As reported by GOP employee locked out of building, orders from Whitmer to stop anyone questioning the mass ballot drop off.
Sort this shit out, use force!

Hope you picked the right side of history.

Are people losing the plot?

He caught them all.

Together we are strong, it's not about politics.

Are we really evolving?

Original video link (might not survive on YT)
Jeff J. Brown - YouTube Channel

Game Over!

Massive Data Center in Lefdal Mine, Norway.


Did Epstein have a DATA Center under that huge Flag Pole?
Is this the Digital Swamp being drained?

Data Centers are energy storage, raw data is the packets of energy harvested, mined, by SMART grids. Crumbs are historical trails, Obama in Wonderland is pay 2 play energy from Google Colocation Wonderland Data Centers. North/South East/West is data traffic flow between 6 vertical layers and horizontal cloud 2 cloud. "NEWS unlocks the MAP, think BIG" DATA. Q.

Synchronized MSM never fail, I'm sure BIG DATA CENTERS will step up an save our grid, they have excess energy to supply, at hand.
Human RF Harvesting Source (Data Mining) should be free, after informed consent.

The Looking-Glass System: A Unidirectional Network for Secure Data Transfer Using an Optic Medium
BIG DATA is Ambient RF Energy Harvested and sold back to the people - the prosumers!

Credit to Elusive Truths Channel on YT.

:Samuel-Nolan: Davey [IN]TERVIEW with :Alem: Ljuca

Best Regards

Bring cheap cigarettes with you for currency!

Do you think Crazy Nancy actually went to Ukraine?

We can't get rid off her!

Trump never left.

BIG DATA is Energy. kWh


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