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Dr. McCullough quickly shares that Chlorine Dioxide just might be an antiviral that could be drank. The doctors are beginning to come around (I hope)
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Dr. Marik just published his Post COVID Jab Treatment Guidelines (found here: ) and he and Dr. Kory answer questions about the problems with the experimental jabs and treatment of all the problems they're causing. Dr. Kory mentions that it's predicted that around 500,000 people may have died from the jabs in the US alone. Please like & share. If you'd like to see more solutions come visit Scott McRae's CLO2 Solutions at:

Andreas Kalcker and Pedro Chavez share that it is now proven that CLO2 Solutions do indeed destroy/denature the COVID Spike Protein. This is why CLO2 Solutions are so effective against the disease COVID-19, including long haulers, and it's also why it can help those who took the experimental jab to recover from it's negative side-effects.
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CDH4000 and "The Antidote" are two CLO2 Solutions that I invented and use against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and it's spike protein. Since Chlorine Dioxide easily breaks down viral proteins at a ppm concentration which is well tolerated by human cells, I know these two CLO2 Solutions can be used to destroy the virus, its spike proteins AND the spike proteins created by the vaccines which are causing so many adverse reactions and deaths.
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The Epoch Times interviews Dr. Yeadon, former Pfizer VP, who simply tells the truth as he sees it as a Big Pharma insider. Can this fraud be stopped? Are enough people awake to these facts with all the censorship that's going on? Please share this with everyone to wake people up or our children and grandchildren are going to have to live in a very dystopian world. It's up to you and all of us to spread this info - obviously the mainstream media isn't going to and this will be banned on Youtube and most social media platforms. Please share individually with people you know or in any other way you can. Dr. Yeadon has done his part, now it's up to us to share share share. Thanks

Normally mild Dr. Paul Marik expresses his disgust over the harm the COVID vaccines are CURRENTLY doing. And the future is still to come.

Deadline for delivery of your letter (click links below) is May 22nd, 2022
***My name is Scott McRae and am the owner of this CLO2 Solutions Bitchute channel and I endorse everything my friend Dr. Gaston Cornu Labat, MD is recommending. Please listen carefully to what he is saying and then do your part***
Below are comments and directions by Dr. Gaston:
The most imminent threat for humanity right now, and for which we can do something about, is the WHO treaty being crafted to bind all countries' sovereignty to the WHO's rulings for the management of future "pandemics". Voting by member states at the World Health Assembly starts on May 22nd, 2022.

Therefore, herein is a proposal for an effective action to be taken by all free and sovereign men and women to stop this treaty in its tracks.

Deadline for delivery of your letter is May 22nd, 2022 so DO NOT delay!

Very careful and precise attention to the details involved in this action is paramount for effectiveness.
The letter below has been crafted by a low profile yet brilliant and fully committed Argentinean International Attorney, Patricia Funes, who I fully endorse.

Once completed, send the letter as a COLORED scanned pdf via email to [email protected]
Her team will ensure timely delivery to the WHO office in Switzerland.

You can download the tutorial on how to complete and sign the letter; careful and precise attention to details is needed:
Tutorial para la carta en castellano aqui:

You can download the letter in English here:;ouid=101257035461393337760&rtpof=true&sd=true

Puedes bajar la carta en castellano aqui:;ouid=101257035461393337760&rtpof=true&sd=true

It is only through the sum of individual effective action in honor and in truth that we will create together the world we want to live in.
Gaston Cornu Labat, MD

Thank you for your immediate attention to this extremely important matter which effects every soul on our planet. Again, the deadline is May 22nd, 2022

A behind the scenes look at True The Vote's process for discovering the 2020 presidential election fraud that robbed Americans of their most fundamental right as US citizens. Brought to you by The Epoch Times at: (Thanks Roman!)

Dr. Marik was one of my medical heroes long before covid (and still is) due to his intense desire to always do what's right and best for his patients and go up against the medical system with his sepsis protocol, no matter what. In this video we can see how utterly disgusted he has become with the whole system.
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Dr. Malone, Dr. Cole, Dr. Urso & Del Bigtree discuss the failed COVID-19 response (in my opinion deliberately failed) and the ongoing damage (intentional) the response is doing to the people of the world. They talk about how the mRNA shots are damaging people in various ways, include heart, reproductive and the destruction of the immune system.
The official summit website is here:
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Dr. Yeadon shares his current thinking on many aspects of the Big Lie of COVID-19 including why the spike protein was obviously the worst part of the virus to have our bodies produce but they used it anyway. Great interview!

In this video I demonstrate how to make and inject "The Antidote" in case of an emergency. "The Antidote" is a very simple way to produce a known ppm concentration of CLO2 which can then be diluted down to any ppm needed for various uses. I once used this method to help overcome a bad case of cellulitis in my right leg which the antibiotics being used by the hospital didn't appear to be having any effect against. 6 hours later after my injection of just 10cc of about 75 ppm, the cellulitis began to subside. Then a friend used the same method for a severe case of sepsis in a hospital, where the doctor said he maybe had 2 days to live, and after 4 injections of 10cc of 100 ppm he began to get better and so the treatment was continued daily and in 7 days he walked out of the hospital.
Disclaimer: This video is for educational purposes only and should not be considered advice in any way. Always consult with a healthcare professional if in need of medical assistance.

Dr. Ryan Cole, an American pathologist and founder of Cole Diagnostics, discusses several potential reasons behind the 40% increase in deaths in 2021 - as well as how the deeply entrenched financial ties between Big Pharma and the FDA (and other so-called "Health" agencies), have been corrupted via their greed for money, power and control. An excellent and extremely enlightening interview from a brilliant doctor.

Dr. Kelly Victory, emergency medicine and disaster specialist doctor discusses the obvious need for an investigation into why there was a 40% increase in deaths in 2021. Excellent summation of the problem in a short clip not censored by the news station.

Dr. Richard Urso, interviewed be the Epoch Times, explains that the cause of the 40% increase in death in 2021 is the mRNA experimental injections and discusses the deadly mechanisms that the jabs trigger which lead to death. He also talks about the difference between short-lived natural mRNA which may only last for seconds in the body before being broken down, and the mRNA/Spike Protein of the experimental injections which are persisting in the body for many months.

According to Fletcher Prouty, "Fossil Fuel" is actually nothing more than a marketing tool to persuade the masses that petroleum is a limited resource so that a higher price could be charged for it, but in reality, the earth just naturally creates it and it's the 2nd most abundant liquid on/in Earth.

Attorney Thomas Renz Provides Unassailable Whistleblower Information From A US Military Medical Database That Proves Astronomical Harm From the Covid Death Shots

Philanthropist Steve Kirsch, inventor of the optical mouse, testifies about the huge number of people who have had to die of the Covid Death Shots in orders to save just one person from dying of Covid itself.

As always, Dr. Kory says it like it is.
Here's his substack link:

After about 1.5 years of doing videos on the importance of trusting the "science" and getting "vaccinated" and basically pushing the official narrative, John has finally awoken to the truth that Big Pharma and Our Governments have been lying to us because of their greed for money and power over life. Welcome to our side John - we've known this since before COVID-19 began. Maybe you'll now consider watching Vaxxed and giving Dr. Andrew Wakefield a little credit. And thank you for pursuing truth wherever it leads you, and for this great video you've created. Here's John's video on Youtube (lots of great comments below it):

Basically they see themselves as our overlords (gods) to do with as they see fit - including extermination.

Dr. Yeadon, ex-Pfizer scientist in charge of drug development, gives his expert witness testimony that the mRNA vaccines should have never been given to anyone due to lack of safety trials.

A plea from Dr. Tess Lawrie to Andrew Hill for him to do the right thing and come clean about his scientific fraud surrounding the meta-analysis he did on Ivermectin which has caused countless deaths

Who is the COVID Grand Jury? You are. It is made up of every person on planet Earth. You have been summoned to hear and weigh the evidence to determine if CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY have been committed against you, your family, friends, neighbors and everyone on planet Earth. Please don't shirk this awesome responsibility. Put other comparatively meaningless activities of your life on hold each week so that you, along with millions and possibly billions of people around the world, can focus on the evidence being presented here. Truly and without any exaggeration, ALL of our lives are literally depending upon YOU. Don't let us down. (That was a message to me and to you - thanks in advance for stepping up _/\_ )

Here's the link to the English Transcript of this Day 1 video for those who would like to read what was said:

Here are the various topics that will be covered and their scheduled presentation dates:
February 12, 2022: The general historical and geopolitical backdrop to the COVID-19 pandemic
February 13, 2022: The COVID-19 PCR-Tests
February 19, 2022: The COVID-19 Injections
February 20, 2022: COVID-19 Financial Destruction
February 26, 2022: COVID-19 Eugenics + closing

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