that CLASSIC Monster film.

Forced out of his castle by Communists, Count Dracula pursues the love of his life to New York City. In one of the funniest CLASSIC comedies of all time, George Hamilton brings Dracula to the age of Disco and romance with Susan St. James. This is one for the ages.

Deep in the rural swamps of Texas, the reclusive and ruthless wife-abusing mad scientist Dr. Simond Trent is conducting experiments in his laboratory on the local impoverished voodoo-worshiping black "natives" in an attempt to discover the secret to reversing evolution, feeding the failures to the alligators he keeps in his covered outdoor swimming pool. A HIDDEN 'MAD SCIENTIST' GEM that today's Hollywood as tried to censor out of existence.

Before winning the Oscar for Silence of the Lambs, the director broke into films with what is probably the best known CLASSIC of chicks in chains flix. Here we find hardcore women who are willing to do ANYTHING to escape their Prison guard tormentors.

After the success of 1976's hit Carrie (in which Amy Irving co-starred), studios were looking to cash in, and Carrie clones began to pop up. One of the most forgotten is this Classic starring Kirk Douglas and Amy Irving. The violence is graphic, so bewared.

A rogue planet and it's moon are racing toward earth. In a daring and brave attempt to save at least some of mankind from extinction, scientists join forces and race against the time When Worlds Collide. CLASSIC SCI-FI the way SCI-FI was intended to be. Interesting, and fun.

In a world where all Grass and grass-related planets have died journey with a London doctor and his family as they try to make their way to his brother's sanctuary. As society crumbles, criminals, rapists and betrayal from within the small group makes this a CLASSIC of Environmental-disaster films. This is the way these films should have been made. Not for the queasy.

Linda Blair (Exorcist) finds herself in a prison for young women where she is tormented by the other inmates in this CLASSIC early women-in-prison-exploitation film. After this movie, Linda moved into adult roles and began to feature more nude scenes.


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