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This is a 1988 fragrance by the House of Davidoff, which has gathered a lot of love and hate.

A Clubman Reserve Product. A modern product from a maker of "classic" barbershop aftershaves. What's it like?

A eucalyptus-based aftershave that's easy on the skin and the nose.

For nearly 100 years, Brylcreem has been a staple of male grooming in the West. How does it measure up today?

My first review of the Bvlgari line. Is sweet booze a Gourmand scent?

Bidding farewell to a big name in grooming history!

A new-to-me brand of Egyptian double edged blades. How does it compare to Astra SP?

Worn by both men and women in the previous century, folks either love or hate this scent! Where do you fall?

A smooth flanker in the Aramis line: But is it really a tobacco scent?

Double edged razors from Egypt!

Testing the 1931 classic fragrance worn by David Niven, Cary Grant, and Eva Turner.

The second review of an aftershave from Stephan's. How does it measure up?

Reviewing Stay Smooth Shave cream, and demonstrating how to use a "soapless" (or "brushless") shave cream.

Today, let's check out the 2007 celebrity fragrance Usher for men, also known as Usher He.

My experience with Individuelle

...Or why you should never blind buy a scent if you can avoid it.

(experimenting with using my phone as a camera for quicker turn around)

What does it smell like to you?

Why Unscented? Because sometimes the best scent is no scent at all!

This sample was provided by the vendor, but no compensation was given for the review.

Can my poor focus and bad sound editing detract from this great scent? Answer: No!

Vitalis! A good throwback or something to be thrown back?

Review of the Brand and...which is a re-buy?

Wait..Jeris has an aftershave? ...and why changing from a plastic bottle to a glass one might help.

This neck tie knot is still pretty easy. Try it out! Diversifying your wardrobe can be as simple as trying a new knot.

Take a spin with the Coachman! Fifth in a series of five reviews of the Lustray aftershave line.

A tonic with a light hold and powdery scent from the Barber Shop brand Gabel's.

Another spice aftershave by Lustray? Fourth in a series of five reviews of the Lustray aftershave line.


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