The DC Flash star is on the run from police after allegedly grooming teenagers for years. The parents of 18 year old Tokata Iron Eyes say Ezra has been grooming their daughter since she was 12!

A mother of another 12 year old just got a restraining order against the actor after he was inappropriately touching the girl and trying to take her with him.

It looks like Bill Gate's Pandemic 2 is here! Just in time for the WHO Pandemic Treaty at Davos the Monkeypox virus has all of a sudden broken out across the world even though this virus has been contained in Africa for over 5 decades.

Another massive gaffe from dementia Joe Biden as he tells US soldiers that they will be going to Ukraine...Which means World War 3

Joe Biden can't help himself around little kids. Pedo Joe strikes again when he picks up an 8 year old Ukrainian girl and says "I don't speak Ukrainian but tell her I want to take her home."

Even with all the pedophile evidence on Hunter's laptop coming to light Creepy Joe still won't stop his pedo ways.

Biden openly admits to New World Order agenda and declares there will be a New World Order. Looks likes us crazy conspiracy theorists were right again!

Vice President Kamala Harris implied that Ukraine is a part of NATO LOL.

Obviously Ukraine is not a member of NATO, but it looks like our VP doesn't even know that...

The Obi-Wan KENOBI Trailer is here and DEAD ON ARRIVAL!

Disney Ruins what was easily a slam dunk of a Star Wars show with more political correctness and SJW cringe propaganda.

Enjoy your Strong Wahmen you toxic white males-Disney

Jussie Smollett exploded in the courtroom after being found guilty of his terribly planned hate crime hoax, repeatedly yelling 'I am innocent and I am not suicidal.'

This idiot continues to lie after being caught red handed. Dave Chappelle said it best.

Psychopath Bill Gates doesn't understand why you peasants won't wear your mask. He says it's as easy as wearing pants even though he's not wearing a mask.

The motto of these globalist elites is DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO!
Bill Gates gaslights on COVID deaths and misinformation. I break it all down right here.

Psychopath author, Elie Mystal, known for his works of anti-white racist propaganda wants to completely scrap the Constitution and write his own.

Ukraine parliament member, Kira Rudik, says "We are not only fighting for Ukraine, we are fighting for the New World Order.' She is tied to the WEF and supports the globalist cabal agenda of a one world government aka the New World Order.

No this is not a joke. The Biden Administration is actually funding programs that give free crack pipes to drug users. Brandon thinks if his son Hunter Biden can smoke crack why can't everybody

Disney turns Beauty and the Beast into Obese and the Beast in the Beauty and the Beast Musical.

Belle is no longer a skinny white woman, but instead a black, obese and queer woman. Jade Jones is the new plus size Belle. She is stunning and brave.

Disney checks off all the diversity and inclusion boxes in this huge woke disaster.

The establishment of Big Pharma and the education system want to give you morality pills so you will obey their authoritarian rules.

This is a Forbes articles retweeted by Joe Rogan and it speaks volumes into the mindset of these leftist authoritarian psychopaths.


Justin Trudeau has become Dictator of Canada! He is refusing to relinquish his emergency powers given to him by the Emergency Act.

Even though the Ottawa blockade has been crushed by Trudeau's minions he will not give up his power! Justin Trudeau is trying to make his daddy Fidel Castro proud. Canada has fallen and is officially a Communist Dictatorship!

Alex Jones was right again! Last October he predicted that there would be war in February and HERE IT IS!

Russia has invaded Ukraine and the stage has been set for what might lead to World War 3!

The Mark of the Beast is HERE?! A Swedish company has created a Microchip that goes into the hand of users and tracks their COVID Vaccine Passport Status!

Amazon reveals the first images of the new Lord of the Rings Show: The Rings of Power. As expected Lord of the Rings has gone WOKE!

You wanted to return to Middle-Earth... Well Middle Earth has to represent real life multiculturalism and modern leftist politics according to Amazon.
Race swapping, gender swapping and strong female leads. This is the woke recipe that Hollywood will not stray from.

Lord of the Rings has become Lord of the Wokeness.

NASA is studying human reaction to the discovery of aliens! Why would NASA study how humans would react to intelligent alien life? Could it be to game plan a fake alien invasion to bring in a one world government? Project Bluebeam ring a bell?

Mainstream media has been all of a sudden covering UFOs and extraterrestrials after decades of denouncing people who spoke about it as conspiracy theorists. As we move closer to a one world government, could this be the final straw to bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER???

Prime Minister aka Dictator of Canada, Justin Trudeau is invoking the never before used Emergencies Act in a desperate attempt to end to the peaceful Freedom Convoy Truckers Protest in Ottawa.

The Emergency Act gives Trudeau extra powers and the ability to use the military on civilians! This is Martial Law! The Tyrants will stop at nothing to stay in power!

A concrete wall is being constructed around the White House. This has gotten no news coverage. Video shows concrete barriers being put in surrounding the White House.

Is this in preparation for a false flag for the January 23 anti vaccine mandate protest in Washington DC?

Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology, describes on the Joe Rogan Experience that the Covid Pandemic has put people into a hypnosis like Mass Formation Psychosis.

Comedian Heather McDonald was at a stand up show bragging about how she was vaccinated and received her boosters, mocking vaccine critics and even Jesus and then BAM she collapsed on stage.

Instant karma doesn't get more instant than this.

This is the full Heather McDonald collapse video.

A 9 Year Old girl was arrested by police in New York City for trying to enter a museum without a vax passport! The NYPD arrested a child for the crime of being Unvaxxed!

Being Unvaccinated is now a crime! New York has turned into Nazi Germany! Papers please. No papers... the cops arrest a child. This is DISGUSTING!

The assistant FBI Director was questioned under oath by Ted Cruz and she "couldn't answer" whether the FBI were involved in the carryout of the January 6th "Insurrection."


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