1985 Film

1988 Film

1982 Film and Friday the 13 The Final Chapter

Full Contact Karate Later on Andy Hug would become an all time great Kickboxer


False Flag

2016 Film and Best of the Best film

2000 Film and Missing in Action film

Just like 9-11,Sandy Hook,Uvalde Texas

When NFL was real. Today's players are over paid and play a soft watered down game. Hardy Brown said 1980s NFL was soft. If he was alive today he would most likely say the NFL today isn't even Football

False Flag

1999 Film and Full Metal Jacket

Kickboxing and kickboxing match Buakaw VS Yi Long

George Carlin knew a PLANdemic was Coming!

1989 Film

1988 Film

1990 Film

Elon Musk tricked you on free speech

1989 Film

NFL Nightrain Lane. One of NFL's best hitters of all time

NHL Hockey Hits Highlights


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